Trump TWEETS about ‘Dreamer’ amnesty he promised to Democrats

The right-wing is recoiling in horror after the odd comments that Trump made today on the DACA deal that he wants to make with Democrats.

So he took to Twitter to quell the furor:

Yeah, except that wasn’t very clear at all because he agreed with Dianne Feinstein for a “clean” DACA bill before a Republican corrected him.

Yeah a “commitment” from the Democrats on immigration enforcement is as valuable as Anthony Weiner’s wedding commitment. Rep. McCarthy shoots it down and Trump is like, “I think that’s what she’s saying!” LOL!!!

SO if the Republicans can keep him straight on the wall, they can get it done. If they cave to the democrats, there’ll be hell to pay.

One comment

  • trump really does not want a wall any more than he wants to ban muslim terrorist that his rich muslim partners and friends fund. TRump is playing the people he says the opposite of what he really wants…you know like Bear Rabbit didn’t want to be thrown in the Briar Patch..Trump gets what he wants by knowing what won’t be accepted …. and then pretend to his supporters that he tried for them …. and that is to get them to give him more power over other two Branches that no laws apply to him so he can do what he wants but they will find what he will do is not for them but his Dictator self .
    Communist Trump even more than Muslim Obama HATES the Constitution because it ties his hands.

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