Muslim terrorists cheer Trump’s missile strike on Syria

ISISTrump is acting as the Islamic State’s air force. And the Islamic State is delighted.

No one likes to mention that the Syrian “rebels” are connected to Al Qaeda and are just as evil as Assad. Trump, looking for a move to raise his falling approval rating, is now going to be the Obama 2.0 protector of the Muslims. The problem isn’t Assad or Syria. The problem is Islam!

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. John McCain cheered the Trump administration’s decision Thursday to strike the Assad regime, as did Syrian rebel groups which seek to impose Sharia law.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted a “key figure” in the Army of Islam, or Jaysh al-Islamas saying, “Hitting one airbase is not enough, there are 26 airbases that target civilians.” The AFP article just identified Jaysh al-Islam as a rebel group and didn’t point out that the organization seeks to replace the Assad regime with a government ruled by Sharia law.

MSNBC also reported that the rebels Ahrar al-Sham “welcome US intervention through surgical strikes that would deter regime capabilities to kill civilians.” The U.S. considers Ahrar al-Sham one of the most effective rebel groups in Syria, according to a report from Stanford University. The group also worked with ISIS until 2014, is sympathetic with Al-Qaeda, and seeks to create an Islamic state in Syria.

A video from 2015 purportedly shows members of al-Sham flogging men for keeping their shops open during prayer hours.

Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard responded to Trump’s strike on Syria by saying that the action will help Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Republican Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie said that the attack on the Assad regime will “make the situation better for ISIS.”

Key Republicans in the senate, such as Sen. McCain and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have so far backed regime change.

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  • I think Communist Drumps’s KGBer friend Putin was behind the gassing and Trump knows it.
    Putin gassed the people blame it on Assad to get Assad removed from power so that a more evil leader can replace him and this has been going on in other nations , remove one and replace with a more evil leader.
    I think Putin him self wants to have power over Syria and is now calling on Trump to help him achieve it, remember Putin is taking control of one place after another.
    Before Trump had the missiles fire he gave Putin a heads up so that he could get his army out of harms way .. I think first Putin and his army removed WMD there is no way Putin would leave WMD at the base where missiles were going to be fired on .. I believe these WMD are Russia’s the same ones that were removed from Iraq when UN Inspectors were detrained .
    Two of those Inspectors witness WMD being transported out of Iraq and going toward Syria.
    Neither Putin or Trump are against ISIS they are the elite of Saddam’s army that Russia flew out of Iraq two weeks prior to US Troops going in… Russian Soldiers were in Iraq training Saddam’s soldiers .
    These elite of Saddam’s army have changed their name at least three times they called them selves ISIS and I think for a reason that is as they move up in power they change their name .
    Obama did not pull our Troops out of Iraq for them but for him because Obama knew though tons of Yellow Cake and some WMD were found others were still there.
    Obama moved our Troops out so Saddam’s elite army could return and take up where they left off .
    Oh I know to throw people of America off Putin is acting like his and trump’s love affair is over .. Putin did favors for trump to get him elected to power and now its trumps turn to do favors for Putin and anything he says do.
    I recall trump boasting of giving bribes and those he gave money when he calls they come and do what ever he says so if you don’t believe it works the same with foreign leaders you’re asleep .
    Trump owes them favors and for more than one reason but to name one MONEY they own trump because trump hasn’t been able to borrow money from US Banks for some time.

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