Liberal Hypocrite “Equal Pay Day Champion” Liz Warren Pays Women Less Than Men… Much Less

The motto with liberals is “do what I say; not what I do.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been a large advocate for breaking down barriers for women.

Bustle provided some examples of how she “fought for women’s rights in 2015”:

  1. Being the keynote speaker at the “Know Your Values” event
  2. When she introduced the “Schedules that Work” Act
  3. Supported Planned Parenthood
  4. Proposed an abortion bill
  5. When she tried to help pass the Equal Rights Amendment

After Sen. Warren was “silenced” on the Senate floor, she became the gender inequality poster child and inspired women to permanently cement her on their skin with “nevertheless she persisted” tattoos. In 2016, she blasted the need for Equal Pay Day and told the Senate:

“In the year 2016, at a time with self-driving cars and computers that sit on your wrist, women still make only 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. And we’re still standing here in the United States Congress debating whether a woman should get fired for asking what the guy down the hall makes for doing exactly the same job.”

While people debate how to effectively measure “equal work,” most people agree that someone making 79 cents, instead of a dollar, because of their gender isn’t acceptable.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Warren’s female staffers earned only 71 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. During her 2016 Senate speech, she said:

“Today is Equal Pay Day, and by the sound of it, you would think it’s some sort of historic holiday commemorating the anniversary of a landmark day that our country guaranteed equal pay for women. But that’s not what this is about. Not even close.”

No, America doesn’t have the benefit of celebrating the day women’s paychecks matched men’s. However, Warren’s own office seems to be contributing to the problem.

In addition to earning 29% less than men, The Free Beacon noted that in 2016, five of Warren’s male staffers earned more than her highest paid female staffer:

  • Director of oversight and investigations ($156,000)
  • Legislative director ($149,458)
  • Deputy chief of staff ($119,375)
  • Massachusetts state director ($152,310)
  • Deputy state director ($113,750)

The Washington Times noted that documents leaked by WikiLeaks showed that the Clinton Foundation also had a huge pay gap between men and women.

If the past is indicative of the future, this year we’ll surely see even more advanced technology than “self-driving cars and computers that sit on your wrist.” However, maybe change is in the air and champions of equal pay will begin putting their money where their mouth is.

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