Donald Trump: The gift that keeps on giving … to the left!

trump-sharpton-kingHow anyone who watched last night’s debate could continue to support Donald Trump is a mystery.  The man is a bundle of character flaws, large and small.  His behavior betrays his megalomania, his narcissism, and his venal, childish hostility to anyone who dares to disagree with him.  He lies so often his opponents on the debate stage could not begin to counter them all.

This man should never, never become the president of the United States.  He has never matured beyond the lower elementary school age, and given today’s tyranny of political correctness that regulates how even toddlers in pre-school must conduct themselves and restrict their speech, Mr. Trump would very likely be expelled from any pre-school in the country, let alone a high school or university.  The man is the worst America has to offer, an example of the gross deterioration of our national culture.

That this man has a following is a permanent black mark on our nation.  Support for “The Donald” relegates us to just a few degrees separate from those who celebrated Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Juan Perón, or any other tyrant who came to power via a cult of personality, no matter how warped his character.  Has our educational system failed so badly that we have been brought to our knees by an obvious charlatan?  Have we become a reality show nation?  It seems that we have indeed.  We elected Obama twice; Trump would be the natural successor to Obama’s duplicity and disdain for our founding document.  It is a safe bet that Trump has never read the Constitution and has not a clue how profound it is.

Mr. Trump offers no specifics as to how he will fulfill his many lofty promises to “make America great again.”  In every debate, he betrays his lack of knowledge of all things foreign, domestic, and economic.  He is thoroughly ignorant of the Constitution (as is Hillary) and American history in general.  He has no grasp of the complexities of the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, or how our fine military functions.  His braggadocio on all these things is painful evidence of his ignorance.  The man is dangerous.

One has only to write a word or two critical of Trump to discover how mind-numbed and vitriolic his supporters can be.  They no longer think critically; they attack, insult, and demean just as their idol Mr. Trump does [just like liberals do!].  Their weapon against dissenters is vicious invective that proves their inability to think critically.  They never consider the possible validity of Trump’s critics’ justifiable unease.  They just go verbally for the jugular.

The left in America has, over the past forty years or so, become ever more radical, more willing to overturn the Founders’ intent, to “transform” the country to its socialist vision of equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.  This will never happen; no government can legislate the sameness, the mediocrity, of its populace.  The left has long had control of the media and academia.  Anyone paying attention can see the damage it has done to every level of our polity and culture.  That Donald Trump is the likely nominee for president as a Republican is the saddest commentary; it is Obama’s dream come true, his gift, and the certain death of the Republican Party and possibly our once great nation.


  • All these so called conservative right wing, republican outlets speaking out against trump and blaming the people for trump is sad. Where was this movement when Obama was passing anything and everything he wanted with no so resistance. Where these right wingers when Obama legistilated for common core, obamacare, gay marriage and every other bill that passed. They were all behind closed doors one establishment, one party joined together to destroy America and the west. The people did vote and elected a republican majority, state by state and throughout government with the same horrible results. Leftist liberal policies destroying the nation and the west. Now, these alleged outlets are surprised at trumps rise. Maybe all these alleged conservative outlets should have been vocal, strong, and made sure the far far left didn’t pass everyone of their policies via obamas rubber stamp. By not acting in good conservative faith you lost the trust of your electorate. You’ve effectively shown your one establishment. Typical of Ivy League snobs to denigrate the populus. The fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves. Think about that when you see the unfortunate rise of trump.

  • Trump works for Hillary.

    His job is to mouth off as a populist clown to act as a honeypot for dumb republican voters.

    If one wants to see how the US media will turn on him, all one has to do is read the EU press (same owners).

    Remember the media establishment (both US & EU) sold us two terrible terms of obama, now it wants Hillary.

    Trump doesn’t even intend to win the presidency, all he cares about is money and publicity.

    Thanks to his many moronic supporters, Trump’s campaign expenses will be reimbursed by FEC Federal Matching Funds.

  • Totally Correct…Trump does work for Hillary, he has always supported her and been friends with her.

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