Professor Says Arab Muslims Ramming Truck Into Israeli Soldiers to Kill Them Is Not Terrorism

Erakat claims any civilian who “is a direct participant in hostilities” can be killed unless, of course, they are Hamas or other Muslim terrorists who use civilians as human shields.
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Following the recent truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem which killed four young IDF soldiers, an American professor went on social media to warn journalists not to call “all acts of Arab violence terrorism,” because it’s war, not terrorism, when the target is Israeli soldiers.

The Algemeiner reports that Noura Erakat, assistant professor of international studies at George Mason University in Virginia and a Palestinian rights lawyer, tweeted that it was “irresponsible to elide distinction bw civilians & soldiers” and that “Journos, pundits show true colors when they [do this]. Don’t get it twisted. #Jerusalem.”

Erakat — the founder of the online magazine Jadaliyya, which focuses on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — also criticized a Wall Street Journal headline that read: “Truck plows into pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing four.”

The Algemeiner reported that Eugene Kontorovich, professor of constitutional and international law at Northwestern University, conceded that Erakat’s distinction between killing civilians and soldiers is a “valid” one, but he wondered if she held herself to the same standard and labeled Palestinians terrorists when they targeted civilians with vehicles.

When Erakat finally responded to The Algemeiner‘s request for comment, she declined to answer whether she condemned the perpetrators of car-ramming, stabbing, shooting and bombing attacks that have killed Israeli civilians. Instead, she merely clarified that “armed combatants…cannot kill a civilian unless the civilian is a direct participant in hostilities.”

She then deflected the responsibility of Palestinians by blaming Israel and the United States for being “the most egregious violators” of the principle of attacking civilians.

Arab Muslim mows down Jewish civilians with his truck.

Asked if those killed on Sunday were legitimate targets of “combatants,” Erakat said that “an active combat soldier, even if not in the field, can be killed.”

The Algemeiner had previously reported that the widow of the terrorist who committed the truck-ramming attack will receive a lifetime monthly stipend as a reward for her husband’s “martyrdom for Allah.” And then there was the fact that Palestinians took to the streets and social media after the attack to celebrate the occasion.

In addition, a prominent anti-Israel activist praised the attack as a “F*** you” to “settlers.” Nerdeen Kiswani, president of the New York City chapter of the nationwide campus supporters of terrorism, Students for Justice in Palestine, posted on Facebook that the killings “remind settlers that there will never be peace on stolen land.” [It actually is stolen… from the Jews.]

But hey, it’s not terrorism because the victims were in uniform, even though they were participating not in hostilities but in an educational tour at the time of the attack.

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