Islamic State beheads four-year-old girl then forces mother to soak hands in dead daughter’s blood

isis-beheads-4-year-oldThe twisted group decapitated the defenseless little girl in what they described as a ‘punishment’ for her mother’s behaviour. The youngster was brutally murdered in Raqqa, Syria, ISIS’s de-facto capital in the war- torn country.

A witness, who was too afraid to be named, said: “A mother told her four-year daughter to go home and she refused. “And then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I swear to Allah that I will behead you if you don’t.”

A vile ISIS fighter overheard the exchange and allegedly said: “Since you swore to Allah you should behead her.” And when she refused to kill her child, the depraved jihadis did it instead. The witness added: “But they beheaded the little girl and soaked her mother’s hands in her daughter’s blood.”

Harrowing photos, which have chosen not to publish, showed the girl’s horrifying demise.

The witness, who managed to escape the barbaric group, said: “They rape women, take children to war, loot houses and threaten people in Raqqa with beheadings if they don’t agree with their daughters’ marriage with the ISIS members.”

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