US Elections: What Happened to the Stiff Necked People?

The fight to win back America will have to come from somebody.

But it will not come by way of Jewish voters. This is so because American Jews have lost the will to fight.

We have become soft.

Nothing stopped an anti-Semitic opera from taking place in New York. A few hundred protesters chanted outside. Whoopee.

BDS and other Palestinian groups are overrunning our campuses. Jewish students and their parents wring their hands, but no heroes arise.

The courage, the brilliance, the can-do spirit that characterizes the Jews of America in every other field absolutely disappears when it comes to politics. My landsmen will play follow the leader even if he drives them over a cliff. My American brothers and sisters have sold their souls to the religion of Liberalism – to the extent that they have forfeited the ability to reason.

They are told what to think. They are told what to say. Listen to Alan Colmes. They are told how to vote – and always they will take orders from headquarters.

They cannot entertain another point of view, nor can they weigh conflicting arguments.

Yet they know the argument.

I spoke with a man who is a leader within his synagogue. He agreed! He agreed that America is declining into the path of ruin. He agreed that the Democrats are hostile to Israel and that they are even hostile to America. He even remembered how Israel was booed at the Democrat National Convention.

All that and STILL he would do it all over again. He is a Democrat. He is a Liberal – despite everything.

This man is not the exception. He is the rule. More than 80 percent of the Jewish vote went to Obama the first time – even knowing what they know.

More than 80 percent of the Jewish vote went to Obama the second time – even knowing that it’s worse than they thought.

Makes no difference. My coreligionists are in the can, “come hell or high water.”

The playwright David Mamet abandoned “brain-dead Liberalism.” He is still lonely for making the switch. Thousands of brain dead Progressives denounced him in the pages of The New York Times. He left the cult and was branded an apostate. The useful idiots loathe the man who dares to have a mind of his own. Think “Stepford Wives.”

Days before the election the superb New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin wrote the following: “With painfully few exception, Democrats put their loyalty to him [Obama] above their loyalty to America…This is a national emergency and the only responsible action is to vote Republican for every federal office. Not because Republicans all deserve to win, but because all Democrats deserve to lose.”

Goodwin was speaking to all of us. My beef is aimed at my landsmen. Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks frequently refers to Judaism as a religion of protest.

We protest injustice and we have done so since the time of Abraham. In the Wilderness, led by Moses, a nation of slaves became a nation of warriors.

We are back to being slaves again. Can there be any doubt?

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