• Nope. All your gonna get are leftists like Schwarzanegger, Romney, Chris Christie types. Or like Reagan who raised taxes twice and supported gun control.

  • pancakerachelcorrie

    They will use the delta variant to steal the election

  • Give Californians some diversity.
    Larry Elder for Governor.

  • Larry Elder would be a refreshing change, I liked his story of thinking that someone was offering him a banana at a gas station when it was really for a homeless guy.

  • Hey Chaim,

    Did you hear they are renaming a hospital in Brooklyn ruth bader ginsburg hospital?

  • It is the renamed Coney Island Hospital. Coney Island Hospital is the most decrepit and foul hospital in NYC. It is fitting that that witches name should go on it. The only way to improve it is to demolish it. It is hell on earth. I would rather be hospitalized on the Cyclone.

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