Ted Cruz celebrates Tax Day by reiterating his goal of eliminating the IRS

ted-cruz-quote-irsTax Day represents the filing deadline for IRS tax returns covering the preceding year. Cruz railed against the IRS during a campaign stop in Maryland on Monday.

“Today is Tax Day,” Cruz said to loud boos. “Whole lot of people here spent a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of hours, filling out meaningless paperwork. Well let me tell you, in a couple of years everyone of us is going to fill out our tax return on a postcard. And when we do that, we should abolish the IRS.”

Cruz also tweeted out an ad featuring a video of a monkey appearing to do its taxes.

“On Tax Day, remember one thing. We don’t have to live like this,” reads font onscreen in the ad as a monkey bangs away on a calculator. “Ted Cruz will abolish the IRS.”

The Texas senator’s trip to Maryland is sandwiched in between a day of campaign events in New York. Trump is expected to perform well in his home state, but Cruz has singled out Maryland as east coast state where he expects to be competitive.

The Maryland Republican primary will occur on April 26.


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  • Here is the tax foundations analysis of Cruz’s tax views. http://taxfoundation.org/article/details-and-analysis-senator-ted-cruz-s-tax-plan

    He does want to keep the child tax credit and increase the earned income credit by 20%. A flat 10% indivudal tax. and also a VAT tax on businesses I guess like they have in Europe and in Israel. There has to be some taxes but to enforce this you need some organization. And worse the earned income credit and even the child tax credit are abused by people who make false claims on this. Past experience would suggest just on these two items enforcement is needed. And he does want to keep mortgage interest and charitable contributions. So all that means as while it would be good to flatten tax rates and reduce regulation which Cruz seems to want to do which is good, however, I don’t see how Cruz can honestly claim he can abolish the IRS with what he still feels needs to be in the tax code some of which has been abused in the past like the EIC and also the child tax credit. The EIC is especially disturbing I that it gives a credit for those with low earned wages (especially women with children) that gives them no incentive to marry. Rubio (who himself had 4 kids 2 of each gender) was more interested in increasing the child tax credit while Cruz sadly it is the Earned Income credit which is troubling to say the least.

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