Netanyahu Takes Off for Trump Meeting: “We See Eye to Eye on Mideast” and “Two-State Solution” Deal With Terrorists

Netanyahu informed Security Cabinet that he told Trump last month that he supports PLO terrorist state, even though nothing can keep it demilitarized.

The ONLY thing that will save Israel is to throw them out of Israel – not make a deal with terrorists. Natanyahu says he believes exaclty what Trump believes.

There is no such thing as “Palestine” or a “Palestinian”. It is a lie and a propaganda war intended to destroy Israel the Jewish people. Click here for more information.

Reports abound that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to tell US President Donald Trump that he “views with favor” the establishment of a “demilitarized Palestinian state” alongside Israel. So he reportedly told his Security Cabinet yesterday.

This, despite expert opinions that once it is established, nothing can keep a new Palestinian state from ignoring the requirement that it be demilitarized.

Netanyahu is scheduled to depart for Washington Monday afternoon to meet with Trump for the first time since the president took office, as well as with other American leaders.

Netanyahu reportedly informed the Cabinet that he already told Trump three weeks ago, just two days after Trump’s inauguration, that he supports the two-state solution. He added that the Palestinian Authority under Abbas refuses to accept the notion. Trump reportedly replied that he could bring about a “deal.”

Though several ministers protested that the Prime Minister should change his stance, he reportedly said that he is already locked into this position.

Middle East analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner notes that Netanyahu has thus apparently succeeded in undermining the credibility of all of Donald Trump’s pro-Israel Jewish advisors. These advisors informed their boss of their understanding that Netanyahu’s support for two sovereign states west of the Jordan River was only to placate ex-President Obama. Netanyahu’s revelation that he continues to support the two-state approach indicates to Trump that he cannot count on his pro-Israel advisors.

Lerner also notes that a two-state solution is predicated upon the existence of ironclad security arrangements and guarantees that the Palestinian state would not be able to threaten Israel militarily. However, in fact, top Israeli International law experts, including former senior diplomats, told Lerner that this is simply not true.

A sovereign Palestinian state would actually continue to exist as such even if it openly declared that it was cancelling whatever security arrangements it agreed to in order to come into existence, they said.

For this reason, he continues, Israel can agree only to high-level autonomy for the Palestinian Authority, together with full Israeli citizenship for every resident, Arab and Jew, living within annexed areas. Full statehood for the Palestinian Authority, no matter what the conditions, would be a concrete and tangible danger to Israel.

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