Women Celebrate Their Abortions With Viral ‘#ShoutYourAbortion’ Hashtag

abortion_shirtThousands of women turned to Twitter Monday to publicly laud their abortions.

Using the viral hashtag “#ShoutYourAbortion,” women from various backgrounds explained why they chose to terminate their pregnancies and how they thought it had benefited their lives.

Others, however, were disturbed that the hashtag would trend on Twitter. Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin called on activists to tweet with a counter-hashtag to highlight a recent series of undercover videos that purport to show abortion-provider Planned Parenthood selling fetal parts.



  • and we know what Gd did to the Cannanites who sacrificed their children.

  • Just when you think that news stories can’t cause you to feel shocked any more, a story like this comes along and proves you wrong. These women are disgusting. Anyone who can be so nonchalant and almost proud of having an abortion or taking a life (because all reason and rationale aside, that is what it is), ARE DISGUSTING.

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