Trump Told Michael Savage in 2015 Interview He’d Met Soviet Russian Dictator Putin

“Have you ever met Vladimir Putin?” Savage asks.

“Yes,” Trump answers.

“You have?” Savage says again.

“Yes, one time, a long time ago,” Trump responded. “We got along great, by the way.”

Trump during the campaign denied he met Putin and, repeatedly stated he had no relationship with him. The president-elect’s camp has also flatly rebuffed claims the Russian government provided Trump with information on Hillary Clinton, his opponent during the election, despite allegations claiming the opposite.

The discovery of the radio interview comes a few days after the Senate Intelligence Committee said it will be conducting a full-scale investigation into the Russian hacking of the election and the same day Putin accused the Obama administration of “targeting” Trump and trying to “undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect.”

Savage, in 2015, asked Trump if he felt he could “do business with Vladimir?” to which Trump responded, “Yes, I do. I think I would get along very well. I had the Miss Universe pageant, believe it or not, in Moscow two years ago. I got many of the Russian leaders, the top people in Russia . . . honestly, these are people, they are looking to do things.”

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