Biden just legalized another 500,000 aliens; Hilltop Youth cause Arab emigration (JTF.ORG video)


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  • The elites want cheap labor.

    • About the Fakestinians
      A person typed online today
      “Bella Hadid is a complete piece of shit” & Another added
      “Her mother is a Dutch Nazi. She keeps the Nazi coffee book on her living room table. I saw it on the table during the TV interview with her.”

    • Baseball Icon Willie Mays died at 93 , articles online describe how he had a treasured bond with a
      Jewish family

      • Imagine if
        Willie Mays appeared as himself in the 1989
        Kevin Costner baseball film
        “Field of Dreams”
        Meir Kahane himself was actually a Huge baseball fan , Imagine if Kahane was a fan of Willie Mays or watched
        “Field of Dreams”

      • Louis Armstrong was raised by a Jewish family in New Orleans.

    • On Instagram
      @partisanprincess typed
      “Man, you guys don’t know how fucked it is being Jewish in 2024
      Imagine your whole society has
      bought into conspiracy theories and lies about your history and culture , things that only a few years ago were uncontroversial and accepted historical truths .
      Imagine those who are supposed to be for
      “social justice” and claim to be
      “the good guys” have been utterly captured by cult-like conspiracies and age-old stereotypes and racist myths aimed at delegitimizing and gaslightinging you.
      And those people occupy all levels of government, institutions, art and academia
      And they take the word of actual, real Islamists and Marxists over historical records . And some of them are real Islamists and Marxists and the Government pledges to import more”

    • has an article headlined
      “All eyes should be on Al Jazeera for being founded, funded — and directed — by terrorists”
      By Douglas Murray
      Published June 20, 2024

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “It’s really not complicated. It’s pretty simple actually.

      When we lose a soldier, we mourn. As a society. Every person we lose, civilian or soldier, is a tragedy, an entire world. The whole country cries.

      When they lose anyone, and I mean anyone, the only people who mourn are the pretentious people in western media or governments.

      The Gazans themselves? They rejoice every time a new shahid is created. And that includes mothers losing their children. They rejoice. Publicly. They don’t even pretend anymore. They don’t hide it.

      What else do you want to know about which side is moral and good and which side is an evil death cult?

      At this point, there is only one way anyone can stand with Israel’s enemies. You can’t blame it on ignorance anymore. You can’t play the oppression card anymore. You can’t even claim you’re siding with the underdog.

      Hamas + PIJ + Fatah + Hezbollah + Iran + Yemen + Qatar + Almost the entire Muslim world vs Israel. Who is the underdog here?

      If you stand with Israel’s enemies, you are an immoral, hateful, terror supporting lunatic.

      Kapeesh? Any questions?

      Glad we cleared that up.”

      • Giacobo Wahlboghter

        Leaders & people of #Gaza refuse evacuation & sanctuary. Nations & NGOs refuse evacuation & sanctuary. Gazans more useful as sob story to attack Jews. They hate Jews more than they want to live. Egypt’s Gaza border has been sealed for years. Google “Black September”.
        From Sderot to the sea– #Gaza will be Nazi free.

    • A person typed online today
      “Michelle Obama held up a sign saying “BRING BACK OUR GIRLS” after Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted by the extremist group Boko Haram.

      But she has yet to say anything about bringing home the 8 Jewish Americans still being held hostage by Hamas terrorists.”

    • has an article headlined
      “Disturbed’s David Draiman: ‘Sound of Silence of the World’ after 10/7 is unforgivable”
      Yoni Kempinski
      June 21, 2024

    • Naveed Anjum typed online today “The Arch of Titus is one of the most famous monuments in Rome. It depicts the humiliation of Jewish prisoners after their homeland was ravaged by the Roman Empire in 71 CE. For Europeans, its a symbol of imperial power. For Jews, a symbol of Catastrophe.

      In 1948, almost 2000 later, a thousand Holocaust survivors walked through the arch backwards, symbolizing the end of the exile. This is the way.”

    • The Jerusalem Post has an article headlined
      “A world gone mad: Behind society’s obsession with Israel” By MOSHE TARAGIN    Published: JUNE 22, 2024 

    • has an article headlined
      “Bechukotai: Is Jew-hatred immutable?”
      Dr. Elliot Resnick
      May 31, 2024

    • A person typed online in
      May 2024
      “Most Jews laughed and scoffed at RABBI MEIR KAHANE during his lifetime…
      How many are doing it TODAY ???”

    • Jamaal Bowman is being a
      dick again

      • Jamaal Bowman & AOC were acting all Stupid, Manic and Inappropriate in the Bronx on
        Saturday, Bowman was cursing and rapping
        AOC was jumping up and down like a child
        Everyone Still Hates the Jews
        Everyone Hates the Jews
        Everyone Hates the Jews
        We didn’t choose to be Jewish

    • WireNews , a
      Conservative website
      In June 2024 has two articles

      1. Path to Justice: Reclaiming Gaza for Jewish Victims and Displaced Jewish Families

      2. On June 10, 2024 an article is headlined
      “Rabbi Meir Kahane: Jewish
      Self-Reliance and Nationalism”

      Anyone read them ?

    • A website typed online this
      June 2024
      “Hamas’s desire to maximize Palestinian suffering is well known, but there’s an easy way to tell whether supposed pro-Palestinian advocates share that revolting instinct: How do they react to good news?

      For example, thanks to a report issued quietly earlier this month by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification’s Famine Review Committee (quite the name), we now know there is no famine in Gaza. Yet you will only see this discussed among pro-Israel Jews online. The vast digital army of Twitter martyrs is quiet. Western media appear to be experiencing a self-imposed blackout. The Palestinian cause seems nothing less than deflated at the news that children will not be dying of hunger.”

      • The Pro-Israel website also said
        “Free Palestine” is and always was a N*zi movement. Antisemitic movement against existence of Jews, and nothing else.

        How can I tell you all in the simplest way, so you’d understand, finally? They want to m*rder all Jews.

        In 1941, Haj Amin el-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, met with H*tler in Berlin, where mufti’s influence will be heard in years to come. In 1943, el-Husseini said that Jews “lived like a sponge among peoples, sucked their blood… All this has brought the hostility of the world down on them that had been burning for 2000 years.” At least then Arabs admitted that Jews existed for 2000 years.

        Arafat, who created “Palestinian” Arab identity, “apartheid”, “Zion*sts as white colonizers” and many other lies, adapted the propaganda to more modern realities. Now Islamo-N*zis became the “oppressed”.

        These lies are parroted by Islamo-N*zi movement till now. They call themselves “Free Palestine” movement but they absolutely never explain what it means. They keep it vague on purpose. Or at least kept until recently, when they still had the need to partially pretend that they are for peace and “two state solution”.

        Not anymore. Now “Free Palestine” movement, as you can see in this video and many others, is back to the original N*zi propaganda. No more pretending. They promote m*rdering all Jews and they are no longer ashamed to say it.

        This makes it much easier to pick a side.
        If you support “Free Palestine”, be honest, say directly – what exactly do you want to happen. Who are you freeing “Palestine” and the whole world from, and how. Just say it.

        Video from @StopAntisemites on X. In the video: NYC- a man caught tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis charges at an elderly Jewish man and then spits on him. Calls him “Jew, Jew”, threatens him, then remembers the keyword: “Free Palestine”.

        #usa #newyork #StandWithIsrael”

    • The upcoming Biopic film about
      Bob Dylan
      “A Complete Unknown” with
      Timothée Chalamet as Bob Dylan
      Will this Film show Bob Dylan meeting the legendary
      Rabbi Meir Kahane ?
      In real Life Bob Dylan met
      Meir Kahane and was impressed

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “It’s not antisemitism. I love Jews. I have Jewish friends. It’s anti Zionism.”

      So, I only have one question, if this is anti Zionism and not antisemitism, what would antisemitism look like?

      Asking for 16 million friends.”

      Another person typed online today about
      Hamas Supporters outside a Los Angeles Synagogue
      “There wasn’t a “clash of supporters.”

      There literally wasn’t a “pro-Israel protest.”

      Pro-Hamas thugs stopped traffic in the most Jewish part of Los Angeles, set up in front of an Orthodox synagogue, tried to block the entrance, dressed in terrorist outfits and chanting genocidal slogans and physically assaulting people.

      Jewish private security groups got involved because the cops at first did nothing to disperse the protestors nor arrest these wastes of space from blocking a synagogue entrance.

      Wtf. If an army of Jews surrounded a mosque and prevented people from coming for going by blocking the entrance, held blatantly murderous Islamophobic signs, and attacked worshippers, would LAPD have dispersed the crowd? You bet.

      LAPD arrested some people who waved guns around and such. No one else, even people who literally beat up Jews.

      Fake news. You are reading fake news. LA Times is fake news. The media is largely run by antisemites. They accuse Jews of whatever it is that they do. That’s how antisemites function.

      There was a pogrom today in LA. People drove through Jewish neighborhoods looking for Jews to harm. That’s not a “protest” nor a clash of protests.

      LA Times isn’t suitable to wipe your a– with, let alone be counted on to tell you the truth.”

    • has an article headlined
      “What Antisemitism Does to the Human Brain”
      by Seth Mandel
      on November 13, 2023

    • has an article headlined
      “Without doubt, Tucker Carlson’s an antisemite”
      Posted April 17, 2024
      By Elie Mishel
      The Arab Liar ,
      Fakestinian Christian Liar
      Munther Isaac , Another
      Vile Jew-Hater is Discussed in this Article, other Loser
      Anti-Semites are Discussed

      • About the stupid Arab heretic
        Munther Isaac has an article
        Bryan Moselle on April 16, 2024
        “Munther and Luther: What do they have in common?”

    • has an entry about
      “Alana Hadid”
      June 21, 2024 of the Hadid clan Alana looks stupid and Ugly in her pic
      It says Alana & her Father
      Vacationed in Israel , WTF ?
      Those who Hate Jews & Israel
      Must be Permanently banned from entering, visiting the Country
      Why the hell did Israel let the
      Hadids in ?

    • More Disturbing News about Islam and “Palestinians” has an article on
      January 8, 2016 headlined
      “Ex-State Dept. Rep. Says Stabbing Jews Is Okay, Compares Them to Animals” by

    • Remember the 1992 Film
      “Batman Returns” some have said that Whole film is an
      Anti-Semitic Allegory
      Especially the part of
      Danny DeVito as Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin
      In the Movie, many found
      The Penguin character in
      “Batman Returns” to be
      Anti-Semitic, many have condemned
      William Shakespeare as an
      Anti-Semite , because of his infamous play
      “The Merchant of Venice”

      • However the 1993 Konami
        “Batman Returns” video game for the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System , SNES was superb, better than the 1992 Movie of the same name !

    • A person typed online today
      “I have one additional thought to those Jews who are still unwilling to vote for Trump. Forget Biden for a moment. Consider the trajectory of the Democratic Party. You’ve witnesse the rise of Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman. These antisemites are not outliers. They are the future of the Democratic Party. Imagine how pervasive its antisemitism will be by 2028. They have a grip on this weak, Democratic president which is only going to get stronger. And their hateful agenda is only going to get supported by more and more Democrats until hating Israel is offiical policy. My Jewish friends, don’t support that. If you hate Trump, hold your nose and vote for him anyway. He is a firewall that has the ability to turn the hate against Israel around and to make it stronger and its enemies weaker. Hold your nose and do your duty.”

    • Al Bundy hates the French has an article headlined
      “Fickle Feckless France: Egalite, fraternite …antisemitisme”
      Dr. Martin Sherman
      June 8, 2024

    • Is Alvin Bragg too busy thinking about Food to Actually do his job ?

    • A Pro-Israel Jewish woman typed online today
      “Posting pics of the abundance of food in Gaza is not something to be proud of, it is not Bibi being ‘moral.’

      It is showcasing the utter stupidity and treasonous actions by a weak leader who clearly does not want to reclaim Gaza and prevent future Jewish genocides.

      Jew haters will hate Jews and Israel no matter what, they could not care less about the aid trucks. Instead, we the Jewish community worldwide should have been pressuring Israel to stop all aid. No country would ever aid their enemies. That is one way to guarantee future murders of Jews.”

    • America Sucks in Many Ways
      In 2024
      The United States has fallen eight spots and is no longer in the top 20 happiest countries in the world
      No longer in the Top 20
      Finland is #1 Happiest Country in the World

  • We need strong legislation against private equity firms pillaging corporations, hospitals and nursing homes.

    • About legislation,
      The United States has many obscene Unjust, Cruel, Inhumane
      “laws” that Most Americans hate with a Passion
      America Needs More Freedom
      More Freedom
      More Libertarian Freedom !
      Adults in America cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies

      • No, it is NOT
        “freedom” when Adults in America cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , total lack of Bodily Autonomy , Bodily Sovereignty in America

      • Many “laws” in America are Extremely Unjust, Cruel, Inhumane, F–Ked up beyond belief, and sadly backfire terribly on Society and Worsen the Sufferings that people Endure , especially Incels
        People with Children Incel
        Involuntary Celibacy Problems
        Stupid Retarded Unjust
        “laws” in America Sicken People ,
        Most Americans Hate these
        “laws” with a Passion
        America Needs More Freedom
        More Libertarian Freedom

    • What about Making
      Conditions in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities More Humane , Horrible Abuse often occurs in those places

      • They are owned by multimillionaires who are greedy. Pay as little as possible and give minimal patient care.

  • Barry Shaw typed online today
    “IDF Spokesman, Daniel Hagari, said this evening that Hamas cannot be defeated because it is an ideology.
    Many will disagree with him for the same reasons that other ideologies, such as ISIS and Al Qaida, must be physically defeated because of their ideologies.”

  • All the hostages are dead. We should carpet bomb the whole fucking Gaza. Those hostages had no right to be in that druggy concert. They are evil Jews.

  • A person typed online today
    “Imagine being Black, and then just suddenly waking up one day and everything about progressives is identical, except some of them now say things like, “Black people who believe XYZ deserve to be enslaved and forced back onto plantations.” Some of them even talk about how maybe the Confederacy was onto something. They talk about how they’re just against XYZ, but they partner with the Grand Wizard of the KKK. They vandalize random Black people’s houses and shoot guns at Black churches and Black private schools for little Black girls. They burn crosses on Black people’s lawns and stop Black students’ free movement on university campuses unless they say they hate XYZ. In the protestors’ marches, they chant slogans invented by anti-Black racists that mean ethnically cleansing subSaharan Africa of Black people, because of the behaviors of the nations’ governments there. They randomly spit on old Black men in Harlem and tell them to “go back where they came from.” They draw a symbol from an anti-Black terrorist group that symbolize a “you’re next” target, and they paint that symbol on Black fraternities’ front doors and on Black churches and even some Black people’s homes. And again, we are talking about progressives. Who are otherwise the same as they have been. But now, every cause from gay rights to the environment are about protesting Black people who support or believe in XYZ.

    It doesn’t matter what XYZ is. There is nothing, literally nothing, that any Black people anywhere in the world could say or do, and have all that evil insanity in the above paragraph be justifiable, be anything short of racist and UNHINGED.

    Yet people, literally millions and millions of non-Black people, and a tiny handful of Black people, scold them and say there is nothing anti-Black about it. And they point to the tiny handful of Black people who agree with the rest that it’s not anti-Black to be against XYZ – and, HERE IS THE THING – even those Black people acknowledge all that heinous stuff mentioned above as being anti-Black and racist. But beyond them, almost all of the movement says there is nothing racist about any of that, often deny it’s happening at all, and say even bringing it up is a distraction from XYZ.

    All of that heinous lunacy I mention above? That’s all happened to Jews recently. Down to the part about David Duke of the KKK.

    Do you get it yet?

    This has been our reality since 10/7.

    We’re just done.”

  • A person typed online today
    “I’m going to seek the destruction of your country in order to rupture the safety of your people, entirely. By the way, that’s not, in any way, discrimination against your people and if you argue that it is, you’re just playing the race card.”
    This is what antizionists want us to believe when they argue that antizionism is not antisemitism.”
    “As a survivor of the second Intifada you people have no conception for what an intifada is and by the time it finally emerges in America, it will be too late for you to do anything about it. It’s simply not part of people’s conception for what is possible.
    Before it happened, the same thing was true about 10/7.
    Most people remain unconcered with the unconstrained violence that such a movement protends becuase it primarily targets Jews and their (percieved) supporters.
    It is not unusual for the crisis of faltering civilization, the harbinger of which is mass outbreaks of antisemitism, to be met by a shrug from unconcerned gentiles who say “sounds like a problem for Jews. None of my concern”.
    This has been no exception.”
    “European countries are starting to recognize Palestine as a state exactly because antisemtism and the Jewish question, have historically informed the concept of statehood itself for Europeans. It’s no wonder. There is much in their own bloody pogromist and white supremacist hateful histories that make mass violence against Jews an imminently recognizable qualification for what constitutes a state. It’s as though nothing could be more recognizable to them as qualification for statehood than 10/7.”

  • More than 1,000 people died at the hajj pilgrimage this 2024 amid extreme heat in Saudi Arabia

  • About Arabian Pure Evil &
    A person typed online today
    “Egyptian-American political analyst Magdi Khalil contends that Egypt has never fully committed to a peaceful relationship with Israel, often breaching the Camp David Accords by continuing to view Israel as an adversary.

    Khalil points out that despite the historic peace agreement signed in 1978, Egypt’s actions frequently undermine the spirit of the accord. He further asserts that Egypt collaborates with Hamas, by turning a blind eye to its activities and sometimes providing tacit support.

    Moreover, Khalil highlights the prevalence of antisemitic discourse in Egyptian media and public life, which he argues is not only tolerated but sometimes actively promoted by the government.” Big Surprise ,
    Big Surprise

    • Big Surprise , Big Surprise that
      Egypt can’t be Trusted
      Big Surprise
      Never Forget that Jew-Hatred
      Anti-Semitism literally began in
      EGYPT 😡

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