The Pittsburgh Steelers won’t even BE ON THE FIELD for the National Anthem

Why is anyone still watching these anti-American pieces of sub-human garbage throw a ball around a field and supporting them?

Protest fever is spreading! Thanks to el Trumpo, now the protest is morphing into some weird anti-Trump, [racist and anti-American BLM] pro-woke demonstration.

And the Pittsburgh Steelers are upping the ante.

BUT people are interpreting this as a YUGE protest, yet Tomlin says he’s doing that to STAY OUT OF THE CONTROVERSY. I like what he says – he doesn’t want to force his players to choose one way or the other. UNfortunately, it’ll be interpreted as they taking a huge stand against Trump.

What a total complete crapfest this is becoming. Is this what Trump promised during the campaign? Is this what “winning” looks like?

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