• America used to be one third union membership in the good old days. Now it’s ten percent. The big corporations hoard wealth and are nice enough to hire when they get tax breaks which started under Reagan. Voo doo economics when Reagans rival Bush ran against him in the primary. This country is screwed from both parties. Nothing will change until the people put their foot down like the French do when their pensions and livelihoods are at stake. And don’t forget how Reagan screwed the farmers and industry started to leave like the steel mills. I’m fairness factory jobs left America starting in the 60s.

    • America is sadly screwed from both parties, I agree,
      The Libertarian Party says
      “All your Freedoms, All The Time”
      Ever see the 2006 Political Satire
      “Man of the Year” with Robin Williams , his character and the movie made many good points about American Politics,
      The “Freedom” in America is a Joke,

    • Years ago an Extremely Controversial Christian used the New Testament Bible Verse
      2 Corinthians 5:11 to “prove” that
      “God is a Terrorist” in his words , how would we respond to his claim , he was a King James Only
      Christian, believing only in the
      1611 King James Bible aka The
      Authorized Version

    • Years ago , around 2003 a
      Self-hating Jewish person on the Internet who didn’t like being Jewish asked which is worse and more unjust, unfair and messed up
      If a person was predestined by God to be born Jewish, that it is their destiny & fate to be born Jewish, Racial and Ethnically Jewish, Or if it just random chance that the person was born Jewish , “rotten luck” was the words the person used to describe the random chance theory
      How would we Respond ?

      • Again how would we respond to the Internet question from around 2003 from the self-hating Jewish person who didn’t like being Jewish and looking Jewish

        • The person in 2003 also said that if you could conduct a survey of people in America and Worldwide and ask “Of all the Races and Ethnicities in the World, which is the worst to be born into?” The person said most people would answer that Jewish is the worst ethnic/racial Group to be born into, because of All the Anti-Semitism &

    • examiner-enterprise.com has an article headlined
      “MICHELLE MALKIN: Muslim hate crime hoaxes” by Michelle Malkin on September 14, 2017
      About how Arab and Muslim Americans and Organizations often Lie and Distort the Truth and create Hoaxes to Falsely Portray themselves as Victims of “Hate Crimes” and

      • From unz.com an article is headlined:
        “Backlash” B.S.: the Myth of the Muslim Hate Crime Epidemic, Again” by
        Michelle Malkin December 21, 2015

      • townhall.com has an article headlined:
        “The ‘Islamophobia’ Myth” by
        Jeff Jacoby on
        Dec 08, 2010

    • bostonherald.com by
      Jonah Goldberg headlined
      “Goldberg: Media stumbles on fake hate crimes”

      PUBLISHED: December 27, 2016

    • queensjewishlink.com has an article headlined
      “Should We Mourn The Death Of An Antisemitic Journalist?”
      BY MOSHE PHILLIPS MAY 18 2022 this article is about
      Shireen Abu Akleh, of course we should shed no tears for her
      She was Evil and Ugly AF

    • Chaim, timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
      “Video of Arabic-speaking IDF soldiers laughing and cursing Israel goes viral”
      By TOI STAFF
      20 June 2023

  • The American people have been dumbed down.

    • The late comedian George Carlin had much to say about
      American Politics, he was right about many things

    • Sadly many Americans are so dumbed down that they actually think America is a
      “Free Country”
      Such “Freedom” that America has, Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies

      • America is Making Countless Problems Worse with it’s unjust, inhumane, cruel, asinine “Laws”
        Can you blame many American Citizens for Hating America with a Passion
        And for Never being Patriotic

  • Always serve on jury duty. The smart people know how to get off leaving us with the dumb and nowadays liberal nut jobs in the cities.

  • You guys know I was the messiah this whole time and Chaim is a lizard thing Rav Kahane wanted nothing to do with, right?

  • israelhayom.com has an article headlined
    “Ignoring violence against Israelis” by David M. Weinberg on
    February 5, 2022 this article tells the Truth about
    “Settler Violence”

  • Are all black professionals affirmative action cases? I’ve known some Jewish professionals who were either lazy or incompetent. Can’t always generalize.

  • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
    “Dear Israelis, what happened to Never Again? Never Forget?”
    by Diane Bederman
    June 6, 2023

  • Hey Chaim, I witnessed in Manhattan three times in a two hour period on Saturday night a beautiful white slim girl walking arm and arm with one of your ghetto friends.

    • It’s ok if it was Sidney Poitier or Quincy Jones type but if it was a ghetto spearchucker she deserves the rape she’s asking for.

    • And how many decent Jewish men can’t even find a date with a Jewish girl? Marriage forget about. These American Jewish parents who pay huge money to send their daughters to fancy colleges are preventing the next generation from marrying. Chaim is right
      No future for Jews in America or white men.

  • Today is Juneteenth

  • No mention of the Daniel Penny case?

  • In June 2023 a person typed on
    “My letter to Dean of CUNY Law School:

    Happy Juneteenth

    Antisemitism is “the longest, deepest, widest, most universal form of ethnic hate and prejudice ever to exist in all of human history”. In short, Jew hatred is the longest hatred. I would modify that to it being the longest, most persistent evil because for nearly two millennia, Jew hatred, expressed in any form, has always resulted in the evil of the mass extermination of Jews. In the inquisition, in the crusades, in massacres in the Ukraine in the 1600’s, in the pogroms of Russia and the Ukraine, in the Holocaust, and more recently in Pittsburgh, the fate of the Jew from the evil of Jew hatred was always the same, extermination. Is it any wonder that the number of Jews is the world totals only about 15 million (nearly back to pre-war, pre-holocaust levels), less that 0.2% of the world’s population, when there should be about 500 million, by some estimates. The world has been very effective at killing Jews.

    Jew hatred expressed in a speech, or in the press, or in social media is not benign. It results in the evil of violence and murder against Jews. History has proven that over and over. Fatima Mohammed’s speech was not limited to an expression of hate, but it called for violence against Jews; it called for the elimination of jews. That is what you applauded, and, by doing so, supported the idea of killing Jews, of genocide. You supported the idea of another holocaust, of machine-gunning thousands of people a day into mass graves (33,000 in two days a Babi Yahr), of killing 1.2 million children – Emmett Till x 1.2 million, of gassing millions of people in death camps and then sending their bodies up in smoke and ash in crematoria. That is what your applause meant; that is what it supported. You should have dragged her off the stage instead of applauding. You are advocating and teaching your students to pervert the law for the sake of your definition of social justice. The Nazis did that. From Fatima’s words you appear to be doing a good job. You are modeling a hatred that has no problem with the genocide of Jews. Hypocritical is your insistence on teaching anti-racism. Perhaps a trip to the Holocaust Museum or Yad V’shem in Israel would make you rethink your applause. It would a be sobering experience.”

  • The letter to CUNY continues
    “It must be nice to have the kind of black privilege that insulates you from any actions against you. You should be fired for promoting Jew Hatred. You should have been fired weeks ago. I think that you would agree that if a white dean applauded a call for hatred and violence against black people or Muslims, you would be the first to express outrage and advocate for the Dean’s firing. The DEI office would be all over it, and the chancellor and Board would fire the Dean in a nanosecond. Today’s environment of double standards explains why you are still Dean. Nice to be a protected species. “

  • To celebrate Juneteenth a mob of inner city youth violently looted a McDonald’s in Los Angeles. Not sure who is worse. The corporation who serves poison or the looters who damage it.

  • Some have called McDonald’s food unhappy meals or
    crappy meals 😆

  • from
    townhall.com another article is headlined
    “Never Forget: CAIR’s Dirty Deeds” by
    Michelle Malkin
    March 20, 2019
    We Must Never Forget
    Never Forget

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