Obama: Americans Will Defeat Jihadis With “Diversity, Tolerance”

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No really… it will work with these guys.

President Barack Obama says 300 million Americans must accept a fractured and diverse America if they want to defeat Muslim terrorists.

“If extremists are peddling the notion that Western countries are hostile to Muslims, then we need to show that we welcome people of all faiths,” he said Wednesday, while quoting a letter he said he received from an 11-year-old Muslim girl living in the U.S.

The Muslim girl “is our hope … [and] our future,” he said, without mentioning the roughly 4 million Americans who are born each year.

“We discredit violent ideologies, by making sure her voice is lifted up; making sure she’s nurtured; making sure that she’s supported … [by] us staying true to our values as a diverse and tolerant society even when we’re threatened, especially when we’re threatened,” he said.

Lucianne’s Comments:

Ah yes, that will defeat those murderous, barbaric savages. s/o The Muslim girl is the hope for our future? You have to wonder if that letter he mentioned from the Muslim girl was fiction like everything else he says. Every day this sick jerk insults every single American. He should just move out of this country and become a dictator for some third world hell hole because that´s all he´s qualified to do.



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