Muslim Man Attacks 79-Year-Old Woman Visiting Her Sister’s Grave And Rapes Her In The Cemetery

cemeteryAnother Muslim predator attacked an old lady visiting her sister’s grave and raped her right there in the cemetery. This man, a 40-year-old “refugee” from Eritrea, was caught fleeing after people heard the old woman screaming for help:

A new rape scandal is brewing in Germany after 40-year-old man from Eritrea with official refugee status was arrested as he was sexually assaulting an elderly woman at a cemetery in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The disturbing attack took place in the western German town of Iddenbueren on Sunday.

A local resident alerted the police after he heard a cry for help coming from the cemetery.

The victim, a 79-year-old boarder of a nursing home, was provided first aid before being transferred to a medical facility for treatment. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

The pensioner is known to visit the cemetery fairly regularly to mourn her long-dead sister, Bild reported.

Before being arrested, the suspect was staying at a refugee shelter in the nearby town of Horstel. The assailant did not resist the police as they arrived at the scene early on Sunday morning. He faces up to 15 years behind bars if found guilty.(source)

European society has reached a point where it as dangerous as, and possibly more dangerous than many places in the Middle East. These Muslims, who were invited in by the traitor Merkel and her supporters in politics, finance, government, and business are all complicit in the rape of this old woman.

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