Lebanon to complain to UN about Israel

Lebanon on Friday said it would lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council over Israel’s alleged breach of its air space in an air strike on a Syrian military site on Thursday morning, reports the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

The Presidency said in a statement that the Supreme Defense Council had charged Foreign Minister Jibran Bassil to protest with the Security Council over Israel’s latest violation of the Lebanese air space.

Lebanon says Israeli warplanes reportedly crossed the Lebanese air space to raid a military post near Hama.

The Presidency statement indicated that the council, during the session headed by President Michael Aoun, instructed the army to deploy infantrymen along the eastern borders.

The air strike attributed to Israel reportedly targeted a Syrian military-scientific center in which chemical weapons and barrel bombs that have killed thousands of Syrian civilians are produced.

The Syrian army on Thursday threatened there would be “dangerous consequences” following the air strike.

“This belligerence is a brazen attempt to raise the morale of the terror organization ISIS, which finds itself in a state of collapse after crushing victories by the Syrian army against the terror on more than one front,” the army said.

“The aggressive Israeli attack could have dangerous consequences on stability and security in the region,” it added.

In addition, the Syrian Foreign Ministry demanded that the UN Security Council condemn Israel’s “repeated aggressions on the country” and “take an immediate and decisive measure to halt them in accordance with its resolutions related to combating terrorism”.


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  • It’s overwhelmingly likely that the united nations will rule against Israel. Thankfully God has created the rules of economics which prove that the various forms of gentile supremacy and separatism do not inspire obedience to the law or the social order. Only victory for the Jews of Israel over their many opponents who support their oppression, arranged for by the billionaires and the organizations like the united nations will establish legitimacy and progress. Jewish inequality will be accepted inevitably anyway, proof of the Jews as Gods chosen people will also be offered to legitimize the dominance of merit and goodness for all, additionally justifying the fight against corruption, blessing the people of the world. In God I trust. Can’t you see you should to?

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