• It was evident there was a red wave when Trump won Ohio and Florida, a political warfare operation went into action in other swing state cities where democrats have a one party system. The number of votes to overcome was known, counting halted and boxes of biden ballots materialized late in the night. Paid ‘volunteers’ in para-DNC organizations like MoveOn spend their office time filling boxes with forged ballots and training each other in voter fraud. Those counting centers were filled with their ground troops with corporate media providing air cover.

  • Biden Stole Pennsylvania. There is evidence that ballots for Trump were discarded and thrown out, there was even a tweet by a man who worked in the elections who admitted to throwing out Trump ballots. They even found 10,000 votes for Trump tossed in a ditch.

    This election Aint over yet! In the mean time just in case, buy guns and stock up on food. Biden WILL Shut down the economy this winter! It might get very very cold!!

  • Gentlemen, submit to the logic. It’s over. The voter fraud needs to be overcome with above average turnout. The average this time around was too high for us to overcome, because of the automatic issuing of mail-in ballots. The Right had no argument against mail-in ballots because of the virus. Moreso, Trump could not muster up enough voters for the reasons mentioned in this video, not to mention his many other faults.

    Contrary to the beliefs of his mindless followers, most people are turned off by his incredibly stupid-sounding rally speeches, where he sounds like an uneducated New Yorker off-script, and someone at a 3rd grade reading level when he’s reading from the teleprompters. Are we going to continue to pretend that this kind of person is someone who can appeal to whatever’s left of the shrinking demographic that might vote for the right kind of Republican?

    Also, as stated in the vide, nothing will come of the lawsuits. Rudy held a pathetic press gaggle in front of what looked like an abandoned commercial building in skid row. Please… and there will be no ‘civil war’… As stated in the last video, Americans will not rise up. All they care about is air conditioning and a roof over their head.

    • I’m afraid you’re right. All in all, Trump was a paper tiger. The only reason he won is because The Democrats choose Hillary who was as unpopular as he was even among her own party. Only 38% of Americans voted and most were Either Trump lemmings who believed his slogans or people who just didn’t want Hillary who would’ve been far worse.

      I guess we should be thankful Bernie Sanders wasn’t the Dem candidate. He would’ve buried Trump alive with little effort. Ted Cruz OTOH could’ve easily overcome either candidate and won if he had been the GOP candidate.

      Anyway… Its over. This time, Trump doesn’t have the benefit of someone as unpopular as he is as candidate like Michael Bloomberg or Al Sharpton

      Instead we should use this as an opportunity to clean up the swamp in the GOP and prepare for 2024 when Either Alexandra Occasio Cortez, Pete the Booty or Andrew Cuomo or maybe one of Bernie’s children will run for president. Hopefully the young voters will get a good hard lesson from 4 years of leftist oppresion not to trust Democrats.

      • What a dumb shit it goes much deeper we are closer to war than in the last 70 years with Biden the deep state is real america voters using Biden’s words are really dumb

  • JewishTrumpSupporter

    Its not over yet! The Supreme Court has to rule. Chaim I would keep quite if I were you, Hashem might save Trump like he has many times before.

    • Nope… Its over. Its a judgement really. The Democrats will have both houses and the White House. The Ballot box is gone. We no longer have control. All it takes to run for office is to promise more handouts and welfare.

  • Would you support a Jewish Republican Conservative politician in America???

  • From the shows I have listened to, I have ascertained that JTF advocates without exception voting for the opponent of any Jew running for Office in America. If the Jew’s opponent is absolutely intolerable, then JTF advocates not voting at all in that rare circumstance.

    I agree entirely with this, as it is a perfectly sound policy. The logic behind it is that Jews, even of the best intention, will always betray his own people in order to portray himself as someone who is impartial to everyone.

    If I have misstated JTF’s position, then I hope someone can please correct me. But that’s personally what I hold of and what I recommend others do during elections.

  • Trump spent the money to rebuild the military which had been so weakened under Obama/Biden.

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