• In November 2023 a person
    Typed online
    “In a bone-chilling tale that defies all sense of humanity, a Palestinian mother has shockingly chosen to embrace the heinous actions of her terrorist son, Muhammad Taraireh. This despicable individual mercilessly murdered Hallel Yaffa, a defenseless 13-year-old Jewish girl, as she lay innocently in her bed near Hebron in the West Bank.

    The very thought of the gruesome event sends shivers down one’s spine. Taraireh, driven by an incomprehensible and malevolent desire, forcibly entered the young girl’s home. Without hesitation, he plunged a dagger into her fragile body, ruthlessly severing her dreams, hopes, and innocent life.

    As horrifying as it seems, the response from the mother of this vile murderer adds another agonizing layer to this unfathomable tragedy. Instead of mourning the unforgivable loss of an innocent child, this Palestinian mother brazenly and shockingly praises her son’s actions. In a twisted display of distorted values, she deludes herself into believing that her son is a hero, a twisted martyr fighting for an unjust cause.

    While the normal human instinct would be to condemn such an atrocious act, this mother’s mindset is tainted by a disturbing ideology that glorifies violence and disregards the sanctity of human life.

    #neveragain #GazaPalestine #DisturbingHorror #UnthinkableActs #horrorstory”

    • Now after October 7, 2023
      ADC & CAIR
      are repeating their same old
      Lies , trying to portray themselves as Victims

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “As I research and report the stresses and stains to the fiber of Israel, it is vitally important that the Jewish State has theaffirmative support of a strong America.
      Although grateful for the current Administration having our back in our defense against lethal Palestinian, Lebanese and Yemeni based enemies, proxies of a dangerous Iran, I am gravely concerned about the internal political and social decay of America under the Biden Administration.
      The Open Border Biden policy is proving as dangerous for the stability of a once great country, as it has proven to be for so many European nations that once celebrated unbridled migration by people not versed and not willing to become staunch affirmative patriots of the country that absorbs them.
      This can only end in disaster and a collapse of Western values as we once knew them.
      In Texas, the problem has gotten so bad that the governor, Greg Abbott, just declared a state of emergency and is suing the Administration.
      In a statement, Abbott said, “The federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the States. James Maddison, Alexander Hamilton, and the other visionaries who wrote the US Constitution foresaw that States should not be left to the mercy of a lawless president who does nothing to stop external threats like cartels smuggling millions of illegal immigrants across the border.”
      One illegal caught 40 times by Texas is a criminal Mexican cartel member.
      Meanwhile, in the Middle East, US bases in Syria and Iraq have been attacked over 160 times by Iranian proxies in the last four months.
      The Biden Administration does not know how to apply affirmative action to protect their own servicemen as they are interferring in Israel’s aim to eradicate the Hamas threat.
      Israel, America, desperately need a strong affirmative US president.”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “You want to understand what is wrong with some elite universities that have allowed the persecution of Jewish Students while expelling students who use the wrong pronoun.


      Richard A. Falk

      Richard Anderson Falk (born November 13, 1930) is an American professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University.

      Born Jewish, but in reality a former Jew. Anti-Jewish. Anti-Israel has represented the UN, USA, and molded the minds of many who are now professors at major Universities teaching students that Israel is the problem.

      It is time for the Jewish community in the US and Europe, to stop being afraid of stating the facts. There are some born Jews who hate Jews and who are like those Jews who in the Spanish Inquisition persecuted other Jews, or the Kapos in the Ghettos and Concentration camps that ingratiated themselves to the Nasis and beat their own people.

      When Elon Musk criticized some Jewish leaders for their being tied so closely with the left, he was immediately called “antisemitic”, when he is not. He was right to criticize. I criticize the same people, does that make me antisemitic,m. or just anti-so-called Jews who seem to hate their own identity.”

    • Albert Einstein once said
      “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”
      Yes indeed , good words that describe Rabbi Meir Kahane !

    • A person typed online earlier today

      Those of us who have complained about UNRWA as far back as the late 1960’s are not surprised that UNRWA personnel were found helping and facilitating HAMAS’ genocidal attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

      The simple fact is that the United Nations Organization created UNRWA to help refugees from the Middle East War, but only Arabs were helped, not Jewish refugees.

      From then, UNRWA has consistently helped Palestinians, sheltered them, cooperated with their terrorism against Jews. Many of us, as far back as the 70’s, experienced the arrogance and boorishness of UNRWA personnel in the Jerusalem area consistently motivated by anti-Jewish bias. I thought back then that the Yisrael Government should kick them and their White vehicles out of the country.

      Internationally, President Trump recognized the damage and danger from UNRWA. So did some of the other candidates, including Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy and Robert Kennedy Jr. all of whom suggested ending funding for UNRWA and even about ending funding to the UN. Trump actually did cut funding when he was President.

      One more thing. Another organization that has been antisemitic for years, affecting issues in the Middle East. The IRC has provided funds, and aid, to Arabs, but has refused to in any way help Jews. In World War II, the IRC whitewashed the treatment of Jews, hiding facts for the Nazis. In the Middle East, the IRC aided the Arab side, refusing any help to Jews.”

    • The Jerusalem Post , jpost.com has an article headlined
      “Blinken: Jewish lives don’t matter more than Palestinian ones”
      Published: JANUARY 17, 2024
      Can you believe that retarded statement by Blinken

      • Blinken is wrong, for numerous reasons Jewish lives
        Matter Infinitely More than
        Fakestinian lives

      • Again, Jewish lives
        Matter Infinitely More ,
        Infinitely More than
        “Palestinian” lives or Other Arab Lives,
        Jewish lives do indeed matter
        Infinitely More , for various Very Good Reasons

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “I am livid why Israeli leaders have not been banging on the doors of foreign leaders and the UN to demand international arrest warrants to be taken out by the UN Security Council against all named Hamas leaders in Gaza, Qatar, Istanbul, and other locations on charges of genocide, war and human rights crimes while we acquiesce in a fraudulent case of genocide brought by an economically and moral bankrupt South Africa to the UCJ against us on these same charges.
      Why are our leaders so meek, so reticent, against doing the right and just thing, particularly after 7/10, particularly with the mountain of evidence we have against each and every Hamas leader.
      Do we Jews not deserve to deliver judgment against those that vow to kill, rape, and torture us again, again, and again?
      For mercies sake, let’s not just defend ourselves.
      Let’s prosecute!”

    • A person typed online earlier today

    • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
      “Kahane Was Right! Now What?”
      By Donny Fuchs November 19, 2023

    • Hen Mazzig typed on X , formerly Twitter
      “Israeli Arab Muslim (/Palestinian) Member of Parliament speaking to the assembly in Arabic saying to a Jewish member of Parliament: “Palestine will be established, no matter how much you oppose it” then “shut up! Get out of the parliament” The Jewish MP is being removed by security from the parliament. Just another day in “apartheid” Israel ”

      Last edited10:02 AM · Jan 31, 2024″

  • So Mike Pence isn’t going to Return as Trump’s
    Vice President ?

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Republican Jewish Coalition slams Biden’s growing pressure on Israel to create a Palestinan state during a war in which the vast majority of Palestinians support Hamas against Israel with no Palestinian factor condemning Hamas. “

  • Qatar is a disgusting nation

  • Israel wants to create a
    buffer zone in Gaza

  • Samawal Foundations
    @Samawal_LLC on X formerly Twitter typed
    “Appalling. A restaurant called October 7 opened in Jordan.” On
    January 24, 2024
    A Restaurant called
    “October 7” has opened in
    Jordan , named after the Genocidal Hamas Attack of
    October 7, 2023 and Most people in Jordan are Fakestinians

  • Trump will pick Tim Scott.

  • No matter who he picks the catholic jesuits will be in charge
    Hey chaim how come you never bring up the Jesuits or Catholics being that Hitler himself was a Roman Catholic you talk about Muslims nazis all the time which is true but how come you don’t mention that Catholics created Islam to use as the sword of the church against Jews and Christian’s that’s why nazi Croatia sides with Albania versus Serbs
    If you don’t speak against them I have to sssune you work for them

  • No matter who he picks the katholics will be in charge
    Hey chaim how come you never bring up the Jesuits or Catholics being that Hitler himself was a Roman Catholic you talk about Muslims nazis all the time which is true but how come you don’t mention that Catholics created Islam to use as the sword of the church against Jews and Christian’s that’s why nazi Croatia sides with Albania versus Serbs
    If you don’t speak against them I have to sssune you work for them

  • They also most likely killed Kahane being that that the catholic fbi justice department was proven yes proven to be part of the gang in jersey city behind wtc 1 but you won’t mention that you’ll only mention the Muslims. Why I want to know you have a responsibility to your audience and funders. Why did you support the vaccine so much produced by Jesuit fauci even after it’s proven to be toxic you look so young because you never let facts get in the way of your shallow arguments
    Why don’t you mention that a special Jesuit prosecutor put pollard in jail thst jew hating Italian scum

  • What about the Freemasons ?

  • I’m beginning to start to think that in fact chaim may really be a Jesuit Roman Catholic co adjuster or at least a Masonic (catholic controlled ) Jew how come Kahane was so closely associated with the Colombo crime family doesn’t make sense why doesn’t chaim call out Catholics or masons
    The Jesuit order (catholic ) order controls
    All of Freemasons through their council of 33

    • What about the Black Helicopters
      Opus Dei , Chemtrails,
      Reptilians aka The Lizard People ,

      • In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode
        “Carpenter Street” which took place in Detroit in the year 2004
        And featured the
        Xindi-Reptilian aliens
        The last lines of dialogue in this episode are
        “OFFICER 1: Get out of the car.
        OFFICER 2: He’s on something.
        OFFICER 1: Get out of the car.
        (He pulls driver’s door open.)
        OFFICER 1: Keep your hands where we can see them.
        OFFICER 2: Come on. Come on.
        LOOMIS: What’s going on?
        (He is pushed against the car and frisked.)
        LOOMIS: Hey, hey, hey, I didn’t do anything.
        OFFICER 1: We got a tip says you did.
        OFFICER 2: You’re just lucky all six of them are still alive.
        (The officer cuffs Loomis.)
        LOOMIS: Those two cops who came to my place, they offered me a deal. That’s the only reason I helped them.
        OFFICER 1: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get him out of here.
        LOOMIS: Those creatures, the lizard people, they’re around here somewhere. You’ve got to find them.
        OFFICER 2: No problem, we’ll get right on that.
        LOOMIS: Be careful, be careful. They’ve got ray guns.
        OFFICER 2: Ray guns. Got it.
        (He puts Loomis in the patrol car.)
        OFFICER 2:Watch your head.”

        • Star Trek: Enterprise first
          came on TV
          on September 26, 2001 , two weeks after the
          Arab-Islamic Terrorist Attacks 9/11
          September 11, 2001
          Star Trek: Enterprise , originally just titled
          “Enterprise” the prequel series helped America and the World recover from 9/11

    • Also what about The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations

  • I would gladly give my address out and have Italians come over to my address

  • A person typed online this January 2024 about “Palestinians” living in Israel
    ” a significant amount of the 1.6 Palestinians that live in Israel are not fans of Israel. Just glad to take advantage of what life in Israel has to offer, from education to social services. Don’t be fooled. Examples of that are all over Israeli universities. They live in peace until they don’t. We saw that in Jaffa, and other parts of Israel recently.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “*The Nazis* tried their best to hide their crimes,
    and the world did everything it could to expose them.

    *Hamas* tried their best to broadcast their atrocities,
    and the world is doing everything it can to hide them.


  • A person typed online earlier today about the
    International Court of Justice ICJ
    “This kangaroo court ordered Israel to …”stop fighting, limit casualties, whatever.

    Did it order Hamas to stop torturing and raping? Order Hamas to turn over those war criminals who planned Oct 7? Order Hamas to cease firing rockets into Israel? Order Hamas to surrender?

    And what about South Africa, that bastion of human rights?

    The UN’s history of blatant Antisemitism is well documented so whatever it does is not credible. The UN is a shill for every terrorist group, Anti Israel regime and brutal dictatorship around the globe. It should focus on China’s abysmal behavior, the slaughter in Syria and Yemen, the crisis is South and Central America, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as a start and leave Israel alone.”

  • On November 20, 2023
    A person typed online
    “There was an op-ed piece in today’s Los Angeles Times about how opposing Hamas will hurt America’s image. Here is my response:

    If battling against terrorism causes my country to lose some prestige on the international stage, I am OK with that. If opposing the kidnapping and slaughter of little children costs my country PR points with totalitarian regimes, I can live with that. If my president promotes efforts to eliminate a ruling structure that puts civilians in harm’s way by placing military installations in hospitals and schools, against all international laws of engagement, I will applaud him. If US federal funding goes toward vanquishing one of the most brutal “governments” on the planet, I will pay my taxes with a smile. If all those things happen I am not worried about the cost to our image.

    Golda Meir said “If we have to have a choice between being dead and pitied, and being alive with a bad image, we’d rather be alive and have the bad image.”

    Image is less important than doing the right, and righteous, thing.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “So which country will bring P@lest!ni@ns to the international court of justice for committing genocide against Israelis on Oct 7 and vowing to commit said genocide again and again? Asking for ~9 million.” Others said that “Palestinians” are illegal
    Squatters in the Land of Israel

  • iwf.org has an article headlined
    “The White House Is Using Islamophobia Lies To Gaslight Jews” by
    Ellie Krasne-Cohen on November 1, 2023

  • RFK, Jr. will be Trump’s running mate.

    • Why Not Mike Pence again ?
      A person typed online earlier today
      “*Test yourself:*
      *Are you #Antisemitic?*

      The “3D test” of #antisemitism was formulated by the Israeli human rights advocate and politician Natan Sharansky to distinguish between legitimate criticism of Israel and plain antisemitism.

      The denial of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination.
      Example: “From The River To the Sea” means the Jews have no rights to their homeland.

      Antisemitism means Jews are often falsely blamed.
      👉 They are accused of conspiring to harm humanity
      👉 They are blamed for being evil or controlling the world
      👉 They are blamed for ‘why things go wrong’

      *Double standards*
      Different principles for different people.
      👉 International organizations (UN Women, the Red Cross) care about the human rights of prisoners, unless they are Jews,
      👉 Universities follow their codes of conduct for all students except Jewish ones.

      *So, where do you stand in this matter?*

      #Antisemitism #NeverAgain

  • jihadwatch.org has an article headlined
    “Israel’s War on Hamas is the Least Deadly War in the Region”

  • foxnews.com has an article headlined
    “Father of murdered IDF soldier says Hamas terrorists tried to sell his son’s head for $10,000”

    By Peter Aitken , Rachel Wolf Fox News
    Published January 28, 2024
    A Must Read Article

  • A person typed online earlier in
    January 2024
    “The people who downplay the Jewish pain being felt in the diaspora around the world as we see rising antisemitism and terrorism inspired by 10/7 and Hamas and their allies shock me.

    It’s easy to act like Israel/Palestine is an isolated incident when you haven’t had to feel fear your entire life just for being true to yourself.

    The palestinian movement to appropriate the Jewish experience and history is alive and well. The palestinian movement to alienate Jews globally is in full effect.”

  • A person typed online earlier in January 2024
    “So apparently, many sick degenerate Anti-Semites are upset about a Jewish tradition, practiced by some Orthodox Jews. This tradition involves the slaughtering of chickens and then donating them to feed the impoverished as a form of atonement before Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism.

    It is important to clarify that this practice is not a “sacrifice” but rather an ancient tradition rooted in charity and alleviating hunger. In Judaism, performing acts of kindness is seen as a path to self-improvement.

    Despite not being vegan or vegetarian, I do hold the belief that animals should be treated with compassion until the end of their lives. Regrettably, this is not always the case in many slaughterhouses around the globe, which is indeed tragic. This issue has been observed in some Hassidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

    What is perplexing, however, is the swift reaction of these anti-Semitic individuals to condemn the treatment of animals in this Jewish practice, while simultaneously ignoring or even justifying the heinous acts committed by Hamas terrorists, including the merciless killing of over a thousand individuals, many of whom were children, on October 7th.

    This selective outrage and hypocrisy by these perverted Jew haters is disgusting. They choose to condemn a Jewish tradition aimed at helping the poor, yet they turn a blind eye to, and in many cases endorse, the atrocities committed by Hamas. This is absolutely sickening and perverted!”
    Another person typed in response
    “One of my non-jewish friends told me today, 90% of the world is stupid. The asians and the jews are the smart ones; everyone else is a moron. You don’t have to look any further beyond this: Jew hatred is an ignorant man’s vice; They have to blame someone for their misery and poverty. That’s how Hitler convinced his followers.”

  • Why is trump the lesser of evils.when he openly supports putin over our own intelligence. Is now egging on that we should be attacked. It is sad some jews want facism even though they always turn on jews even when they pretend to be friends for a time.

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “A thousand Swedish musicians have decided not to participate in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest that will be hosted in Malmo, Sweden, because of the participation of Israel.
    Perhaps, they will accept a murderous Hamas trio singing “From the River to the Sea.”
    I am sure that song will be a killer hit at the song competition.”

  • Another person typed online earlier today
    “Mahmoud Abbas PA Spokesman reveals ” we are in close contact with Hamas.”
    Of course they are. They have to pay Hamas killers their “Pay to Slay” welfare benefits.
    The more you kill, the more you get.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “The empirical evidence that proves “ordinary Palestinians” ( inside and outside of Israel )were complicit in the Oct 7 atrocity is mounting. This new report rebuts the insane Progressive narrative that paints Israel the aggressor and “ordinary Palestinians” as the victims.

    No, not every Palestinian is to blame for Oct 7.
    Yes, the attack was planned, executed and enabled by a much larger number of Palestinians-and was seen as a good thing by the majority of Gazans and other Israeli Arabs.

    Facts matter.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    …..”around 10% of the agency’s staff have links to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, while half of the 12,000-strong cohort have close relatives who belong to either group.”

    It is embarrassing that morons like AOC sit in the US Congress. It is also emblematic of how low we have sunk that half wits like this are considered leaders of their party. Is it any wonder that her admirers parrot her stupidity to justify their hate-mostly directed at Israel and the Jewish community.

    Facts matter.”

  • Rick Santorum should put his freak daughter’s head in a guillotine and chop it off.

  • A person typed online earlier this January 2024
    “Watch the movie “Oppenheimer” with an eye for the facts that

    1) all the scientists involved in The Manhattan Project were Jewish

    2) most were German Jews fleeing the Nazis just in time to create the bomb

    If Hitler had not called Quantum Physics “Jewish Science” Nazis would have won the war

    In other words, a tiny fraction of the 0.2 % of the world’s population saved America and saved the World from absolute evil

    Be careful what you wish for when indicting Jews”

  • Peter Baum typed online
    October 21, 2023
    “The Palestinian way
    After we have forced our way into your home firing guns , beheaded your five month old baby , disemboweled your pregnant wife and raped your dead grandmother, we , the UN , @Amnesty and @jeremycorbyn will consider it a crime against humanity if on our return home you don’t supply us with still and sparkling bottled water” Jeremy Corbyn &
    Stephen Sizer are both
    British Creeps

  • theisraelbible.com has an article headlined
    “Martin Luther King Jr.’ Stance on Antisemitism” on
    Jan 16, 2023
    By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz
    A Must Read article

  • danspapers.com has an article
    “Op-Ed: What Would Martin Luther King Jr.’s Response be to Current Antisemitism?”
    By Rabbi Marc Schneier
    On January 17, 2024

  • On X formerly Twitter
    Carly Pildis
    @CarlyPildis typed
    “One of the hardest parts about the past 100 days is realizing just how much people hate Jews. Even if we already knew it intellectually, it’s viscerally different now. The denial of rape, the celebration of death, the justification of our pain – even our most cynical were shocked”

    4:28 PM · Jan 14, 2024 from Washington, DC

  • adnamerica.com has an article headlined
    “After Hamas atrocities, MLK’s embrace of Israel and disdain for antisemitism confronts liberals”
    By John Solomon
    January 15, 2024

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