Emergency situation that endangers Israel’s very survival (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.





  • Howard Stern is drek.

  • Chaim is single-handedly saving Israel from destruction

    • Good Job Chaim, are people in
      Israel able to see this
      English jtf.org website ?
      Some people have been asking :
      Is it even possible to
      “Fight Anti-Semitism” because Hatred of Jews is such a
      Very Complex Hatred that Never Dies and Always Mutates like a Virus. No matter what Jews do or don’t do , hatred against Jews is Always Rising, people are always going to Hate Jews ,
      Not trying to sound defeatist,

  • Look up Dana Plato after appearing on the Stern show.

  • What is the meaning of these
    Bible Verses and the Context
    Isaiah 19:23-25 which says
    New International Version
    “23 In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians will worship together. 24 In that day Israel will be the third, along with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing[a] on the earth. 25 The Lord Almighty will bless them, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance.” Assyria refers to Iraq , correct ?

    • Issaiah 19 I think prophetic prediction that says Islam will be wiped out in Iraq and Egypt. G-d is gonna kick Egypt’s butt and then Egypt will turn to the lord either as Christians or basic Noahides. So will Iraq. Israel’s true boundaries are the nile river (eastern Egypt)and the Euphraties river (Western Iraq)

      There’s gonna be peace, the arabs and persians are gonna get along well with Israel and the jews for the time being.

      Either that or Islam will become docile and the Jews will become self hating again and let them in even build a freeway like that stupid freeway we are trying to build in the USA to funnel Mexicans in and Deliever canadian oil to China Via Galveston.

      For the time being they take it seriously and G-d blesses them. So for the time being there will be peace between Egypt and Iraq, the Arabs will fear G-d.

      That wont last long especially if their still Catholic or Muslim.

  • Ever notice that in the Superb
    1972 song
    “Love Train” by the O’Jays
    Various nations are mentioned in this song , Israel is Mentioned,
    Nothing about a “Palestine” in this song

    • The ojays if I recall are evangelical Christian gospel singers. I also think one of them is a mnister.

      They understand what G-d says about what happens if you harm a hair on Israel and have the fear of G-d on them.

      Thankfuly you have Black churches like that and like One Nation Under God church of Christ in Lynwood in South central LA that understand that. Those communities aren’t violent ghettos or if they are ghettos they dont have that much violence and poverty and are emergent. Wheras you look at black communities like South Bronx, South side Chicago, South Oakland, where they have Farrakhan, Al Sharpton Nation of Islam anti-semitism and that garbage and oppose the right of Israel to even exist you have great great poverty.

      • Kyle , the late
        Frank Sinatra was Very
        Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel, because of this many Arabs wanted to Murder him in
        Cold blood, and when
        Frank Sinatra passed away
        On May 14, 1998
        Many Arabs & Arabs Living in America couldn’t Control their public outbursts of
        maniaical diabolical laughter

        • It was really Sick and Disgusting how many Arabs publicly gloated over the Death of Frank Sinatra in 1998 , Truly Disgusting how they gloated over his Death for his “crime” of being
          Pro-Israel and Pro-Jewish
          What those Arabs said is too horrible to repeat

  • Kyle , Remember that episode of
    The Simpsons
    “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed” where Ned Flanders takes
    Homer Simpson & The Simpsons family to Israel, look it up

    • However on
      “The Simpsons” there is a character named
      Dolph Starbeam, also known as Dolph Shapiro, he is one of the school bullies of Springfield Elementary , this character is Explicitly Jewish according to The Simpsons, a Jewish bully ? In
      Real Life a Jewish student would Never be a Bully, it’s
      Anti-Semitic to have the character of Dolph Starbeam aka
      Dolph Shapiro be Jewish

  • This Hilltop Youth is mishegoss. Chaim: Talk about something else. You are obsessed with narishkeit.

  • Donald Trump just announced he is running for President again in
    2024 , he did some good things in his first term ,
    A Joke online had two people joking about how After Trump Won the 2016 Election that it felt like
    The Twilight Zone , the other person replied
    “More like The Outer Limits”
    America and the World would be in better shape now if
    Trump Won the 2020 Election and was Still President .
    Is Mike Pence going to be Trump’s Vice President again,
    Mike Pence is a great
    Pro-Israel Christian

  • Anyone else think that Israel should Legally do what Italy Does
    To Thwart Islamic Terrorist Attacks
    washingtonpost.com has an article headlined
    “Why has Italy avoided jihadist terrorist attacks? Our research helps explain.”
    on Analysis by Stefano Bonino and Andrea Beccaro
    December 24, 2019 The article mentions
    Italy’s centralized intelligence and controversial deportation policy have made a difference. The full article is online

  • theguardian.com has an article about how Italy is good at
    Thwarting Islamic Terrorism
    The article is headlined
    “Why has Italy been spared mass terror attacks in recent years?”

    by Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome and Lorenzo Tondo Tondo in Palermo
    Fri 23 June 2017 the article mentions
    “Experts say Italy has learned harsh lessons from anti-mafia policing, understands dangers of radicalisation in jail, and also relies on surveillance and deportation” the full article is online
    Israel can Learn A lot from

  • Any Opinions of
    Israeli Actress Gal Gadot ?

  • Any opinions of Darth Vader ?

  • It’s a joke. Satire.

    • Did you Know that the fictional
      character of
      Magneto from Marvel Comics is a Jewish Holocaust Survivor , he was born Max Eisenhardt and goes by the alias Erik Lehnsherr , many have compared the character of Magneto to
      the great Rabbi Meir Kahane, plus in the 2011 movie
      X-Men: First Class Magneto actually says the words
      “Never Again”

      • Another pop culture reference that
        Reminds many people of Kahane, in the 1984
        Movie Ghostbusters , after Gozer the Gozerian & The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is defeated ,
        a few moments later
        Winston Zeddemore says
        “I Love This Town!” then we see the Ending Credits and The
        Ghostbusters Car slowly moving getting ready to leave and we see some Religious Jews standing and clapping, it reminds people of
        Rabbi Meir Kahane !

      • Plus there is an Actual Expression
        “Magneto Was Right” Look it up online , the 2011 movie
        “X-Men: First Class” was Superb , some people have compared
        Magneto and Meir Kahane to each other

      • From Wikipedia it says about Magneto that
        “….later commentators comparing the character with the American civil rights leader Malcolm X[9][10] and Jewish Defense League founder Meir Kahane.[11][12] “

    • What are you calling a Joke and satire ?

  • About the Evil & Wickedness of
    Iran dw.com has an article headlined
    “In Iran, men and women are ‘equal’ only in torture”
    by Sonya Angelica Diehn
    October 27, 2022

  • Some people online cried and complained that
    Kaitlan Collins the former chief White House correspondent for CNN allegedly made some
    Anti-Arab & “Islamophobic” statements , The Unspeakable Horror , look at All the Horrible things many
    Arabs & Muslims not only say but Sadly do on a daily basis

  • Before I give a shekel to Hilltop Youth I need to see an itemized audit to what they spend it on and to make sure nobody is skimming.

  • Robert Clary, the Auschwitz survivor who starred as Corporal LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes, has died at age 96

  • jinsa.org has an article headlined
    “Don’t “Weep for Palestinian Suffering” on
    – Friday, March 31, 2006
    We should Weep for the Victims of Fakestinian Terrorism

  • What about The Talmud , how can we Refute and Debunk the claims that the Anti-Semites make about it

  • Is anyone else offended at times by some of the Jewish “Jokes” on the TV Animated cartoon show
    “Family Guy”
    Plus on another famous show
    “South Park” the
    Jewish character of
    Kyle Broflovski always has to deal with the Anti-Semitic Eric Cartman

  • Any opinions of
    Romanian Jewish actress
    Maia Morgenstern playing
    Mary, the Mother of Jesus in the
    2004 Mel Gibson film
    “The Passion of The Christ” is she
    Messianic ?
    Anyone think it was wrong of
    British Jewish actor Andrew Garfield to work with
    Mel Gibson for the 2016 film
    “Hacksaw Ridge”

    • Mel Gibson is making his sequel to the 2004 film
      “The Passion of The Christ” it is titled
      “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection” due out in 2024
      Sadly Mel Gibson is Still a Nasty Bigot

  • Should Mel Gibson be Forgiven if he ever truly sincerely repents and changes, repudiates his hateful ways ?

  • More about Ghostbusters &
    Someone said online
    “Cool Video of the Opening Scene of the 1984 Ghostbusters Film, this Scene also reminds me of Meir Kahane, one time in 2002, I was at this very same New York Public Library at 5th Ave in Manhattan shown in this Ghostbusters scene, I was reading a book about Meir Kahane, sitting in the same giant reading room at the NYPL where we see the Old Librarian working in this Scene, I was reading books about several other topics as well, 1984 was also the same year the Rabbi Meir Kahane was democratically elected to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament)” On YouTube
    Type in
    “Ghostbusters(1984) title sequence”

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