“U.S. is withholding $255 Million from Pakistan” – Why are they giving terrorist countries millions of dollars in the first place?

Why on earth has the United States given more than 33 BILLION dollars in “aid” to the Muslim terrorist country of Pakistan that harbored Osama bin Laden?

Nikki Haley just spoke in a press conference at the UN and explained why the US is now withholding $255 million from Pakistan.

In short she says Pakistan is playing a ‘double game’ with the US, at times supporting us while also harboring the terrorists who want to kill us. She says this ‘double game’ is not acceptable to the Trump administration.

Haley also pointed out that President Trump is willing to go to ‘great lengths’ to stop all funding to the Pakistanis if this double game continues.

Stop funding if a “double game” continues? WHAT??

Here’s an idea. Stop giving them a single penny of our hard earned tax dollars! Stop giving our money to evil sub-human pieces of garbage that are trying to mass-murder us.

There are people in this country starving to death while America is handing out checks for billions to jihadist and mass-murdering dictators. Unbelievable.

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