Our Islamic Government and Israel

muslim_prayer_whitehouseOur country is on the brink of Islamization as it is pushed on us by the Obama Administration and the enablers who support it. Left wing activists in our high schools and universities are working hard to undermine the foundations of individual liberty, responsibility and Christian ethics upon which this country is based.  How can the United States trust a President who stood before the United Nations and said that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam?” Slander of the prophet will not be tolerated? And what of the followers of that prophet who kill innocent people in a deli in Paris, bury five year old boys alive and immolate those accused of apostasy in public displays of barbarism! When will you demand that such monstrous acts as these must not be tolerated, Mr. President?

They are the fortunes of Islam that Obama foresees, not the fortunes of Christians in the Middle East or Europe. How long will it be until the wholesale murder of Christians begins in the United States?

Of course, the Regime could blame it all on Bush. But then, Iraq had a democratic government at the time, American forces in Afghanistan maintained stability and it was far more dangerous to be a member of al Qaeda than it is today. The US even had supporters in the Middle East; Egypt for one.

Today, the Islamic State controls most of Syria and Iraq. Iran is putting the finishing touches on a nuclear bomb. Christians are dying by the thousands in the Middle East and the cowardice of this administration has turned the area into an Islamic, Jew-hating caliphate as it supports the proliferation of terrorist supporters.

And what of Israel?

Obama has turned the “Israel problem” over to the United Nations and Europe, both of which are Anti-Semitic. Obama refuses to say if he would veto either a resolution to set a deadline for the creation of the Palestinian state or a UN demand that Israel return to June, 1967 borders. The Palestinian Authority and HAMAS are well funded because this administration continues the flow of taxpayer dollars with no demand of accountability. It was the same 75 years ago, when Anti-Semitism was at its peak and no one cared.

Obama has already made it clear that Israel cannot count on the support of the United States if Benjamin Netanyahu is reelected. And the Obama Regime is openly working in Israel to secure Netanyahu’s defeat; a fact which has been revealed and discussed by the Israeli media and which is backfiring badly.

Netanyahu will soon speak before the American Congress, responding to an invitation from congressional leaders which the Congressional Black Caucus is trying to define somehow as racist. But then the immediate play of the race card has become the standard response whenever the BC believes it has been slighted. Time was a claim of racism could be counted on to intimidate congressional republicans, but not so much any more.  The Caucus will now join the White House as it whines that Obama was not consulted about the Netanyahu invitation.  But it is now known that Obama was apprised of the invitation and did not respond.

As for the media

The New York Times has pandered to the administration, agreeing with the White House appraisal of terrorism as “random acts of violence”   and permitting the Regime to declare the murder of 13 individuals at Ft. Hood an example of “workplace violence” even as a Muslim major screaming “Allahu Akbar” was finally stopped by MPs. A UC Irvine history professor calls for the dismantling of Israel and “if you don’t agree, you are complicit in the crimes Israel perpetuates.”

We are witnessing a deliberate, general destruction of the Jewish State by this administration, accompanied by the pouty, juvenile social media rants of people who think they are our betters. It is the propagandizing of our youth by media outlets which are more than willing to do the administrations dirty work.


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