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  • Honestly. It is sad listening to all the negativity about Israel. The USA has some serious problems Israel does not have. For example single motherhood is exploding the USA and let us not fool ourselves what this is really about. It is not about concern for women but it is about politicians to consolidate their own power and being needed then by politicians to take the place of the father. Israel, as far as I know, thankfully, DOES NOT have this problem and hopefully will not be influenced by the West in this area. . Furthermore, all the mainstream politicians running Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich all supported single motherhood. I heard Rubio mention it when talking to Michael Medved. I heard Debbie Schlussel mention it about Kasich. I heard Cruz mention it in some of his debate answers and in addition he wanted to expand the Earned Income Credit, Cruz did., which of course is pandering to single mothers to be paid a low salary and then the Earned Income Credit making up the difference. Cruz has shown no evidence of accomplishment. Only being the person to appose something. How will this change anything with this mentality? In fact feminism more then any reason is why women feel abortion should be legal. That is the reason always given by lawyers, Sandra Day O’Conner and others. It will hurt their career and creativity. So pandering to this demographic makes it unlikely anything will change and will pick the wrong judges. In fact Robert was a conservative who was a feminists and he went along with the Obamacare.

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