Sudanese Muslim Claims Macaque Monkeys Descended from Jews

A Sudanese Muslim journalist who blogs for a popular leftist Arabic website claims that macaque monkeys are directly descended from Jews, a phenomenon which the Koran claims occurred after Allah punished the Hebrew people.

Mus’ab Al-Mosharraf, who blogs for the left-wing Arabic Elaph website, claims that “it is indisputable that there are monkeys of Jewish origin; none deny this but those who do not believe in the Koran…,” and points out the similarities in behavior between macaques and Jews.

“It should be noted that the Jews were subjected to isolation and degradation throughout all of Europe, and particularly by the Nazis in Germany under Adolf Hitler’s leadership. Today, macaques have received some attention and interest, because people fear that they could become extinct,” Mosharraf says.

Mosharraf goes on to site a famous passage in the Koran stating that Jewish people are “the offspring of apes and pigs,” an oft used Islamic trope designed to denigrate Jewish people.

The term “offspring of apes and pigs” originates in the Koran in Verse 65 of Surat Al-Baqara, in Verse 60 of Surat Al-Maida, and in Verses 163-169 of Surat Al-A’raf. The parables describe Allah punishing the “Sabbath peoples” for violating his instruction.

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