• Dear Chaim,
    I’ve been following you for more than 20 years and you’ve been spot-on on just about everything you say.
    Thank you and may G-d richly bless you.
    Regards, Tony…

  • ישועת ה’ כהרף עין

  • The white supremists’ mixed rally was intercepted and attacked by ANTIFA and related persons.

    Of course, who does lots and lots of conversions wants to condemn President Trump, all at once, like you Obamanazis thought to somehow construct a parliamentary democracy with ERA, instead of letting Mueller 3 abscond, further, from trashing all FBI on AQ, so 911 affects all of us AND the wussies at NATO, who won’t share basic intel, like Wells Fargo and Co.Santa Clara have been mauling me, past a FATWA, so NATO nations and states of origin of perps messing with me, too hard get an I.S. calling card.

    What’s YOUR sorry excuse, for failing to report Mueller OR me, since 2001 or aggravated Lois Lameness, since 2015? Have a tequila, for your usual lack of legitimacy.

  • Good job Chaim! But you need to also go after Antifa! These guys are evil! They’re as bad as the neo-nazis!

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