Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner pushed Donald Trump to uphold Obama’s Pro-LGBT executive order

It appears that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner never read the Torah.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner pushed President Donald Trump to uphold a 2014 executive order protecting LGBT people from workplace discrimination.

The president’s daughter and her husband, who serves as a White House senior adviser, worked to nix a draft executive order outlining how to roll back some of the protections granted by former president Barack Obama’s 2014 executive order, Politico reported Friday, citing “multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.”

The White House said Tuesday that President Trump was “determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community.”

“The executive order signed in 2014, which protects employees from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors, will remain intact at the direction of President Donald J. Trump,” the White House said in a statement.

Progressive groups have expressed concern that Trump could overturn protections and rights gained by the LGBT community under the Obama administration. Vice President Mike Pence has a long history of opposing gay rights, and as governor of Indiana he opposed legalizing gay marriage.


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  • There are a lot of parralel’s between Kushner and Rahm Emanuel Obama’s friend.

    Rahm Emanuel also was Orthodox and had an Orthodox Rabbi convert his girlfriend. And it says he supports open Orthodoxy. His father even fought for Irgun

    Kushner went to Frisch where they have mixed Talmud study classes and seem to also push the feminist agenda.

    I think feminism has always been about men consolidating power and the only think that really is consistant about being Orthodox is sadly not using technology on the Sabbath even though I don’t consider turning on a switch to be work as I appreciate inventions made by other men and the circuit was created before the Sabbath and turning a swtich is not work by any standards. And this is an area where everyone cheats anyway when they need a light off to go to sleep. I should know. And some can actually say they like this even though they don;’t follow it anyway.

    So they do fit a certain brand of Orthodoxy not that this really matters as it shouldn’t be about identity politics.

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