HERE WE GO: Trump just said he will have a “DIFFERENT RELATIONSHIP” with Congress going forward

Trump just told the media that he’s going to have a different relationship with Congress going forward and I think we all know what that means:

“They want to see some dialogue, they want to see coming together, to an extent at least. I think you see that with DACA…I think you really saw it yesterday loud and clear.”

“The people of the United States want to see a coming together, at least to an extent with different parties. We have different thoughts, different feelings, different ideas. But I think you’re going to see a much stronger coming together.”

Trump apparently liked his deal with Nancy and Chuck yesterday so much that he is now announcing he’s going to be a bipartisan president henceforth and forevermore. That’s exactly what this means.

So any conservatism we hoped for in the future is likely out the window. It’s all going to be RINO politics for the next three years.

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