Many European white Nazis and white leftists are converting to Islam (JTF video)


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  • A person typed online today
    “Whenever it comes to what the world says about Israel, the answer is always “Up yours, world!”
    REMEMBER, the world did nothing to help Jews while they could still prevent 6 million from being slaughtered. When it comes to Jews, we must never back down from giving them the proverbial finger!”

    • A person typed online today
      “They will never beat the Jew.

      Not in Auschwitz and certainly not in Gaza.

      Masada shall not fall again.”
      “The Arabs hold Jews in tunnels and almost the entire world is silent.

      But for the love of Zion, I shall not remain silent.”

    • As if we needed any more proof that the Arabs are EVIL has an article headlined
      “Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar And Muslim Brotherhood Leader Tareq Al-Suwaidan Discusses October 7 Hamas Attack: All Israelis Are Criminals And Deserve To Be Killed; There Are No Innocent Israeli Women, Unless They Are Disabled” on
      March 25, 2024
      Special Dispatch No. 11224

    • Fred Maroun typed online earlier today
      “The UNIFIL in Lebanon must be the most difficult job in the world: pretend to do something while you do absolutely nothing.”

    • A person joked online about
      Donald Trump selling Bibles that
      “Trump is now selling Bibles. I got a copy. Here is how it opens: “In the beginning Trump created heaven and earth” …….. and Trump said: “let there be light” and so on” 😆

    • 5 years ago a person on asked
      “Why do so many people have the impression of Arabs (especially those in Gulf countries) as evil, cruel and barbaric?” The answer given was
      “Because they are for the most part, slavery is still happening in the arab world, yet they are so strict on religion. They have kept up with their old archaic traditions and never actually got ahead in their mentalities.”

    • About the Pure Evil of Iran
      The New York Post has an article headlined
      “Iran is preparing to murder a hip-hop artist for committing . . . music’ ”
      By Claudia Bennett
      Published March 29, 2024

    • has an article headlined
      “Why Is Everybody Lying About Israel?”
      by Daniel Gould
      Published Dec 6, 2023

    • Lawrence Jones , the cool
      black guy political commentator on the Fox News Channel said earlier today that calls for the
      Genocide of Jews and the Destruction of Israel is Not
      “Free Speech”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Billions of people worship a Jewish man, Yeshua, a proud Jew who lived with his people in Eretz Yisrael before Christianity and Islam were ever invented. This definitively makes the Jew the sole indigenous people to the land of Israel–yet the Jew-hater calls him a “colonizer.”
      “When many Americans, all over the United States, see the Arabs and their supporters shutting down roads, interrupting Thanksgiving parades, obstructing Easter Services and shouting at the President and politicians, they see them for the people they really are–hate-filled bullies and vicious savages.”

    • About Egypt has an article headlined
      “Why Rafah is off limits”
      by LISA LIEL
      on April 1, 2024

    • has an article headlined
      “Pro-Palestinian Students Call 911 Over Concerns About Protester’s Tampon”
      Published Mar 27, 2024 

    • A person typed online today
      “The biggest enemy of Israel is not Hamas. Not Iran. It
      is the fear of what the ‘world will think.’ That is called shtetl mentality and it needs to end.”

    • A person typed online today
      “Nachum Kaplan writes:”Israel should not grant the International Committee of the Red Cross’ (ICRC) request to visit Hamas terrorists that Israel has detained in its war with Gaza. The country has no legal obligation to do so and should not even consider it until the ICRC visits the Israeli hostages Hamas abducted on October 7.
      For six months, the ICRC has not visited any of the Israeli hostages (how many of whom are still alive is unknown). It failed to deliver the medicines that Israel entrusted to it to give to the hostages. Yet still it has the temerity to demand to visit the Hamas terrorists that Israel has captured.
      The demand to visit Hamas detainees, while not visiting Israeli civilian hostages, is the latest example of Israel being held to a higher standard than others. This double standard is a classic hallmark of anti-Semitism.
      The Red Cross claims it has tried, but has not been able to get access to the Israeli hostages. At best, this demonstrates its ineffectiveness. At worst, it illustrates bias against Israel.”
      Anyone agree ?

    • has an article headlined
      “Pro-Palestinian Protestors Are Being Paid to Protest”
      by Teri Schure
      January 19, 2024

    • A person typed online today
      “About 6 months ago I finally started watching a TV program The Good Doctor after my high spectrum autistic son kept telling me how good it was. I was hooked. The premise is about an autistic surgeon. Last night’s show was different and I couldn’t sleep after watching it. I missed a few minutes but part of the show was about Dr. Asher Wolke a son of a Hasidic Rabbi who left the Hasidic community, became a doctor, an atheist and came out as gay. Dr. Wolke was played by Jewish actor Noah Galvin. A couple in the hospital wanted to get married but the wife to be wouldn’t marry her fiance until he converted or went to the mikvah (that’s the part I missed). Dr. Wolke arranged with the local Rabbi to have the gentleman go to the Mikvah and read prayers in Hebrew which they explained and showed on the show. Afterwards, the Rabbi performed the wedding in the Hospital. Dr. Wolke started realizing how important his Judaism really was to him.
      Now for the reason I couldn’t sleep. Dr. Wolke gave the Rabbi a ride back to the synoguague. While there he heard a commotion and got out of his car to see what was going on. He found the Rabbi confronting 2 guys that had painted Swastikas on the synoguague. Dr. Wolke stood up to them and showed them that he was dialing the police. They walked away but, as he was walking back to his car they attacked and killed him. The last scene was the Rabbi cradling him in his arms. Before the credits there was a message about Antisemitism. This episode really hit me hard.”

    • A person typed online today
      “No, it is not ‘tragic’ that a few ‘aid workers’ were killed. They were going into a war zone to deliver aid to terrorists and terrorist supporters. Arab occupiers in Gaza are all Hamas.”
      “There are two types of Jews… those who combat antisemitism and those who contribute to the atrocities committed against our people.

      This was my response to a so called ‘Zionist’ who cares about the ’innocents’ in Gaza…

      “so you are worried about the Arab occupiers who have been radicalized to murder Jews since 1948, when Egypt resettled over 250,000 Egyptians onto Jewish Gaza (Jewish land since 145 BC)? And oh! the Israeli Arabs who moved to Gaza in 1948 did so to help Arab armies kill Jews faster. Yep, those innocents.

      You mean the same innocent civilians who were suicide bombing Jews since 1987? who elected Hamas in a landslide? Who helped Hamas plan and execute the genocide? Who keep captive our hostages in their homes?

      The kids who play ‘stab a Jew’ as the most popular game? And the reason why there are 12 and 13 year old Gazan kids sitting in Israeli prisons?

      The same ‘innocents’ who would without hesitation murder you for being a Jew.”

      I was anti-Israel for 20 years and no not mostly due to the media but bc of Jews like this. So yes, I am passionate and no I will not stay silent.”

  • A person typed online earlier
    Time was never on Israel’s side and the consequences of not completing the job of ridding Gaza of Hamas are painfully apparent. Hamas cleverly stalled the negotiations knowing full well that in time the media in America would manage to degrade public support of Israel. The daily viewing of Gaza’s children standing in rubble is very difficult to see, while the suffering of Israel’s children, is rarely and barely shown.
    Progressive college students, who seek a ‘safe’ space to protect them from a conservative guest speaker on campus, have no problem supporting Hamas despite the war crimes and atrocities it committed against Israeli civilians. Their support for the depraved terrorists is contagious and now has infected the general public as well.

    Israel has frittered away the opportunity to finish the job Hamas started. Now, in light of the shift in public opinion away from support of Israel, the window of opportunity has all but closed. Israel was not prepared to deal with Oct 7th and even less with its aftermath. Former president Obama once complained that there was no daylight between the U.S. and Israel, and now that there is, it has become a very dark time for Israel.”

  • The person also typed

    In Syria: he’s a terrorist with al-Qaeda ties.
    In Germany: just another ‘innocent refugee’.

    This is Fadi Oubaid. Europe is welcoming the very radicals that pose a threat to its existence. This cannot be allowed. #WakeUpEurope”
    “Israel is where past, present and future are all living. 🇮🇱”

  • The.blonde is super-cute. Where do I convert.

  • A person typed online today about an article from regarding
    140 Christian “leaders” who demand a
    Permanent ceasefire in Gaza that

    “These people who call themselves Christians are the same as the Christians who put Jews to death during the Middle Ages. They are the same as the Churches who were in compliance with the Nazis”

  • A person typed online today
    “Try as they might, they will never beat the Jew.

    He is an immortal force of nature.

    Thank goodness for the Jewish nation–a light unto the nations in an evil and hypocritical world.”

  • A person typed online today
    “55% of Americans now oppose Israel’s military action in Gaza, polling shows.” ABC News.

    Clearly, their family is not being held in underground tunnels by genocidal hate-filled Arabs whose charter calls for the death of all Jews in the world.

    In any event, so what?

    Over 55% of Americans believe in Jew-hating tropes.”

  • A person typed online earlier today about the Always Rising Anti-Semitism , Jew-Hatred that
    “The More They Hate Us the Stronger We Become”

  • About Francesca Albanese has an article headlined :

    “A truly “special” Special Rapporteur”
    May 8, 2023 by Justin Amler

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “There has been a 2 state solution since 1922! called Jordan, when Churchill stole 78% of the Jewish homeland to create an Arab state within the Jewish homeland.

    What the even more antisemitic ‘2 state solution’ refers to is creating a terrorist state within the 22% left of the Jewish homeland, a now sovereign country, not a Jewish ‘state.’

    It means officially stealing Judea & Samaria, the ancestral heartland of Israel – 2/3rds already have been stolen during the Oslo Terrorist Accords and given to a terrorist org, and it means erasing thousands of years of Jewish history in Gaza, Jewish land since 145 BC, and still legally part of Israel even today per Article 80 of the UN Charter.”

  • Barry Shaw typed online today
    “I consider that much of the Western media have become imbecilic, ill-informed, blowhards pushing for emotion-laden BS to push their political bias.
    It is strange, or maybe it is not, that their two prime targets appear to be Israel and Trump.”

  • Fred Maroun typed online yesterday
    “It will soon be six months since Hamas started a war against Israel on October 7, 2023, through mass rapes, murders, and kidnappings. Yet, there is still no sign of the war ending. Why, you might ask. Let’s be honest, the answer is pretty simple. It’s because Hamas carefully prepared Gaza to be a death trap for Gazans, so to protect civilians, Israel has had to be slow, careful, and methodical, while fighting an antisemitic world public opinion at the same time.

    The reason the war hasn’t ended yet is because Israel is doing exactly the opposite of what it’s accused of doing. If Israel had Hamas’ moral standards, the war would have ended on October 8.”
    & also
    “Biden’s political calculation that he can win by appealing to antisemites is bad for two reasons.

    One is that a real leader does what’s right regardless of consequences on his or her popularity.

    Two is that it will likely not work because antisemites will hate him anyway while centrists might decide to not vote.”

  • Hillel Fuld typed online earlier today
    “There is no nation like the Jewish nation. We might be going through a rough patch right now, but we will get past this, we will be victorious, and we will come out stronger.

    How do I know that? Because we always do.

    And why is that? Because we have The Big Boss in our corner. 🙏🇮🇱💪✡️❤️”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Germany, the architect of genocide against the Jewish people, became the first country to announce that it would intervene in the international court against the Jewish nation, saying that there was “no basis whatsoever” to South Africa’s claim that Israel is committing genocide in the war. The United States has called the case meritless, and several European countries have rejected it, too. Yet Ireland–the same nation that would not permit a single Jewish orphan to enter its country during the Shoah, has now blood-libeled the Jew and Jewish nation by taking South Africa’s “side” and accusing the Jew of genocide.”

  • About the “two-state solution” BS
    A person typed online about Israel & Jordan
    “The two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict,is so simple.
    🇯🇴 Established on 70% of the Mandatory Palestine land
    🇯🇴 90% its citizens are Palestinians
    🇯🇴 The Queen is a Hamas-supporting Palestinian
    🇯🇴 Its population supports the October 7 massacre”

  • A website said online earlier today
    “Another consideration, the double standards to which Israel has been a victim over the last 30 years: “In the name of what electoral considerations, Israel is prohibited from doing what the international coalition authorized in Mosul or Afghanistan after September 11 to go look for Bin Laden. At the time, no one would have thought of making a deal with Al Qaeda.”

  • A person typed online earlier today

    If you want to understand what Islam is up to, you need to see and read what ISLAMIC POLITICAL AND MILITARY LEADERS and their spokespeople (Imams at weekly sermons, sheikhs, Ayatollahs, and the Arab global press), are saying daily in their own language. These headlines scream racism, hate, genocide and encourage daily acts of suicidal jihad of civilians, for the purpose of creating terror and eventually leading to global domination. These are just a few of the recent ones.

    Columnist In Qatari Daily: Hatred And Hostility Are Ingrained In The Jews;

    Palestinian Author Hassan Hamid: The Israelis Know They Will Leave Palestine;

    Lebanese Analyst: Only The Rich Jews Who Practiced Usury Were Burned In The Holocaust

    Islamic State Khurasan Province (ISKP) Poster: Shi’ites Of Iran Orchestrated October 7 Hamas Attack;

    Michigan Islamic Scholar In 2016: Israel Must Be Annihilated

    Trinidad And Tobago Islamic Scholar: Russia Knows October 7 Was Planned By Mossad, Just Like 9/11

    ISIS Supporters Eulogize Gazan Who Swore Allegiance To ISIS, Participated In October 7 Attack;

    Following US Treasury Designation, ‘Gaza Now’ Condemns Sanctions As Attempt To ‘Silence The Voice Of Wounded Gaza’

    Los Angeles Director of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Ayloush @ Nov 2023 Islamic Society Of Orange County Event: Israel Should Be Attacked, Has No Right To Defend Itself;

    Growing Influence Of Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) In The Central African Republic (CAR);

    Lastly, under the heading: “You Can’t Make this Shit Up”:

    Islamic Scholar Shakir: Trump May Create A Palestinian State If Told He Will Be On Mount Rushmore”

  • Another person typed today
    “Should US police the world for Pax Romana?

    The votes are in and here’s where they fall:

    Those who vote NO!!
    – Russia
    – Iran
    – China

    Those who vote YES!!
    – Ukraine
    – Israel
    – Taiwan

    Surprised? Who would’ve guessed??

    With great power comes great (………you fill in the blank……). Choose the BEST answer..

    a. Swag
    b. Wealth
    c. Respect
    d. Status
    e. Flex (everyone gets out of your way)
    f. Advantage
    g. Prestige
    h. Responsibility
    i. Sway
    j. Powers of persuasion
    k. Aloofness
    l. Rhetorics “

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “They can’t beat the Jew on the battlefield, so the entire world, including the world media, lies about virtually every fact in the Jewish nation’s quest to free her hostages from Arab Hamas genocidal killers. They are Jew-haters, and Jew-haters will never, ever change.”

  • Bassem Eid typed online yesterday
    “Hamas is demanding an end to airdrop operations because it cannot steal and control airdropped aid as easily as it can hijack aid trucks. Hamas relies on the suffering of Gazan civilians to extort global pressure on Israel to end the war — and the airdrops to Gaza endanger that.”

  • has an article headlined
    “Right-Wing Media Is Flooded With Dehumanizing Rhetoric Against Palestinians” by
    Rowaida Abdelaziz
    October 19, 2023 Many people gave good comments Exposing the Hypocrisy and Lies of
    Fakestinians, Arabs and Muslims

  • A person typed online today
    “I have seen far too many Slogan Zionists boast about how much aid is being let in to Gaza, and quite frankly that sentiment is disgusting. No other country aids their enemies and it’s not something to be proud of – it teaches the Arab occupiers that no matter how many Jews are burned, butchered, mutilated, raped, kidnapped, a naive Israel will allow in aid of all sorts.

    When do we start valuing Jewish lives?”

  • A person typed online today
    “The pro terrorist protesters have officially turned into comedians, never mind the fact that they repeat a slogan (Free Palestine) popularized by Zionists while Israel was under British occupation, but last night, the pro-terrorists targeted St. Patrick’s Cathedral😂😂😂 as if Israel would ever listen to anything a Catholic entity would say.

    Clearly these morons have no clue about the history of the Catholic Church and Jews.”

  • Elliot Resnick typed online today
    “Judging from the comments to my Arutz 7 op-ed on Candace Owens, it seems that no one is changing his mind. Some people told me they loved the article while other persist in calling Candace Owens an anti-Semite, ignoring almost every single word I wrote.

    In the op-ed, I make the simple point that we should generally interpret questionable statements in the best possible — rather than the worst possible — light, especially when the person who made these statements has done so much good in the world. Judaism does, after all, call on us to judge people favorably.

    I also observed that we hate when leftists call conservatives racists and that we should therefore not be so quick to call people anti-Semites as we’re not supposed to do unto others what we don’t want done to us.

    The response of readers? One of them was: How can you possibly say that? Candace Owens is clearly an anti-Semite. She even liked a tweet that accused Shmuley Boteach of being drunk on Christian blood and we all know that drinking Christian blood is an anti-Semitic trope.

    The charge is damning, so let’s look at the relevant tweet and the lead-up to it. Shmuely Boteach (a walking talking chillul Hashem) accused Owens of inciting people to attack him. As proof for this assertion, he quoted an angry, violent tweet by someone. The problem is this tweet had a date and the date showed that it was written *before” Owens said anything about Boteach, so it clearly wasn’t inspired by her.

    Someone pointed out this fact in a tweet, and this is the tweet Owens liked. It was a tweet defending Owens from Boteach’s false accusation of incitement. Now, it’s true that the *end* of the tweet mentioned Boteach being drunk on Christian blood, but that was *not* the body of the tweet and almost certainly wasn’t why Owens liked it.

    As a general rule, people spend about half a second before liking tweets. (It’s also true that American non-Jews, unlike us, don’t spend their lives reading novels and history books about blood libels. It’s not exactly on the top of their mind and so being drunk on Christian blood doesn’t have the resonance for them that it does for us.)

    In any event, we have two ways of interpreting Candace’s “like” of this tweet. Her enemies interpret it as: “I like the end of the tweet about being drunk on Christian blood, and I know that’s an anti-Semitic trope.” I interpret her “like” as: “I like the main body of the tweet which disproves Shmuley Boteach’s accusation that I was inciting people to attack him.”

    Two interpretations. One sinister and one not. I would argue that my interpretation is far more plausible. And yet, many people choose to adopt the more sinister interpretation despite everything Candace has done to spread truth and biblical morality in America. None of these people have yet explained to me why they are allowed to attribute such nefarious motives to Candace when Judaism clearly tells us to judge people favorably.

    You can read my op-ed here:” a link is given to an article from article headlined
    “Should we have canceled Candace Owens?”

  • While on March 22, 2024
    Debbie Schlussel typed about
    Candace Owens & Ben Shapiro
    “No kudos to little Ben Shapiro for finally getting rid of this neo-Nazi evil lowlife ignoramus Jew-hater Candy Clueless many many months (and actually well more than a year) after she began spewing her Jew-hatred. He had no choice and did this kicking and screaming. He is a fraud and a coward who stands for nothing (except fame and money) and profited off of, sanctioned, and tolerated the most vile, despicable defamation of Jews and Israel that she put forth on his forum. We are about to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim which honors Esther for risking her life to speak out against anti-Semitism. Little Ben, a significant shareholder in Daily Wire, profited off of Jew-hatred and stood by and did nothing. He could have left DW and divested himself if she wasn’t terminated. He left Breitfart over a lot less. That she is finally gone is far too little, far too late. I spoke out against her at least 2 years ago and lost friends and followers including many moronic fellow Jews who made excuses for her. There were Jews like that and like little Ben in the ’30s and ’40s Europe. They were sent to the showers to be gassed like all the rest of the Jews and helped squelch important warning signs. Little Ben is an IQ test. If you are still his fan, you failed that test.”

  • Anyone ever hear of the
    Maginot Line ? Israel had it’s own version of the Maginot Line along Gaza before October 7th , 2023
    Anyone else thinking of the
    Maginot Line ?

  • Also about the classic 1990 Disney TV cartoon series
    “TaleSpin” The Wikipedia entry for the show says
    “TaleSpin is set in the fictional city of Cape Suzette (a pun on the dish Crêpe Suzette). The city lies on an unnamed island, in an unspecified body of water, on a large harbor or bay enclosed by a high cliff wall. A single cleft in the wall is the harbor’s only means of access. The cleft is guarded by anti-aircraft artillery, preventing flying rabble-rousers or air pirates from entering the city. The characters in the world of TaleSpin are anthropomorphic animals, though normal wild animals exist as well. The time frame of the series is never specifically addressed, but the helicopter, television, and jet engine are experimental devices. In the episode “Bygones”, Baloo comments that “The Great War ended 20 years ago”,[20] thus suggesting that the series takes place around 1938.”
    The cleft guarded by anti-aircraft artillery reminds many people of the Maginot Line

  • A person also typed online today
    “The Arab Jew-hating mobs, all over the world, who only “protest” against one nation in the entire world, the Jewish nation of Israel, and are constantly screaming “Free Fakestine” at every press conference, are paid by Arab dictatorships in the Middle East.

    The Arabs can’t beat the Jew on the battlefield so they try to beat the Jew in the court of public opinion.

    They know that so many people hate the Jew that their false and fraudulent propaganda will have many sympathizers.

    But even if many believe their lies, they will never beat the Jew.”

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “Why I feel like banging my head against the wall every single day since 10/7.

    I have to admit, on October 8th, as I wiped away my tears and heart ache, I reassured myself that at least the world will FINALLY understand what Israel has been saying for decades and finally, they will stand by Israel’s side as Hamas is brought to its knees.

    “There is no scenario in which the enlightened western world stands with rapists and pedophiles. I mean I know they hate Jews but they can’t possibly hate Jews that much, that they’d deny October 7th happened, and side with Hamas. If there is any silver lining here, it’s that Israel will finally have global support…”

    That’s what I told myself.


    Wanna know how long that “Support” lasted? Less than a day.

    Before Israel even retaliated in any way, people were demonstrating in cities around the world celebrating the massacre.

    It blew my mind.

    And just when I genuinely thought I could not lose more hope in humanity, the irony and preposterous nature of the non stop criticism of Israel continues to blow my mind every day, and not in a good way.

    So tell me…

    – How could it be that the Palestinians and their elected government, Hamas, PROUDLY declare that they carried out the atrocities of 10/7 and they plan on repeating it over and over, but the world still has any doubts as to whether Israel should defeat them? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that there is hard evidence that Hamas uses people as human shields and perpetuates endless war crimes and crimes against humanity, but not one single human rights organization has said a word? How is it that they only wake up when there are rumors, 99% of the times false rumors, that Israel messed up? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that no one, besides Israelis, is even talking about the hostages? How could the U.S. government not care about the American citizens held captive in Gaza? Where is the Red Cross? Why does no one care about the hostages? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that the entire western world including leaders and media, accept the number of casualties in Gaza that’s being fed to them by the Hamas ruled Gaza health ministry? Did it not occur to anyone that Hamas might be lying? Do they not realize that Hamas knows they can’t beat Israel on the battlefield so they try to defeat Israel on the diplomatic battlefield? Are people that blinded by their antisemitism? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that Israel consistently releases data about all its operations including the very necessary one in Shifa hospital but so many people simply make up numbers out of thin air and then the world repeats the lie? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that any military strategist will clearly explain how Israel is fighting this war with a level of care for innocent lives that is unprecedented in modern history, and still governments and politicians around the world just ignore that and continue to spread the genocide lie? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that there is hard documented evidence including first hand testimonies of sexual crimes perpetrated by Hamas and yet, not only does the world deny that fact, they also blame Israel falsely of the same crime with no evidence whatsoever? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that literally millions of people continue to spread historical fabrications including the accusation that Israel was occupying Gaza on October 6th or that Israel occupied some fictional Arab Palestinian state despite the fact that such a state never existed? Do these people not own a history book? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that there are actual pictures and videos of the thousands of trucks carrying aid entering Gaza and still the world lies that Israel is blocking aid when the opposite is true? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that people say there is no fuel in Gaza and yet they continue to fire rockets? No electricity in Gaza but somehow they continue to post things on social media without electricity or internet? Is this a modern day miracle? How do people believe this lie? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that no one is able to answer the simple question, if Israel was looking to commit genocide in Gaza, why did they send in any IDF soldiers, and put them at risk, instead of just flattening Gaza? No one has answered me yet. How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that radical islamists who support 10/7 state clearly that the west is next and they want to take over the whole world, but somehow the world is putting its fingers in its ears, saying lalalalalala, and pretending they don’t hear what radical Islamist’s are saying? How is that even possible?

    – How could it be that there are liberal people, especially minorities that stand with Hamas? Queers for Palestine? Have you lost your minds? Do you know what would happen if an LGBTQ individual stepped foot in Gaza? How are these people so blind? How is that even possible?

    Listen, I can go on and on, but I need to force myself to get out of bed and join this insane world. I have to convince myself that the truth is on our side no matter how many people tell me otherwise.

    I have to reassure myself that ultimately, truth will prevail, Israel will prevail.

    But the moral bankruptcy of the anti Israel crowd doesn’t go unnoticed and won’t be forgotten.

    It just blows my mind every day how little truth matters in the confused world of 2024.”

  • A person typed today online
    “There was a time in America when signs in Southern cities read “no Jews, no dogs allowed.”

    Now Douglas Murray says, in America, signs for missing dogs remain up, but signs for kidnapped Jewish children are torn down. “

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “World Central Kitchen CEO Erin Gore described that IDF attack that killed seven WCK aid workers as “unforgivable”.

    The way I see it, it is Erin Gore’s comment that is inappropriate and unforgivable.

    The incident was clearly a mistake. As tragic as they are, mistakes happen in a war. And mistakes are forgivable.

    The IDF is already investigating the incident and has already expressed sorrow at the tragedy.

    The claim that the incident is unforgivable is nothing more than grandstanding to impress Hamas.

    What is in fact unforgivable is what Hamas did on October 7. Not only were the murders, rapes, and kidnappings very much intentional and not an accident, but they also triggered the ongoing war without which the seven WCK aid workers would not have been killed.

    Erin Gore should apologize for her inappropriate comment, then it may become forgivable.

    On a related note, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau said that the incident was “unacceptable”, whatever that means.

    It seems to me that organizations and governments take lots of liberties in using superlatives and getting all offended when Israeli forces make a mistake. In a war that lasted already six months, Israel has in fact committed very few mistakes considering the circumstances. But exaggerating Israel’s actions is all too common and rarely carries any consequences. It’s a safe form of virtue signalling.”

  • About the late actress
    Elizabeth Taylor
    A person typed online today
    “Liz Taylor was such a fiercely proud Jew and devoted Zionist that she told the Jewish nation she wanted to trade places with a Jewish hostage in Entebbe.”

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “I’m sorry, but the global outrage about Israel ACCIDENTALLY killing seven aid workers in Gaza is totally insane and utterly antisemitic.

    Of course it’s a tragedy. No one denies that. Every innocent person who dies in a war is a tragedy. Every innocent German who died in WWII is also a tragedy.

    That being said, where the actual hell does anyone in the global community who have done nothing but criticize Israel get off thinking they have a right to come at Israel when they were silent about October 7th and all the innocent Israelis who were murdered and raped since that dark day?

    Seriously, the hypocrisy is truly and genuinely hard to be believe.

    Not a word about the murders, the massacre, the rapes, the beheadings, the burning of families alive while forcing their loved ones to watch. Not a single word about that.

    Not a single word about the war crimes Hamas perpetrates every single damn day from firing rockets into Israeli cities, to using human shields, to using hospitals and nurseries as terror bases.

    Not a single word. Silence. Crickets.

    But when Israel accidentally kills aid workers in a war zone that is unprecedented in its complexity, all of a sudden, they lose their sh_t?

    Seriously already, if you sat quiet on October 7th, you are more than welcome to sit this one out and actually stfu.

    How does anyone, in their right mind, justify this global condemnation of an accidental incident when they didn’t say a word about all of Hamas’ deliberate attacks on innocent civilians, both in Gaza and in Israel?

    What is wrong with these people? Do they have no integrity left? Zero honesty?

    Are they that consumed with their Jew hatred that they can’t even see straight anymore?

    So yes, this incident is a tragedy, a tragedy for which Israel immediately took responsibility, announced it will conduct a transparent investigation, and apologized as soon as it happened.

    That is what a moral country does when it screws up.

    Let me say this in the clearest and most unequivocal terms.

    Every single death, EVERY ONE, is on Hamas, its supporters, and those who elected Hamas.

    These tragic deaths are on Hamas, not Israel.

    Every Gaza killed in this war? On Hamas!

    Every single Israeli killed in this war? On Hamas!

    Every single person injured or displaced? Hamas!

    So Israel can conduct its investigation and Israel can apologize for messing up, but that is because Israel holds ITSELF to a higher standard!

    But the world holding Israel to a different standard? That’s called double standard and it’s morally and ethically bankrupt.

    So, yea, this story is a sad one, but it’s one that could have easily been avoided if Hamas didn’t attack Israel unprovoked on October 7th.

    Want to blame Israel for any of this? Go ahead but just know, your antisemitism is letting out a really bad odor. It’s not a good look for you.

    Want to blame the real guilty party here? Blame Hamas!

    This beautiful family has spent 180 days in Hamas dungeons with no access to food, medication, or sunlight.

    Here’s your litmus test.

    If you are tweeting about these 7 aid workers who Israel accidentally killed while fighting an impossible war but you have 0 tweets about this family or all the innocent hostages, don’t look now, but you have an antisemite walking in your shoes.”

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “Some people love to engage in virtue signalling, especially at the expense of Israel. When those people do things as difficult as the IDF has been doing for six months and make no mistakes, they should make sure to let me know.

    I’m not in the habit of quoting scripture, but this seems appropriate:
    “He who is without sin can cast the first stone” John 8:7 ”
    & he typed yesterday
    “It will soon be six months that the war between Israel and several of its enemies started with the massacre committed by Hamas on October 7. During these six months, I have posted about nothing else except two brief posts about the deaths of two statesmen that I respect, one Canadian and one American.

    My support for Israel has not wavered since October 7, and I will continue just as strongly to support Israel as long as Israelis need to fight this war. I want to reiterate my respect for the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as my respect for the Israeli people. I will continue to post about nothing else until the war is finished.

    My love to Israel and the Jewish people. ❤️”

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