Establishment RINO Relic James Baker Wants to Tax Air, Calls it ‘Conservative’

I remember in the 1970’s, probably during the Carter years, my dad saying that “They’d tax the air if they could.” Well, now establishment RINO relic James Baker, who did his darndest to derail the conservative Reagan Revolution during his subversive activity in the Reagan administration, is calling for a “carbon tax,” a policy that is making my eighth grade educated dear-old dad sound prophetic.

James Baker publicly pitched the tyrannical carbon tax scheme on CNN Tuesday, calling the tax “conservative” and “free market,” (pro-tip: taxing the same substance — carbon dioxide — which is produced by human breathing and also required for plants to live, is neither “conservative” nor “free market”).

Baker, a far-left liberal Republican, a former campaign manager for Reagan opponent George H. W. Bush, fretted that Republicans hadn’t been pushing the climate change scam like Democrats over the years — a scheme based on phony, doctored “science,” and that it was time for the GOP to get on board.

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