Federal Report: One National Security Leak Per Day Under President Trump

“125 stories with leaked information potentially damaging to national security.”

According to a federal report by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Trump’s administration is experiencing one national security leak a day, far surpassing — by seven times! — those that occurred under Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

The Senate report summarized its findings:

In short, the unauthorized disclosure of certain information can cost American lives, and our laws protecting this information provide for harsh punishments when violated. Since President Trump assumed office, our nation has faced an unprecedented wave of potentially damaging leaks of information protected by these important laws.

Under President Trump’s predecessors, leaks of national security information were relatively rare, even with America’s vibrant free press. Under President Trump, leaks are flowing at the rate of one a day…

The Trump administration faced 125 leaked stories—one leak a day— containing information that is potentially damaging to national security under the standards laid out in a 2009 Executive Order signed by President Barack Obama.

Leaks with the capacity to damage national security flowed about seven times faster under President Trump than during President Obama’s and President George W. Bush’s first 126 days.

The majority of leaks during the Trump administration, 78, concerned the Russia probes, with many revealing closely-held information such as intelligence community intercepts, FBI interviews and intelligence, grand jury subpoenas, and even the workings of a secret surveillance court.

Other leaks disclosed potentially sensitive intelligence on U.S. adversaries or possible military plans against them. One leak, about the investigation of a terrorist attack, caused a diplomatic incident between the United States and a close ally [Israel].

The report also notes that news articles across a “range of national news organizations” beginning on Inauguration Day included the leaked information which could harm national security. A majority ran in The Washington Post and The New York Times:

Leaked stories appeared in 18 news outlets, sourced to virtually every possible permutation of anonymous current and former U.S. officials, some clearly from the intelligence community. One story cited more than two dozen anonymous sources.

Nearly all of the stories leaked in Trump’s first 126 days were about the president or his administration. The report contrasts the previous administration saying, “[O]nly half of the stories leaked during the comparable period of the Obama administration were about President Obama or his administration; the other half concerned President Bush and his anti-terrorism tactics.”


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