• If what is standing between Jews being able to build in Jerusalem and in the Yishuvim is KGBibi then Bibi must go.

  • Bibi is gonna get it and now Arab terrorists are getting into the Knesset! I think this is going to be the big wake up call that’s gonna bring revival to Israel! I can only imagine who will replace Bibi.

  • thanks again

  • I need the new jtf. I’m going into withdrawal.

  • Yeah me too. They should have two shows a week. I miss David Ben Moshe. The pair did two great videos in immigration around 10 years ago.

  • Chaim I think I know why you can’t post on Bitchute anymore. Its a big technical glitch. I had two people I know who did video game and music videos on Bitchute with the problem. I mean its bitchute for crying out loud! They let anyone and everyone on that crazy site!!

    I’m going to help get your other videos uploaded on a couple of other channels on bitchute and Maybe we’ll try and get some of your videos up on youtube and one other alt right channel. Not all the alt-righters hate you. Some of them have a lot of respect for you and your friend Bentzi Gopstein. They’ll welcome your videos especially the ones about foreign aid. A big injection for the kahanist idea for sure.

    If I’m wrong however and they do cut you off, Well… Well know who Bitchute is for. They will pay for it in the end believe me.

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