Common Core Textbook Executive: “I Hate Kids… It’s All About the Money”

common_coreOn Tuesday, James O’Keefe’s corruption-exposing outfit Project Veritas released its latest undercover sting video that exposes textbook publishers involved in a shameless “money game” to get rich off of selling Common Core educational standards.

“In this new video, Project Veritas journalists visit with America’s top textbook publishing companies, the moneymakers of Common Core, in an effort to expose how crony capitalism is taking over America’s educational system,” the release states. “Shockingly, our journalists caught a publishing executive mocking her own immoral behavior and then laughing about it on hidden camera.”

That executive is Dianne Barrow, who is the West Coast Accounts Manager for Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, a leading Common Core textbook publisher. She admits to hating kids and reveals that her only motive is to make more money.

When an undercover journalist for Project Veritas said to Barrow that she seemed to be “in it for the kids,” she quickly retorted:

No, I hate kids. [laughs] I’m in it to sell books, don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat.

Formerly, as Barrow admits in the video, she worked for Pearson Education, another publisher which has now made billions off of selling Common Core. Here is what she had to say about her now-rival:

Oh yeah, everybody has worked for Pearson. It owns the world. You know? They just do underhanded things.

It’s all about the money. What are you, crazy? It’s all about the money.

You don’t think that the educational publishing companies are in it for education, do you? No, they’re in it for the money.

Barrow said that publishing companies only align with educational standards so they can sell books.

“So, it’s really about the money and not really about the kids,” an undercover voice said innocently.

Barrow response was drenched in sarcasm, “You think?”

Later, Barrow laments that education “really should be about the kids” and is “one place that shouldn’t be about the money.” But alas…

And what about parents who opt to homeschool their children or send them to charter schools? Well, according to this kid-hater, they’re doing it wrong:

I feel very strongly about this, it’s the same about home schoolers and charter schools. Home schoolers, I’m sorry, did you go to school to be a teacher? Well, then don’t teach your kids. You know? ‘But they gave me the curriculum.’ I don’t care.

Also seen in the undercover video is Jodi Cohen, a teacher from Brooklyn, New York, who expressed her feelings on the matter with robust vulgarity:

It’s a joke. It’s bullsh** and the thing is, what they do is, they create some new f***ing system, that f***ing sucks to sell more books and then we have to learn something new with the students. So it’s bullsh**.

“Oh my god,” Cohen adds, “it’s all a money game. It’s all a money game.”

And this is only Part 1 from Project Veritas’ “Common Corruption.” Expect more videos to come soon.

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