Liberals Celebrate Shooting at Country Music Festival, Because It’s White People

How many times have we been told how “tolerant” leftists “hate” hate and call anyone who disagrees with them racists? This says it all.

Democrats are celebrating today, basically dancing in the streets because of the shooting at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas last night. Why? Mostly because the vast majority in attendance and those shot were white people. Seriously. This your progressive liberal Democrat party in the twenty first century.

…A teacher used the Twitter alias @TheResistANNce before deleting the account, posted this:

It’s just hard to have any faith in humanity anymore. Regardless of one’s party or ideology, the fact people celebrate something like this makes me sick to my stomach. Utterly disgraceful what he future of this country is going to look like. A bunch of self hating progressive liberals who simply celebrate when their “rival” dies instead of having at least some respect.

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