Kamala Harris demands Israeli suicide; Jew gives billion dollars to Hamas Nazi supporters (video)


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  • washingtonpost.com
    has an article headlined
    “Why Hamas’s methodical slaughter of Jews carries a special horror”
    By Hugh Hewitt
    Contributing columnist
    October 12, 2023

    • pjmedia.com has an article headlined
      “Dearborn Named ‘America’s Jihad Capital,’ Mayor and Biden Respond About the Way You’d Expect” by

    • About Arab Pure Evil & Wickedness
      A person typed online earlier today
      “The only thing that unites the Arabs is their hatred of the Jewish nation.”
      “The keffiyeh is the new Swastika for Jew-haters.”
      “Israeli journalist Zvi Yehezkeli published footage from his documentary that will air tonight (Sunday) on Channel 13 News showing shocking testimony from the interrogation of terrorists from Hamas’ Nuhkba Force in which they admitted to deliberately murdering children on October 7.

      Excerpt from one of the interrogations:

      Terrorist: “I heard crying from the safe room.”

      Investigator: “Okay, and what are you doing?”

      Terrorist: “I’m shooting at the safe room.”

      Investigator: “But the child…”

      Terrorist: “My job is to kill everyone.”

      Investigator: “How much do you shoot?”

      Terrorist: “I shoot until there is silence.”
      “There is nothing worse on this earth than the cowardly Jewish anti-Israel traitor. They are worse than all the enemies of the House of Zion—combined.”

      Again we Proudly wipe our ass with the keffiyeh

    • Meir Kahane was assassinated in 1990
      The Crown Heights Riots took place in August of 1991
      Many people have asked if the Crown Heights riots would still have occurred if
      Meir Kahane was still alive

    • Barry Shaw typed earlier today
      “This is Jewish-style delusional progressivism on the Oscar stage.
      Jewish movie director, Jonathan Glazer, criticized Israel in his speech when receiving his Oscar for his movie about the Holocaust.
      With Jews like this, who needs enemies!
      I guess Glazer, even with his precious Oscar, would have objected to any Jew, during the Holocaust years, from going out and killing German Nazis.
      Israel is not doing anything different from anything a Jewish army would have done in Germany, Austria, or Poland during the Holocaust years.”

    • Fred Maroun typed online earlier today
      “Jonathan Glazer’s pathetic speech at the Oscars discredits any work he has done because no one can now believe that he understands his fellow Jews. And while this was going on, others who attended the Oscars were intimidated into ignoring the hostages held by Hamas. Not one person dared support them. One might think that the event was taking place in Iran, but no, it was taking place in the United States. What a sad display of ignorance and cowardice!”

    • Fred Maroun typed online earlier today
      “Why do I stand with Israel? Because there should be at least one Arab who says the truth and nothing but the truth.”

      Why can’t More Arabs be like
      Fred Maroun ? If only all
      Arabs were like him

    • Another person typed online earlier today about Jonathan Glazer
      “The Zone of Interest won for Best International Feature, and the director, Jonathan Glazer, a Kapo self-hating Jew, said “we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness.”

      Glazer, who is ashamed to be a Jew, actually renounced being a Jew.

      He then blood-libeled the Jewish nation by claiming it “hijacked” the “Holocaust” to justify an “occupation.”

      His comments are deplorable. The Jewish nation does nothing of the kind. The German people and their willing helpers, all over Europe and North Africa slaughtered six million innocent Jews.

      Occupation? What occupation? The Jew liberated Judea and Samaria from Arab occupation in 1967. These sacred Jewish lands are the very cradle of Jewish civilization.

      Finally, he equated the slaughter of 1,250 innocent Jews with the Jewish nation defending itself, claiming the Jewish nation’s self-defense action, from rocket attacks and massacres, is engaging in “dehumanization.”

      Jonathan Glazer, and all the Jews who think and talk like him, are the most horrible Jewish traitors in the world. They are worse than all the enemies of the Jewish people-combined.”

    • Barry Shaw also typed earlier today
      “Did you notice that Biden was not animated in his State of the Nation address when referring to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, China, but only when it came to Republicans and Trump?
      Doesn’t this show his political imbalance?”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “ADL polls show black Americans remain considerably more likely than white Americans to hold anti-Semitic views.

      They are nearly four times as likely as whites to fall into the most anti-Semitic category, which believes in the most anti-semitic tropes about Jews.

      And this after the Jew led the black rights movement.

      No good deed shall go unpunished.”

    • A person typed online earlier today also
      “If the Jew-hating Arabs and their Jew-hating supporters violently protested in any Arab dictatorship the way they do in the United States, they’d be gunned down in the streets, with no mercy.

      When Arabs kill Arabs, the world yawns.

      But when the Jew defends himself, they scream.”
      “The pay-for-slay Arabs who occupy Judea and Samaria are far worse than the Arabs who occupy Jewish Gaza. They celebrated the October 7 Arab slaughter of Jewish families, gang-rape of Jewish women, beheading of Jewish children and kidnapping of Jewish babies to tunnels in Gaza.”

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “It’s great to see all the Jew-hatred in the world.

      What’s worse than the Jew-hater who smiles to your face and then goes home at night and unloads on the Jew behind closed doors?”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “All the language and statements of the anti-Israel Arabs and all their supporters, all over the world, is anti-Semitic because they are absolute lies, from beginning to end. Every word out of their mouths is a total lie, contradicted by historical facts and undermined by archeological digs.”

    • More about the
      “Palestinian people”
      flashpoint.io has an article headlined
      “Beyond Hamas: Militant and Terrorist Groups Involved in the October 7 Attack on Israel”
      Flashpoint Intel Team
      October 18, 2023

    • On the bright side
      Several months ago, earlier in
      2023 , a Catholic writer said online
      “Jews, however mistaken they may be about Jesus Christ, are the best neighbors, in the Biblical sense of that word, that Christians have in this world, in that we share a Commandment-based common moral standard and ethos. That cannot be said of Marxists or of Moslems. They are the opposite of “neighbors” “

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “The Hollywood stars at the Oscars have an opinion on just about everything, but are utterly silent when Arabs massacre Jews, gang-rape Jewish women and kidnap Jewish babies.”
      “Where are so many famous Jews who have opinions on just about every issue but the Jewish nation after October 7?


      • About the above comment of
        March 12, 2024 10:07 am
        It’s really F–Ked Up how in this Anti-Semitic World, the rights of Individual Jews, the Jewish people and Israel doesn’t Amount to a Hill of beans, it amounts to less than Nothing
        Very Disturbing

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “Israeli Muslim Arab, Ali al-Ziadna, whose two family members are in Hamas’ captivity CONFRONTS the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN:

      “… Why did they kidnap my brother? What did they do to deserve to be kidnapped? They have been in the tunnels for 5 months for what? Hamas returned the Thai workers without a deal, and the Muslim who is like me and you, they left in the tunnels hungry, in pain and naked…”.

      TELL THE WORLD! Hamas doesn’t care about Muslims.”

    • A person typed online
      earlier today
      “Check out this short video.

      The Hollywood Ceasefire Now crowd is made up of useful idiots.

      Educate yourself.

      And recognize this for what it is: the entertainment industry’s “activism” is nothing but the histrionic self-righteous tantrums of the ignorant and privileged.

      Calling yourself a peace activist while rocking a pin that symbolizes praise for a lynching. I couldn’t think of a better example of why I hate this cause and hate the left now.

      Someone hands you a pin and you don’t know what it means? Don’t wear it. Someone hands you a sign and you don’t know what a phrase on there means? Don’t hold it and march. People get you to chant slogans in a language you don’t understand? Say no.

      Lemmings. Despicable little lemmings.”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “The anti-Israel and anti-semitic worldwide media calls brutal Arab dictators kings and princes, and democratically elected Jewish MK’s right-wing extremists.”
      “Anti-Israel CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, along with the Jordanian dictator’s wife, Rania, who Christiane calls a “King” and Queen,” has once again blood-libeled the Jewish nation.

      Rania the Jew-hater remains absolutely silent and does not condemn the Arab massacre of Jews, the Arab gang-raping of Jewish women or the Arab kidnapping of Jewish babies.

      Instead, she blood-libels the Jew, blaming the Jewish nation for the “humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” when the sole cause of the crisis is the Arab Hamas genocidal killers, who assaulted the Jewish nation, committed a massacre, and then hides behind civilians when the Jewish nation defends itself.

      Rania the Jew-hater previously said that the Jew deserved the Arab Hamas attack.

      Shame on these savage Arab Jew-haters.”

    • A person typed online
      “So excited to share that my newest book is out!

      Two Jews, three arguments – as the saying goes. But what kinds of topics have Jews disagreed about historically, in the present day, and potentially also in the future? Here we survey forty major controversies in Jewish culture, and present how opposing sides have each laid out their arguments in good faith.

      Disagreements happen between people: Hillel vs. Shammai, Ayn Rand vs. Karl Marx, Tamar Ross vs. Judith Plaskow, Yitz Greenberg vs. Meir Kahane… but also Abraham vs. God, and God vs. the angels! Movements debate each other: Reform versus Orthodoxy, one- two- and zero-state solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, gun rights versus gun control in the United States.

      The book doesn’t shy away from the fundamental questions of existence either. Is life about struggle or about peace? Should we focus on love based on emotions or love based on deeds? What is better: seeking absolute truth, or building compromise? Ultimately, what is the meaning of life?

      Here we present difficult and often heated disagreements with fairness and empathy, helping us consider our own truths in a pluralistic Jewish landscape. The intellectual pursuit here is to move away from absolutist approaches (“this is the only halacha” or “this is the principle value in all cases”) and rather explore dialectical tensions between multiple values and approaches.

      You can order the book straight from the publisher Ben Yehuda Press: https://www.benyehudapress.com/books/forty-arguments-for-the-sake-of-heaven/
      The Book is also on

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Joe Biden’s bullying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over Israel’s plan to enter and engage in military action in Rafah, as part of the war to eradicate Arab ISIS Hamas, rekindles a historic meeting between Biden and a former Israeli prime minister, the late Menachem Begin.

      At the time several American newspapers described the meeting between the two on June 22, 1982, when Begin appeared before the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee and was verbally attacked by Senator Biden from Delaware, who threatened him that , if he did not accept the US position on the First Lebanon War, the US would stop military aid to Israel.

      Begin responded: “Don’t threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history.”

      “Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid,” Begin added, leaving Biden speechless.”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online earlier today
      “This morning, a nice Palestinian terrorist decided his time has come and he might as well go down after killing some Jews with this knife. Thank God he failed. Besides his time coming. The world is now a safer place.

      You won’t hear anything about this on the news so I thought I’d let you know. Two injured.”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      About Gigi & Bella Hadid ,
      “So many questions here:

      1) Why are these ladies legally classified as “Palestinian Refugees” even though they were born on stolen Native American Land?

      2) Why have they posed for overtly lesbian-insinuating photo shoots and yet defend the “right” of Hamas to rule any region of Judea, when they would literally be EXECUTED for this – not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank for that matter?

      3) What is the Shari`i punishment Hamas would carry out for such a photo shoot if the Hadid sisters lived in Gaza?

      4) How can anyone call these young ladies “Indigenous Palestinian People of Color” then call Israelis – from the lightest to darkest – “White Settlers” and not realize how ridiculous they sound?

      5) How is it that Palestinians are able to infiltrate Israel posing as Israeli Jews? Wouldn’t people say “hey they can’t be Israeli Jews! They don’t look like ‘white settlers’ like all of us?”

      6) How is it that Mossad has consistently been able to infiltrate Palestinian and other Arab circles with even Ashkenazi agents who easily pass for Arab ethnicities?

      7) Why do people who have never stepped foot in the region think they have anything meaningful to contribute on the topic of what people demographically look like in the region?”
      A link is given to an article from
      thechronicle.com.au on
      January 31, 2018 headlined
      “Disturbing: Fans slam Gigi and Bella Hadid’s naked British Vogue photo shoot” by
      Morgan M. Evans
      The article by Morgan M. Evans is a Must read

  • A person typed online yesterday
    “Watching the famous “Golem” episode of X-Files (“Kaddish” 1997) with the kids…

    The Neo-Nazis in the episode decry “Zionist Imperialists” – disseminating propaganda identical with “Leftists” on campuses and at protests today.

    Whether you claim Right or Left, a Nazi is a Nazi.”

  • A person typed online in
    February 2024
    “We need Meir Kahane 2.0”

  • Bassem Eid
    typed online yesterday
    “The Iranian regime is waging war not just against Israel, but against the US and the entire free world via its proxies throughout the Middle East and beyond. How many more civilians will be sacrificed by Iran in its pursuit of its jihadist agenda?”

  • A person typed online earlier today

    And today, China’s navy attacked a Philippines Coast Guard ship with water cannon and one ramming effort.


    This was a borderline act of war.

    China sees the writing on the wall. They know they can do what they want while Biden is President and people like Swalwell are in Congress.

    They also know that this may not last after January 2025.

    So, they are grabbing and asserting themselves while the grabbing and asserting are safe.”

  • A person typed online earlier today about a New York City politician proposing a law to warn about the side effects of Ozempic
    “Sleep well knowing that our elected officials have our backs.
    Getting hit in the head with a bottle on the train, shoved on the tracks, assaulted by deranged maniacs, rampant homelessness, migrant issues, soaring rents, rotten schools, crumbling infrastructure, high taxes……..eh.
    Warnings about getting diarrhea or excessive bloating, now that’s important!”

  • outkick.com has an article headlined
    “Fraud AOC Snaps When Libs Ruin Her Movie Date Night Via Anti-Israel Protest”
    by Joe Kinsey
    March 5, 2024

  • Sweden has officially joined
    NATO as the 32nd Member of the alliance

  • A person typed online earlier today saying that
    “The Hadids are Vile Creatures” and gave a link to an
    Instagram Post by Marnie Perlstein on February 25, 2024
    saying that Gigi & Bella Hadid are Not “Refugees” because they were both born in America and have had safe privileged lives , underneath it says
    “Hey world. If you avail yourself of the protection of a new country and if the next generation are born in that new country, your refugee status legally ends! The Palestinian claim of refugee status for people who left the land 75 years ago and all subsequent generations defies the definition of refugee. Bella, Gigi and even Mohammed Hadid are not refugees. Even if they technically were, WHICH THEY ARE NOT, they would never want to return to Gaza so the irony of their incessant claim to the land is hypocritical. Go back there guys – I am sure there would be no problem getting a visa. You would be most welcome. #hadid #hadidfamily #refugee #bella #gigi #rightofreturn
    February 25 “

  • About Jews and Armenians
    newsmax.com has an article headlined
    “Is Armenian Loophole Letting U.S. Adversaries Off Sanctions Hook?
    By Martin Sherman Tuesday, 05 March 2024

  • Barry Shaw typed earlier today
    “To use Western media political speak…
    “America kills 5 Palestinians and injures many more innocent civilians in Gaza.”
    That’s the language they have been using against Israel, but when Gazans are killed and injured by large US aid pallets dropped by malfunctioning parachutes in Gaza today its accepted as an accident.
    Both are the unfortunate consequences of a Palestinian Hamas induced war.
    That is where responsibility lies.
    It’s past time to stop playing false narratives and finger pointing and prosecute Hamas in the International Criminal Court on war and human rights crimes?”
    A person typed in response
    “It is always been that terminology. Palestinians are killed and murdered, but Israelis simply die. It is the Al jazeera BBC mentality. It’s a game and now they feel more empowered because Joe Biden opened up his garbage mouth and mentioned a two-state solution… The middle of a war where one of the states is infested deeply with terrorism and the rest are complicit with it. So the US will not send in troops to find the hostages and help Israel, but they will roll in aid not caring that it’s continuously stolen by Hamas”

  • memri.org has an article headlined
    “Hizbullah-Affiliated Academic Sheikh Sadek Al-Naboulsi: Palestinians Say That They Can Afford To Sacrifice 100,000 Martyrs For Their Cause; Liberation Is Not Possible Without Blood, Suffering, And Destruction”
    #10937 | 01:39
    Source: OTV (Lebanon)
    on March 8, 2024

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article by Fred Maroun headlined
    “It’s not a negotiation, it’s blackmail, and we aren’t doing enough for Israel”
    MARCH 8, 2024

  • There is now Discussion in Israel of
    expanding the draft to Haredim,
    Israeli-Arabs , compulsory
    Military service for Israeli-Arabs and Haredi

    • A person typed online
      “Kefiyyah is from the word k-f-h which predates the existence of the Arabic language in Hebrew as k-p-h – the Hebrew word for head covering. The kefiyyah or sudra was worn by Jews long before any Arab colonization of Judea: the Land of Israel. Even the Wikipedia page for kefiyyah shows a Jewish man from over a century ago wearing one. It is no more “Palestinian” than lighting candles on Erev Shabbat (Sabt) is in Palestinian homes where they lost the pre-colonial Jewish origins of such JUDEAN culture

      Also, you didn’t invent hummus or falafel nor do olives from the West Bank taste any different than any other olives in the Levant.

      You appropriated our prophets, our names, religious laws, culture and attire and even our foods when you colonized the Land of our Ethnogenesis. You have no business – out of all people – talking about appropriation. Your chant of “Free Palestine” was even stolen from us.

      Grow up.”

  • gatestoneinstitue.org has an article headlined
    “How to Get the Hostages Released: The Cure for Biden’s Disastrous Qatar Policy”
    by Robert Williams
    March 7, 2024
    Blinken and a Repulsive Sinister looking Qatari Arab are shown in a picture in this article

  • Bassem Eid
    typed online earlier today
    “The administration at The Ohio State University has shut down an antisemitic BDS referendum on campus because BDS violates state law.
    Perhaps next they should shut down SJP for supporting terrorism and advocating for the antisemitic BDS movement.
    #BDSisBS “

  • A person typed online earlier today about Qatar
    “This country has too many tentacles in both the USA and the UK.” Qatar is spreading it’s evil
    Spider web of Terrorism Worldwide , just like Iran has for decades

  • Laureen Lipsky typed online earlier today
    “It’s always the ugly bitches who are anti-Israel

    Code Pink libtards harass Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL 21st District)”

  • A person typed online earlier today “Am Yisrael Chai 🇮🇱❤️

    The Nation Of Israel Lives
    Click to see the original lyrics (Hebrew)
    The sun will shine soon
    we’ll know better days that these
    the heart fights with worry
    everyone will return home
    we’ll wait for them below
    hopefully we’ll know good news

    Because the eternal people never fear
    even when it’s hard to see
    we’re all together, no one here is alone
    when the wars burns

    The nation of Israel lives
    if we’ll not forget always to be united
    the nation of Israel lives
    during ascents and during declines, even during the hardest hours

    G-d, the blessed one, he watches over us
    so who can triumph over us
    because we have no other land
    will make peace amongst ourselves
    watch over our children
    because we haven’t lose our faith

    Ho my land is our heritage
    our spirits will not fall now
    around us, an iron of swords1
    and the dove will spread her wings
    the hope of two thousand years
    we’ll go out in the streets to sing again

    Because the eternal people never fear
    even when it’s hard to see
    we’re all together, no one here is alone
    we’ll go out in the streets to sing”

  • david-collier.com has an article headlined
    “A point or ten about the Palestinian flag” on
    Aug 23, 2023 by David Collier

  • A person typed online earlier today

    Why does that mean? Recognizing a replacement for Israel because that is what the Palestinian’s Government has openly declared it intends. Recognizing a state that supports terrorism in Israel and internationally?\

    It is time that this game ends. The “Game” is Governments that think they can publicly threaten Israel and condemn it, and privately say the opposite, and then months later act as if nothing happened, with Israel never doing anything about it.

    Well, Israel should do something about it. Consider the following:

    1. Recall all diplomatic staff and close diplomatic missions in Spain and expel Spanish staff in Israel.
    2. Place high and prohibitive tariffs against Spanish goods.
    3. Recognize the Independence of the State of Catalonia.
    4. Ban use of any Israel technology by Spain. (As per the US-Israel agreement)
    5. Ban, permanently any visits to Israel or use of Israel facilities, by Spanish politicians.”

  • worldisraelnews.com on
    March 10, 2024 has an article headlined
    “Palestinian ‘hate-crime’ hoax”
    By Moshe Phillips
    A Must Read

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “The overwhelming majority of Arab students studying in the United States, and all over the world, were raised in anti-semitic Arab nations, and are filled with Jew-hatred.

    They have now spread their genocidal Jew-hating filth all over the world.

    Generalizing? Nope.

    Pew polls show 98 percent of Arabs have an unfavorable view of Jews, while ADL poll show 76 percent are hard-core Jew-haters. The Middle East Arabs, according to the ADL, have the highest rates of Jew-hatred anyplace in the entire world. ”
    & also
    “The overwhelming majority of Arabs hate Jews and want them dead.

    Indeed, ADL polls show over 76 percent of Arabs hate Jews, while Pew polls show 98 percent have an “unfavorable” view of Jews.”
    We Never liked the Arabs either

    • Nobody should like the Arabs
      A person also typed online this month
      “ADL polls show tens of millions of Americans hate Jews, but precious few will admit to being anti-semites.”
      “In ever Middle East war, the genocidal Arab attacks the Jewish nation, and then, when the Jew fights back, the world insists she fight with two hands tied behind her back.”
      “The same Arabs and all their supporters who constantly scream “cease fire” and “free Palestine” never once say “bring them home NOW” because Jewish lives don’t matter to them.

      They hate the Jewish nation and the Jew.

      Their hate, and the hate of the genocidal Hamas Arabs guarding Jews in tunnel will not change the fact that every Jew held underground is praying, every minute, for the IDF to rescue them.

      Because they know that no one else in the world will come to their rescue.

      No nation will ever risk the life of a single soldier to rescue a Jew.

      Just like no one came to the rescue of the Jew at Auschwitz or Entebbe.

      The Jew is on his own.

      Thank goodness for the brilliant Jewish nation.”

    • We will Never like the Arabs
      We Never Forgive or Forget

  • The person also typed
    “Polls show that Jew-hatred in American youth is far higher than in their parents, proof that virus of Jew-hatred passes from generation to generation, and that any effort to explain its root cause is impossible.”

  • Fred Maroun typed online earlier today
    “On the first day of Ramadan, Al-Aqsa “worshippers” are already starting the violence. Gee, what a surprise.”

  • More about the
    “Palestinian people”
    Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “3 Palestinians arrested in Rome suspected of plotting a terror attack against Jewish targets in Italy.”

  • Barry Shaw also typed online earlier today
    “Florida police have arrested a Jordanian for threatening local Jews with a knife.
    I am certain that DEI activists will protest for his release by accusing the police of racism, Islamophobia, and injustice by preventing him from expressing his victimhood rights against white Jewish oppressors.”
    Never Forget that Most
    People Living in Jordan are

  • Another person typed online earlier today
    “The new Hitler Youth waves the Fakestine flag, wears Keffiyehs and hates the Jewish people with genocidal rage.”

  • On Fox News right now on
    “The Five” show
    They jokingly call
    Joe Biden “Old Yeller”

    • timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
      “Michael Rapaport skewers Hollywood in ‘Eretz Nehederet’ skit
      In mock Oscars ceremony”
      1 Mar 2024,

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