Cruz calls on Congress to block presidential nominees over executive action

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that President Obama refuses to accept that only Congress has the authority to establish federal immigration laws and that members should block the president’s nominees and some funding until he rescinds his executive action on the issue.

“This is a stunning and sad display by the president,” Cruz, a Republican, told “Fox News Sunday.” “We need to impose real consequence.”

Cruz suggested, as he has since Obama announced the executive action Thursday, that Congress should take action next year when Republicans, who already control the House, will also have the majority in the Senate.

He said Congress, which confirms or votes down presidential nominees for judgeships and top administrative posts, should block all of Obama’s judicial and executive nominations for two years, except for those of “vital, national” importance.

The outspoken, first-term senator would not directly say whether Congress should try to block the nomination of Loretta Lynch, Obama’s pick to be the next U.S. attorney general.

Cruz was joined on “Fox News Sunday” by Greg Abbott, the governor-elect of Texas, which borders Mexico and deals with many illegal immigration issues.

Abbott, the state’s attorney general, has filed 30 legal challenges against Obama and intends to sue him over his recent executive action, which will delay deportation for an estimated 5 million people now living illegally in the United States.

“We have a president who feels completely unrestrained by the Constitution of America,” Abbott said.

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