Fail: Trump Hires Christie’s Ex-Campaign Manager

donald_trump_chris_christieIt doesn’t matter how much money Trump has, he still hires losers.

Donald Trump added to his stable of political insiders on Monday when announced the hiring of Ken McKay, former campaign manager for Chris Christie, The New York Times reports.

McKay “will support our delegate operations team and bolster our ground-game efforts,” Trump said in a written statement. “He brings tremendous experience to the job, and I know he is up to the task of working with my team.”

McKay is the latest political insider to join the campaign. Trump hired GOP campaign veteran Paul Manafort in March to head up his effort to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination.

Prior to the Manafort hiring, Trump had largely depended on the force of his own personality to connect with voters in the primary process. His remaining rivals, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are mathematically eliminated from reaching 1,237 before the convention, but are hoping to keep Trump from reaching the magic number as well, forcing a contested convention.

“I am very honored to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Trump and such a resilient campaign,” McKay said. “There is no question that he is the presumptive nominee, and will unify our party to take back the White House in November.”

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