Even Left-wing SNL Mocks Obama’s Amnesty Bill for Ignoring Midterms, Constitution

Saturday Night Live mocked President Obama’s brazen executive immigration order in a parody of Schoolhouse Rock’s “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”

The opening skit featured SNL cast member Kenan Thompson playing an immigration bill that is repeatedly pushed down the capitol steps by President Obama after educating a young man on the constitutional process of turning a bill into law.

When the young man asked Obama why he abandoned the bill, Obama said “there’s actually an even easier way to get things done around here, it’s called an executive order.”

Cast member Bobby Moynihan appeared dressed as an executive order smoking a cigarette.

“I’m an executive order and I pretty much just happen,” Moynihan said.

“Wait a second, don’t you have to go through congress first at some point?” the young man asked.

“Awe, that’s adorable, you still think that’s how government works,” Moynihan replied.

When the bill pointed out the midterm elections results, saying “people clearly don’t want this,” Obama pushed him down the stairs again.

When Moynihan explains that executive orders are used all the time to create national parks or declare national holidays, Obama adds “or grant legal status to five million undocumented immigrants.”


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