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  • So he would have loved Trump since Trump doesn’t care who he offends or the ramification. But the reality is any healthy nation does care what others think . Of course they can tell the difference between what would be envy and their own agenda verses legitimate concerns.

    This is certainly not Torah because the Torah itself says that the ways of Torah other nations would recognize it if Jews truly practiced what their own God wants. But of course the Rabbis have made up many of their own ideas that of course looks crazy as is the case whenever male religious leaders make up their own rules.

    And I’m sure but the man took things out of context. It is crazy to think Rabbi Kahane would make alliances with evangelist Christians and then claim he is following the Rambam when the Rambam spent his whole life living in Muslim countries and when he had to get out of one who went to another Muslm country.

    Also amazing that a man who was a Cohen and would therefore qualify for the service in the Temple which is what real Judaism is seems to more interested in importing our ghetto style ideas into Israel with Rabbis bossing people around and everything even though they are not considered any better then any other Jew.

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