• THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING! Even the conservatives are keeping their mouths shut over this.

    We gave up our freedoms and the disease still spread. In the midwest including in the urban areas are low in corona cases and deaths. Wheras the strict places California and New York are skyrocketing in cases.

  • I forgot to add one more thing. VERMONT… Had one of the strictest covid lock downs in the country. They even shut off greyhound and even the airport. YOU COULD NOT GET OUT OF VERMONT WITHOUT OWNING A CAR! BUSES AND AIRLINES WERE SHUT AND GREYHOUND IS STILL SHUT DOWN

    They had massive clusters and outbreaks of Covid all over Burlington and Montpiliar VT as well as other towns. The lockdowns didn’t work. BTW I heard that despite the freezing weather they have there they wont open shelters for the homeless anymore and they still wont have outdoor dining or indoor dining.

    Arkansas and Texas OTOH had very few covid outbreaks the ones they had most of them were confined to the border areas where you have large amounts of illegal aliens who wont wear masks and who don’t even bathe.

    That begs the question. WHY NOT LOCK DOWN THE BORDERS AS WELL??

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