• In February 2019 , a person typed online
    “Five days ago, a genocidal Arab raped and murdered a 19-year-old Jew, Ory Ansbacher, in Jerusalem.

    No Western media covered the story.

    Because it wasn’t reported, it’s as if Ory never lived or died.

    Her life as a Jew was of no importance–other than to her family and friends, and now, the Jewish nation.

    Just one more dead Jew among millions of dead Jews in a predominantly Christian and Muslim world, who have no insight, care or concern into their truly disturbing history of vicious, violent, fanatical and genocidal Jew-hatred.

    But if a Jewish man had raped and murdered a 19-year-old Arab woman, the entire world media would have descended on the Jewish nation, and taken it to task, while flogging it for days. They would have turned the Arab teen into a rallying cry for the entire Arab world in general and the Fakestinian Arab in particular.

    Virtually the entire world can remain silent about the double-standard for the Jew, but for the love of Zion, I will not.”
    And in March 2024 the same person typed online about Jew-Hatred
    “It doesn’t matter what the
    non-Jew says, it only matters what the Jew does”

    • pjmedia.com has an article headlined
      “How Very Fitting: Satan Endorses the Palestinian Cause”
      by ROBERT SPENCER MARCH 18, 2024

    • A person typed online in
      February 2024
      “Migrants have a lower violent crime rate than natural born Americans.

      Republicans DGAF about whether migrants are criminal. They cherry pick migrant crimes, the same way we could cherry pick crimes from any other demographic, and the same way the Nazis cherry picked crimes committed by Jews and Roma to drum up hatred towards them.

      Lets see if we can find any crimes committed by Jeff R Balancio’s demographic (inbred, incel, white male MAGA losers).

      Robert Aaron Long murdered 8 people.

      Dylan Roof murdered 9 people.

      Payton S. Gendron murdered 10 people.

      Robert Gregory Bowers murdered 11 people.

      Patrick Wood Crusius murdered 23 people.

      Omar Mateen murdered 49 people.

      But wait. These aren’t assorted crimes? These are all mass shootings? Strange thing to cherry pick? Can we do the same for migrants?

      We can’t. Because not only are *most* mass shooters motivated by mainline Republican ideology, but there has not been a migrant mass shooter in at least the past 15 years.

      So not only do we have a real relationship between a demographic and violent crime here (while there isn’t one between migration and crime), but these people don’t just share demographic features with these killers. They also share their ideology.”

      • Incel Problems
        Chronic Incel Problems are sadly getting worse and worse in America and Worldwide

      • About the Incel Crisis and Suffering of Incels
        Books and Articles have been written documenting
        Unjust War on Sex
        America being
        Sexually Repressive Immature Childish and Puritanical
        Another person typed online earlier today
        “such antisemitic double standards – 11 of the Muslim terrorists in Russia were captured, all were tortured. One had his ear cut off and placed in his mouth and was forced to talk to interrogators.

        Israel stripped terrorists to their underwear and in some cases were given very light beatings, and the world was outraged.

        In Russia, 133 people were killed by gunmen

        In Israel, 1200 were murdered in horrific ways”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Hatred of the Jew has been universal, permanent, and deep. Death for the Jews has been desired and plotted by the tyrants of every age. Pharaoh, Sancheriv, Nebuchadnezzar, Antiochus, the Roman Caesars, the Turks, the Christians, the Muslims, Stalin, Hitler, and almost every great power that ever lived and flourished, defined the Jew as a target for abuse or complete annihilation. Jews have been expelled from nearly every country in which they resided—England, France, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Bohemia, Moravia, Russia, Poland and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and of course, from their ancient homeland, Eretz Israel.

      It is estimated that every 22 years Jews have been exiled from another country.

      Throughout the centuries, many millions of Jews were murdered, including millions of infants and children. The Babylonians and Romans killed three million Jews. The Christians and the Muslims in their Crusades, inquisitions, conversion decrees, blood libels, and general religious fervor over a span of 15 centuries slaughtered millions of Jews, often wiping out entire communities. Chmelnitzky and his bandits beheaded 300,000 Polish Jews during 1648-49, while Hitler put to death a third of our people, including one-and-a-half million children.

      In nearly every country, Jews have, at some time, been subjected to beatings, torture, and murder solely because they were Jewish.

      And though many of us thought that the evil of anti-Semitism perished in a post-Auschwitz world, we have been rudely awakened during the last few years as it once again rears its ugly face, particularly among Arab nations and in Europe.

      Then came October 7th, 2024. 1200 Jews were murdered brutally, Jewish children burned alive, Jewish women were tied down, raped, and beheaded during the horrific massacre, and so many people here in America celebrated such unspeakable horrors, and are now blaming Israel for trying to avoid a second Holocaust, which Hamas craves to commit.

      Why such hatred and fear of a people who never constituted more than a small minority? Why did almost every great culture and civilization see us as their ultimate enemy? Are we such an evil people as to threaten the well-being of virtually every civilization for the past 4,000 years? Why is it that otherwise sophisticated and educated men and women of academia are filled with irrational hatred toward Israel for literally trying to defend its citizens from murder while ignoring the horrors perpetrated en masse by its Arab neighbors?

      The hate of the Jew is in their DNA. It’s transmitted, like a virus, from generation to generation. But they will never beat a people as great as the Jew.”

      • The person also typed
        “The Jewish nation must take Rafah immediately. Justice must be served, even in an anti-semitic world.”

    • A person typed online earlier this
      March 2024
      “Which nation, in the history of the world, has been lectured and admonished about helping its enemies after being viciously attacked, other than the Jewish nation of Israel?”
      Enough of the BS Hypocrisy and Double Standards, the Abnormal Obsession the Anti-Semites have with Israel

    • About the Fakestinians
      jcpa.org has an article headlined
      “The Psychology of Palestinian Distortions and Deceptions”
      Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf, March 26, 2024

    • Fred Maroun typed online
      earlier today
      “The US decision to let the UNSC resolution pass yesterday, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, is disturbing.

      The Democrats will try to portray it as meaningless while the Republicans will claim that it’s one more proof that Biden is an antisemite who hates Israel. The truth, as is often the case, is that both are wrong.

      Biden is not an antisemite by any stretch, and he doesn’t hate Israel. In fact, there is lots of evidence that he loves Israel. However he has conflicting priorities. He needs to win an election which means not losing too many votes on the left.

      But the resolution wasn’t meaningless. It will be one more thing that enemies of Israel will use to demonize the Jewish state. And a resolution passed by the UNSC is never insignificant.

      Israel is fighting an extremely difficult war against a very dangerous enemy that has no morals, so that enemy is able to use every death on both sides as a propaganda tool to get leverage against Israel, with a lot of success.

      It is very unfortunate that the Biden administration has to play politics at this crucial time, but it is a reminder to the rest of us for the need to support Israel and for the need to never take anything for granted. But we cannot give up. Israel cannot give up. If anything, this should be proof that Hamas cannot be left standing. If it gets away this time, it will be even worse next time.”

    • israelnationalnews.com
      has an article headlined:
      “Proportionality” in response to terror – antisemitism by another name” by Matthew M. Hausman
      October 22, 2023

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “AOC Said RICO Is Not a Crime

      I know AOC tended bar, but that doesn’t make her a lawyer. She needs to stick to mixing drinks and leave the law to the lawyers.

      The RICO law defines 35 offenses as constituting racketeering, including gambling, murder, kidnapping, arson, drug dealing, bribery. Significantly, mail and wire fraud are included on the list.”

    • A person also typed online
      “Hamas vs. Haman: Modern Esther’s Rise! ✊

      IDF female soldiers, like Queen Esthers, face today’s Hamans with bold courage, guarding the Jewish nation’s future.

      Read my latest update >> https://mailchi.mp/ebae551d6f3b/hamas-vs-haman-modern-esthers-rise

    • Barry Shaw typed today
      “The goal was a massacre of Tel Aviv’: Hamas’s full plan for October 7 revealed

      “Since the Obiden Administration has sold out the safety of American Jews to get the votes of Arab Nazis in Dearborn, Michigan, which is the equivalent of FDR trying to get the votes from the German Bund, American Jews must turn away from the Democrat Party.

      And since the Obiden Administration stabbed Israel in the back yesterday at the United Nations Security Council it is time for the Israeli government to return the favor of Chuck Schumer and Biden.

      The Israeli government should explain to everyday Americans, that October 7th will soon be on your doorstep thanks to Obiden’s open borders with Mexico and Canada. They are causing an existential threat to all Americans with these insane regressive policies.

      Now that Israeli Defense officials and the OBIDEN ADMINISTRATION know the full extent of what Hamas truly planned, the non-veto at the UN is abhorrent behaviour by Obiden and a call for their removal must come from Israel to all Americans!

      The fact that the Obiden administration knows that Hamas had a phase two, that was to be implemented had phase one worked, which was the taking of the Gaza envelope. Hamas would have then attempted a raid into the heart of Tel Aviv and the true existential threat, a raid into Dimona.

      If you, anyone who reads this, can tell yourself it’s ok to vote democrat after all of this knowledge has come out then I really don’t know what to say to you.

      Since this information is known to all Western powers, it is even more abominable that this administration did not Veto yesterday’s UNSC resolution. For the first time America didn’t just act against Israel, they didn’t just side with the Palestinians, no, they sided with Hamas.

      The Obiden administration sided with Arab Nazis and a group that all do these administration officials had said was far worse then ISIS!

      China, Russia and Iran are all laughing!

      And since the American administration knows this, instead of putting pressure on Israel they should be putting pressure on Western Powers to fight politically side by side with Israel.

      As a life long supporter of the Democratic Party, they have lost my vote.

      The Democratic Party should lose all of Jewish America’s vote first and foremost for doing nothing to combat the highest rise in antisemitism in American history.

      Instead of deporting terror supporters they have chosen to do what so many have done over time, blame the Jews. This time Obiden is blaming the Jews for fighting back. Disgusting!

      It is embarrassing that Obiden can’t say antisemitism without saying Islamophobia!

      What Islamophobia?

      The type that lets non-stop, Brownshirt marches throughout American cities!

      Obiden has put all American Jews in existential danger and has created an atmosphere that is as bad if not worse then that of Europe!

      Enough, American Jews from left, right and Center must come together to bring down what is the most dangerous American government for Jewish Americans and for Israel in American history!”

      The goal was a massacre of Tel Aviv’: Hamas’s full plan for October 7 revealed”

    • The Jerusalem Post jpost.com
      has an article headlined
      “US Jews must learn to advocate for themselves” By JULIE MARZOUK   Published: MARCH 25, 2024

    • Barry Shaw typed online yesterday
      “This is the insanity of a world gone mad.
      Ismail Haniye, the wealthy head of Hamas, flew in his private plane from his secure luxury home in Qatar to Tehran to tell the Arab world that Israel is under increasing international pressure.
      I didn’t hear him praise Joe Biden, and Guterres the UN Secretary-General who called Israel, not Hamas, a “moral outrage,” but I am sure he is gloating about their support of Hamas by their anti-Israel rhetoric and efforts.”

    • Jamaal Bowman is Another tragic example of how the vast majority of Blacks in America backstabbed and betrayed the Jews who helped them so much during the
      Civil Rights Movement
      Why should we help Blacks or anyone who would only backstab or betray us in Return
      We cannot be Suckers
      We Must Never help anyone who would backstab or betray us

    • elderofziyon.blogspot.com on
      Wednesday, March 20, 2024 has an article headlined
      “New poll: Huge majority of Palestinians still love Hamas. (And they are delusional about October 7.)” Those people, the Fakestinians are always delusional

    • elderofziyon.blogspot.com on
      Sunday, March 24, 2024
      has an article headlined
      “There is no need to apologize for chapter 9 of Esther – only terrorists were killed”

    • franciscogilwhite.substack.com
      has an article headlined
      “Did the US force Israel to cede strategic territory to Iran?
      And is this is a paradox?”
      MARCH 27, 2024

    • Also a person typed online earlier today
      “When the genocidal Arabs rocket Israeli hospitals, the world is silent.

      When Arabs rocket Arab hospitals and murder Arabs, they blame the Jew, and the world screams.

      They will never hear the pleas of the Jew.”
      & also
      “In every single war in the Middle East, the genocidal Arabs attack the innocent Jews, and the Jews defend themselves, crushing and humiliating the Arabs, before the world steps in and prevents any further justice being served cold.

      Now, in Gaza, history repeats itself, with the entire world turning on the tiny Jewish nation.

      The Jew-haters are nothing if not predictable.”

    • Joe Lieberman has died at
      age 82 , opinions

    • algemeiner.com has an article headlined
      “The World’s ‘Triple Standard’ Against Israel Endangers Global Security”
      by Justin Amler
      on March 27, 2024
      Will there be a Quadruple Standard against Israel and Jews next ?

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “The minute the worldwide media calls the very cradle of Jewish civilization, the sacred and eternal Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria, the “West Bank,” with Jewish “settlers” in Jewish “settlements, they are misrepresenting history and blood-libeling the Jewish nation.

    The Jews who live in these liberated Jewish lands are “residents” of communities in Judea and Samaria.

    The use of the language of the genocidal Arab enemy constitutes Jew-hatred.”
    “Arab Hamas genocidal terrorists lie about the number of Arab dead to blood-libel the Jewish nation, and an anti-Semitic world embraces their inflated and absurd numbers to demonize the Jew as child killers.

    The entire world can remain silent about these Arab lies, but for the love of Zion, I shall not.”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “No proof of life has been shown for 99% of the hostages since the last release.

      Therefore, why is Israel engaging in negotiations with terrorists? Israel will need to rescue those remaining and retrieve the murdered, on their own.

      Netanyahu should have continued Gallant’s siege on Gaza, but no, Bibi was too weak and kowtowed to the antisemitic West.

      Sure, the Arab occupiers are displaced from their homes during this war, but they still have food and their electonics seem to be working just fine bc there are hundreds of videos out of Gaza daily.

      That is not ok. Israel has a legal right to place an enemy under siege, just like any country does, especially when the enemy is a terrorist organization. Gazans = Hamas. There is zero difference between someone in uniform and what the libtards call ‘civilians’ in Arab occupied Jewish Gaza.”
      & also
      “One thing Hamas is not lying about.. the whereabouts of all the hostages. Many are being held captive by ‘civilians’ in Gaza — all Arab occupiers in Jewish Gaza are Hamas, no distinction. And bc Hamas is no longer in complete control of Gaza, with Israel reclaiming most of North Gaza, those ‘innocent civilians’ have no reason to listen to Hamas leadership to give up hostages.

      Others were sold to different terrorist groups. Hamas is far from the only terror group in Gaza. Islamic Jihad is another major one. There are about a dozen terrorist 🐀🐀 groups.

      So when we hear of any ceasefire-hostage exchange deal, know that it will never be in favor of Israel.

      Until Israel places an actual siege on Gaza, our brave hostages, that are still alive, are at the mercy of weak Israeli politicians who think the hostage crisis can be solved diplomatically.”

  • A person typed online yesterday

    “There is no greater anti-Semite that the Jewish one, and none hates the Jewish people more than the Jewish traitor and apostate.”
    Rabbi Meir Kahane, OBM

    If President Trump is a Jew hater and agrees with RMK then is RMK a Jew hater?”

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article by Fred Maroun headlined
    “In 1939 Canada failed Hitler’s test and we are now failing Hamas’ test” on
    March 21, 2024

  • Also a person typed online today
    “The entire world has abandoned the Jewish nation.

    The only thing shocking about this is that any Jew is shocked.

    The Jew will has and will always stand alone.

    He can count on no one but his fellow Jew.

    Not at Auschwitz.

    Not at Entebbe.

    And certainly not in Gaza.

    Thank goodness for the brilliant Jewish nation. “

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “Unbelievable anti-Israel bias by Britain.
    Lord David Cameron, Britain’s Foreign Minister, first visited the ruined Jewish homes on Israel’s border with Gaza following the Palestinian Hamas outrages of 7 October, returned home and began issuing punishing orders against – Israeli settlers.
    Cameron, despite several appeals, including from the families of the Israelis hostages being held God knows where in Gaza, did nothing to get the Red Cross to visit them and report on their condition, or even if they are alive.
    Cameron did nothing to get the Red Cross to take urgent medication to the hostages,
    But now Cameron has found his moral compass.
    He is now ordering Israel to allow the Red Cross to visit Hamas terrorists in Israeli jails after being captured by the IDF in battles in Gaza.
    For this he quotes international law while, apparently, no international law exists for our hostages in Gaza, or as punishment for the mass murdering Hamas terrorists who must now be pampered by Red Cross visits.
    Another low point in British-Israel relations.
    Is this an appeal by the British government to the rising Muslim electorate as they take to the streets of Britain and threaten MPs.
    There are an estimated 3.6 million Muslims in Britain (6.5% of the population) as opposed to an estimated 270,000 Jews (0.5% of the population).
    I guess figures speak for themselves.
    Jewish feelings don’t count in Britain any more, unless those feelings are anti-Israel. “

  • A person also typed online earlier today
    “Dear “free” world left wingers,
    I see you are very disturbed when you see people suffering (so am I), such as Gazan innocent and not so innocent people. HOWEVER, your problem is that, by accusing the wrong side (Israel) you are actually prolonging the suffering.
    Instead of shouting “from the river to the sea”, why don’t you shout “islamism is terror, stop political Islam”?
    And, most importantly, you (leftist against Israel) are a despicable hypocrite because you “see” and empathize with the suffering of terrorists but close your eyes at the suffering of our hostages, held by those same monstrous Islamic terrorists you so strongly support.”

  • A person typed online earlier this March 2024
    “I am not a Jew and I’m not a citizen of Israel. I haven’t even visited Israel. I don’t trace my religion back to a holy site in Jerusalem and I don’t have a problem with Arabs or Muslims or Christians. I’ve read about Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon; the Umayyads, the Abbasids and the Ottomans; I know about the British, the Balfour declaration, Ben Gurion and Golda Meir. I know a bit about the Six-Day War and the Intifada. I might not have any personal stake in the Holy Land, but humanity certainly does – and I’m a human being.

    The women, men, children, elderly people and soldiers who were kidnapped, tortured, raped, humiliated and murdered on Saturday by Hamas in sovereign Israel were human beings too.

    Those who did it to them are not.

    Imagine what kind of rational and ethical gymnastics you have to do to justify the cold-blooded murder of teenagers at a music festival; or watching a child, perhaps 5 years old, being prodded with a stick and made to cry for his mother in Hebrew while children of a similar age laugh and mock him? We don’t know that child’s fate and for all we know what followed may have been much worse. It’s depraved. To even enter a conversation about these disgraceful facts with a rehearsed retort about territory or Gaza being an “open-air prison” reeks of moral bankruptcy.

    If you wail and scream about your land, dignity, rights, oppression and poverty but are willing to murder, rape, kidnap, torture or humiliate children; then I don’t have to listen to your reasons. When the video footage, photographs and stories of Saturday’s carnage come not from “Israeli propaganda” but from the Hamas terrorists themselves, then how am I to read anything else into it but that you want credit for these atrocities? You want me to know you did it. You want me to know you are proud of it. You want me to see you for who you are. Well, I do.

    So, if you swarmed the Israeli Embassy in London, waving Palestinian flags and calling for genocide; if you went down to Times Square to celebrate a victory for decolonisation against “apartheid Israel”; if you sang along to “gas the Jews” chants at the Sydney Opera House or hung a “one settler, one bullet” Palestinian flag over Grayston bridge in Johannesburg then you’re telling me who you are. Well, I see you – and you’re my enemy.

    I’m one of those people who believe civilisation is a real thing, and I’ve resisted the poison of moral relativists in the humanities departments of universities across the west who think that being nuanced about the idea of civilisation versus barbarism is a signal of intellectual prowess or critical self-reflection. Upon even a cursory investigation of these people or their positions, you will find every sign of pedestrian intelligence and self-absorbed navel-gazing, combined with a fetishisation of victimhood and always concomitant humourlessness. They too, are my enemies.

    It is always interesting to note that only western liberal democracies tolerate and give succour to the most heinous arguments and positions in public protests. You couldn’t picket on the side of quite laudable things like education for girls in Taliban Afghanistan, gay rights in Syria, or against the death penalty in Saudi Arabia. The Ayatollahs of Iran wouldn’t allow women to protest the hijab there under threats of violence. But London, New York, Sydney and even Johannesburg will embrace marches where people actively call for genocide. This is not how allies behave.

    Perhaps when the dust has settled we can examine the insidious links between Anglo-American leftism and antisemitism, between Europe never reckoning with what happened in the holocaust and their growing Muslim populations, and between ignorant regimes like mine in South Africa and their determination to stand alongside the worst human rights abusers in the Middle East.

    For now, it’s no big mystery that this has nothing to do with the existence of the State of Israel and everything to do with Jew-hatred – that great, festering wound in the side of humanity from which all prejudice flows. It has been there for thousands of years and every time we think it has healed, some monstrous collective claws it open again.

    Hamas aren’t hiding the ball. Their leader, Ismail Haniyeh (safely skulking in Qatar) made this clear. He celebrated dead Jews, not territory won, nor Gazan lives saved.

    I’m afraid there are only two sides in a war – your allies and your enemies. On September 11th 2001, I knew whose side I was on. I feel the same today”

    By Gareth Cliff “

  • pjmedia.com has an article headlined
    “As Biden Condemns ‘Islamophobia,’ U.S. Muslim Clerics Make Spine-Chilling Remarks About Jews”
    by ROBERT SPENCER MARCH 19, 2024

  • On X , formerly Twitter
    Khaled Hassan
    @Khaledhzakariah typed
    “Here is a simple fact: I don’t want to ever hear the words “Palestinian”, “genocide”, “apartheid”, “two-state solution”, “occupation” or “resistance” ever again.

    I am 33. There has not been one bloody year in my life when I didn’t hear about how Palestinians should be spoiled, and offered more money, whilst they reject every peace proposal and respond with terrorism. This time, they also took babies hostage and likely killed them in Gaza. That is the only difference from the many previous times: Palestinians are getting far more bloodthirsty and the world is accepting that as the norm.

    President Sadat said it publicly. They refused to engage in negotiations following the Yom Kippur war. They then danced when he was killed. President Mubarak said it publicly, they were the problem and refused to engage in negotiations. President Bill Clinton said it too. It is all on record!

    So, for the love of Gd, give me a break. The Uyghurs are being ethnically cleansed. What did Arabs do? Sent a love letter to China.

    How many years of our lives is enough for Palestinians? How many lives and opportunities do you want to throw down the toilet while we entertain a death cult?

    Traffic through the Suez Canal is 50% down. Egypt’s economy devastated. Houthis literally holding international maritime hostage. All because of the Palestinians. How many years, and how much money, do you want to spend on the delusion of a two-state solution?

    For me, it’s dead. All of my efforts, time and money will be invested in making sure terrorists and their supporters never see a Palestinian state.”
    9:13 AM · Mar 19, 2024

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “Listened to Guterres accusatory speech at the Rafah Crossing calling for a ceasefire.
    One word was missing from his speech.
    It is as if they don’t exist.
    Just the poor suffering Palestinians and those nasty Israelis.
    On the back of such major deceptions does the world of diplomatic lies and delusions rest.”

  • israelhayom.com has an article by
    Barry Shaw headlined
    “Biden’s duplicitous history against Israel” on March 22, 2024

  • I love the way you leave out the head of the un agency is a typical Italian low life Roman scum

  • A person typed online earlier today “The Arabs and Jew-haters accuse the Jewish nation of everything they are guilty of.

    While the Jewish nation has seen its Arab population rise exponentially and has taken more precautions to protect Arab civilians than any nation in history, the Arabs openly call for genocide of the Jews.

    The only people who blood-libel the Jewish nation as committing “genocide” are vicious and savage Jew-haters.

    And these Jew-haters are just as bad as the genocidal Arabs.”

  • A person typed online earlier today about AOC that she has
    “The intelligence of a store mannequin.” 😆

  • Fred Maroun typed online in
    “Some people insist that Arab rejection of Israel isn’t the result of antisemitism. I can see their point.

    After all, it’s not like Arab Muslims and Arab Christians hate each other. It’s not like Arab Sunnis and Arab Shias hate each other. It’s not like Arab clans hate other other clans. It’s not like hatred is at the core of Arab culture. In the Arab world, love, democracy, and human rights reign supreme!

    So, saying that Arabs can be antisemitic is truly a ridiculous proposition that is totally inconsistent with everything we know about he Arab world…”

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “Some observations on the behavior of the Biden Administration and the UNSC.
    In the UN session, the delegates condemned the murder of Russians in a Moscow concert hall but did not condemn Hamas.
    Israel is fighting to release our hostages being held by Hamas who got a pass from the UN and, in any case, are not obligated in any form to the UN and are an illegal terror organisation.”
    & also
    “Oh, the irony!
    Hillel Neur, the founder of UN Watch, has been blocked by Israel hater, Mahdi Hasan, from debating him.
    The irony is that Hasan is the author of the book “Win Every Argument – The Art of Debating.”

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
    “Dear World, how does it feel to be a Jew-hater?” on
    MARCH 22, 2024 by
    Daniel Ben Abraham

  • In March 2024
    a person typed online
    “Israel is not a ‘state’ – a ‘state’ means being a vassal state to a bigger entity or part of a consortium.

    For example, the Gulf states are all in coordination, led by Saudi Arabia.

    Israel is a sovereign country.

    When Jews keep saying ‘state of Israel’ for decades and decades, it gets thus treated by the U.S and other major countries as a state and not as the country it actually is.

    Jews bravely fought for nearly 20 years to liberate Israel from the British occupiers. It is a disservice to call the fruit of their labor, a ‘state.’ Jordan, literally a creation by the British occupiers, on land stolen from Jews, does not call itself a ‘state’ though it actually was created to be a state for Arabs within Palestine, the colonizer term for Israel.

    The British originally were in Palestine to restore sovereignty to the indigenous Jews, not to ‘create’ a state for Jews.


    #factsnotslogans “

  • The person also typed
    “The only times Arabs behave is when under dictatorships in modern times (Egypt – Mubarak and Sisi, Saudi Arabia under MBS, UAE, Oman, Bahrain). Left to democracy, Arabs choose Muslim Brotherhood terrorist leaders. Pakistan is a democracy.

    The majority of the non-Emirati UAE population is anti-Israel but the dictatorship there keeps it at bay, post Abraham Accords signing.”

  • A person typed online yesterday
    “After what this country has done to Israel and your President has done to the Jewish people, I have made some decisions. I will be expediting my plans to leave here. I can’t believe that I was stupid enough to serve in the US army in hopes of protecting freedom. I have befriended people who support that fool in Washington, who calls himself the President. I am ashamed of myself and this country. If you support Biden in any way shape or form, good bye, lose my number. I have been abused, lied about, lied to and mistreated by this country. I will be severing all ties with anything that connects me with the US. I’m too old to reset everything, but not too old to walk away.”

  • Another person typed online earlier today
    “A pithy response to the antisemitism out there to share:

    How you know the pro HAMAS protestors/supporters are antisemitic:

    1. Because many protesters are actually invoking antisemitic and genocidal slogans as well as writing antisemitic graffiti

    2. Because (after the rapes, beheadings, burnings and executions etc) before a single shot was fired in self defense protestors came out attacking Israel and Jews.

    3. Because HAMAS terrorists, who protestors sympathize with, call for the genocide of Jews, and have vowed to commit more atrocities. HAMAS seeks to install a world wide Islamic Caliphate.

    4. Because Israel is accused of genocide while HAMAS uses its population as human shields, prevents civilians from leaving the war zone and has located its headquarters under a hospital.

    5. Because protests don’t occur when Arabs commit real genocide in places like Sudan, Syria, Yemen, where hundreds of thousands are slaughtered. In Sudan Arabs are murdering Black Africans.

    6. Because Israel is portrayed as the apartheid state when Arab Israelis have rights as citizens, are in the government and Supreme Court. (70% support Israel in the war.)

    7. Because history has been misrepresented. The Palestinian side has refused a two state solution many times. 70% support a One State solution with no Jews.

    8. Because Israelis/Jews are misrepresented as “white” European colonizers, when they are predominantly “non-white”. This is to portray Israel as the Oppressor in the Victim/Oppressor narrative.

    9. Because feminists who oppose Israel will not support Jewish victims of mass rapes.”

  • Pruneface Joe dead at 82

  • You can’t even count on your fellow Jew. Note:
    Bernie Madoff and Jeffrey Epstein.

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