Here are the self-hating Jews who fund anti-Semitic Hamas demonstrations (JTF.ORG video)


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  • Noor Dahri typed online today
    “A #Gazan who made it into #Egypt is brutalized by #Egyptian soldiers. You won’t hear about this on the news because it doesn’t involve #Jews/#Israelis.
    Video credit: Israel War Room”

    • Serious discussion, with serious answers , why did God
      Allow the October 7th, 2023
      Hamas Attack to Happen

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “The US says it has the right to assess Israel’s compliance with international humanitarian law (it has found no infractions) because it supplies weapons to Israel. Does the US assess Ukraine for the same? Or is Israel expected to meet a higher standard?”

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “Israel’s soldiers aren’t just expected to be good fighters. They are also expected to be social workers, lawyers, mind readers, and aid workers. Nothing of the sort is expected of any other army in the world.”

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “”US said offering intel on Hamas leaders’ whereabouts if Israel skips mass Rafah op” (The Times of Israel).

      Seriously? This is what Biden calls iron-clad support? Withholding vital information?”
      “Greta Thunberg’s Anti-Israel activism shows her to be a superficial and naive thinker, if not an outright hater, putting into question anything she says on any subject.”

    • Another person typed online today
      Biden’s decision to halt ammunition aid to Israel signified a watershed moment in the historical relationship between American Jews and the Democratic Party. This policy shift, articulated in a recent CNN interview in which Biden defended his stance, is not merely a logistical re-calibration but a dramatic pivot that might redefine the political landscape in the US, particularly concerning the American Jewish community.”
      Emboldened by President Biden issuing his ultimatum of withholding offensive weapons to the Jewish state if Israel were to launch an invasion of Rafah, Hamas launched a volley of rockets on Israel on Friday from Rafah, with more rockets fired on Saturday.

      Also, the Biden administration has offered to supply Israel with important intelligence information to avoid an extensive IDF operation in Rafah.

      One would think that if Biden’s professed ‘ironclad support’ were true, that information would have been given unconditionally, and he would not be holding Israel hostage until she complies with his demands.”
      White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters on Friday that the US is watching Israel’s operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah with concern and wants the Rafah crossing reopened immediately.

      With all due respect, Mr. Kirby, I am more concerned about how Israel wants to conduct its operation, than what the White House wants it to do.”

    • A person typed online today
      “US policy toward Israel has changed in a Blinken of an eye.”
      & also
      “Pro Hamas activists use Bullhorns because it helps spread their Bullshit”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “How did I miss this clip?

      Scott Galloway: “Free speech is at its freest when it is hate speech against Jews.”

      Thank you.”

    • A person typed online today
      “New Israel Fund raises $750,000 for Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

      But it raised zero funds for Israeli civilians in Israel.”

    • has an article headlined
      “Rethinking the word Antisemitism” on
      MAY 12, 2024
      by Mark Pickles

    • A person typed online today
      Jewish students across the United States have expressed concern for their safety and suggested school faculty, as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, are promoting antisemitic viewpoints that ratchet up the political temperature on campus.

      The Hamas-Israel War is a convenient excuse for anti-Semitic actions, organized and funded, by those calling for the elimination of Israel.”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “It’s a miracle!

      Or the UN is a rotten, lying, terror sympathizing, Jew hating, worthless organization that should have been shut down the day after the state of Israel was established. That was about the only good thing this organization did since its inception.

      And now let me tell you this.

      Even the updated numbers are a lie. All the numbers you’re being fed in the media are taken from the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. In other words, they are all 100% made up.

      Israel has ALWAYS done more to minimize civilian deaths than any other country ever and this war is no different.

      The only genocide in this region was what Hamas did on October 7th and has proudly declared it hopes to do again and again.

      The UN was once again caught with its pants down so it had to admit its lie and correct the numbers but I’m telling you with 100% certainty that even the updated numbers are MASSIVELY inflated.

      In reality, the ratio between terrorist death and innocent death in Gaza is the lowest ratio in any war ever.

      Yes, you read that right. Any war ever!

      Mark my words. When this war is over and the numbers are accurately reported, you’ll see that the ratio will be the lowest it’s been in any war ever.

      Meanwhile, if the UN has just cut its civilian death numbers in half after reporting the inflated number for months on end, what does that tell you about the honesty and reliability of the UN?

      A bunch of worthless liars.

      But at least they’re in good company with the international court of justice, the South African government, the Red Cross, and many other antisemitic organizations that were established to better the world, but have done nothing but the opposite.”

    • 1. Any opinions of
      Michael Cohen ? And will he be mentioned in anti-semitic conspiracy theories

      2. Did anyone see Blinken playing the Guitar in Ukraine

      3. The singer Jelly Roll is
      mad funny on the
      Tunnel to Towers commercial
      On Fox News
      gotta love how he says
      “I’m just a big fat guy with a
      Goddamn is that guy fat , but he is mad cool ! I like him , but not in that way
      4. Fox News is bleeping out all the
      “colorful metaphors”
      Robert De Niro is using to
      Describe Donald Trump on
      The View
      5. What do we think about the
      famous laugh Kamala Harris does
      6. Tomi Lahren on Jesse Watters
      today said Joe Biden
      “doesn’t know who he is , or
      where he is”

      • Jason Bradley DeFord aka
        Jelly Roll is cool
        But he is incorrect when he says America is a
        “great country”
        America is OK in some ways
        America Needs More
        Libertarian Freedom

        • More Freedom Goddammit

        • Does Jelly Roll Know about the sadly growing Incel Crisis, the Sufferings of Incels, Countless people Suffering from Chronic
          Incel , Involuntary Celibacy Problems
          Or about the Stupid Retarded Failed
          “War on Drugs” that Everyone Hates
          Or about the
          Growing Right To Die ,
          Death With Dignity Movement for Suffering Mentally ill, Terminally ill and All Other Suffering people, who want a Peaceful, Quick and Painless Doctor Assisted Death Death with Dignity Free of Charge
          Why can’t Jelly Roll realize that the “freedom” in America is a Joke
          Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies

    • The Garfield Movie is coming out
      May 24, 2024
      Many are asking if the
      character of Al J. Swindler aka
      Al G. Swindler is going to be making an appearance
      The character appeared in the CBS Saturday Morning Cartoon Show
      “Garfield and Friends” 1988-1994 and Yes
      Some people consider the
      character of Swindler to be an
      Anti-Semitic Stereotype , Swindler was voiced by the late Jewish actor Carl Ballantine , born
      Meyer Kessler
      Did Meyer Kessler aka
      Carl Ballantine think often about
      Rabbi Meir Kahane ?
      Though Provoking Questions indeed

      • Deep profound thoughts indeed
        And as stated before
        Garfield the cat always says
        “I hate Mondays” but if
        Garfield the cat were real , he would really hate the
        Monday that was
        Monday November 5, 1990 when Rabbi Meir Kahane was killed in Manhattan at the age of 58 ,
        Heck, Garfield the cat ,
        Jon Arbuckle , Odie and the whole Garfield gang would be deeply upset at the death of
        Meir Kahane , if they were real , just sayin

    • A person typed online today
      During WWII there were no European or American campus protests during the industrialized mass murder of Jews by the Nazis and their all to willing European accomplices.
      There’s an anti-America and anti-Israel rot infecting our universities, organized and funded by Islamists and Marxists, who are indoctrinating our students with programs like DEI and CRT which breed anti-Semitism.”

  • A person typed online today
    President Biden did in fact say “So let me be clear violent protest is not protected. Peaceful protest is.”

    What he should have added but did not is this: “Your protests are based on the following three lies. 1. Israel is an apartheid state, 2. Israel is a genocidal state, and 3. Israel is an occupier state.

    So let me clear up your confusion about Israel.
    1. If Israel were an apartheid state Muslim Arabs would not sit on Israel’s Supreme Court, would not be doctors and administrators at their hospitals, would not be appointed as professors and heads of academic departments at their universities, and would not allow an Arab political party to participate in the government.
    2. If Israel were committing genocide the Arab population would not have increased from 120,000 in 1948 to over two-million in 2024.
    3. If Israel were an occupier state, it would not have permitted Palestinian Arabs to live in the disputed territories of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem once Israel freed those locations from Jordanian occupation in 1967. If Israel were an occupier state it would not have returned the Sinai to Egypt in 1982. And if Israel were an occupier state it would not have left Gaza in 2005 in the hands of Palestinian Arabs, who then foolishly voted for Hamas to govern them.

    In conclusion, I suggest you research the historical facts of the Middle East on your own and not swallow the poisonous brew fed to you by those ignorant of history and the usual gaggle of anti-Semites.”

  • A woman typed online
    May 8, 2024
    “Just passed a group of pro terrorists protesters on my way from Brooklyn back to the city, they were protesting in front of a random building on the West Side Highway. All of them ugly as shit and looked like they smell bad too.

    What gets me the giggles though is that by saying ‘Free Palestine’ – in actuality that means free Israel as Palestine was what? The colonizer term for Israel from 136 AD – 1948, the 1,812 years Israel was under occupation. That is why Jews who lived IN Israel during that time period were called Palestinians.

    So sure, only 22% of Israel is free. Free the rest! and that means ALL of Gaza, ALL of Judea & Samaria, and ALL of Jordan.”

  • A person typed online today
    “The Arab pro-genocide protests all over the world have been an absolute failure. Bill Maher accurately called them ASSHOLES.”

  • Naveed Anjum joked online today about Moses and the
    Ten Commandments that
    “Technically, Moses was the first person with a tablet downloading data from the cloud” 😆

    • RFK Jr. said doctors found a dead worm in his brain , other online articles confirm the worm ate part of his brain

      • The New York Post has an article headlined
        “I witnessed Israel choosing life as it fights against a ‘death cult’ ”
        By Douglas Murray
        Published May 8, 2024

  • Do Woody Allen and Alan Dershowitz fund Hamas antisemitic causes?

  • A person typed online today
    “The fact that Israel’s EuroVision contestant Eden Golan had thousands of pro-Hamas “protestors” try to lynch her in Malmö, and she can’t leave her hotel room if she wants to live through the night is reason enough for me to absolutely never ever believe that what is happening is that the world just cares that deeply about Palestinian people and isn’t mostly about antisemitism.

    There have been straight-up genocidal governments from Africa and Asia in the past 20 years that have had celebrities from those countries travel and perform in Europe and none of them ever elicited such a response. People couldn’t be bothered to change their FB/IG profile pic to a stupid square over it, let alone riot or from lynch mobs to murder someone from those countries.

    That this is lost on so many shows me that far too many of y’all are dumb as hell.

    Eden still performed magnificently and placed to continue in the competition, despite thousands “boos” and people yelling “Free Palestine” in the audience.

    That is who we are.

    As the Rick and Morty quote perfectly encapsulates, go ahead and boo: I’ve seen what makes you cheer.”
    “White supremacy and Arab supremacy are natural allies.

    They’re both colonizers, and I stand firmly against both. They’re both equally garbage, and they can both kiss my Jewish ass.

    And if you are Black or Brown and still think you’re supporting some sort of anti-colonial agenda by serving these Caliphate-desiring Islamists, you’re colonized af and don’t know your own history nor even what is going down in Africa as we speak.”

  • A person typed online today
    “Do you know who built the Colosseum?

    Written and fact-checked by
    The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
    Construction of the Colosseum began under the Roman emperor Vespasian between 70 and 72 CE. The completed structure was dedicated in 80 CE by Titus, Vespasian’s son and successor. The Colosseum’s fourth story was added by the emperor Domitian in 82 CE. Importantly, the arena was paid for with plunder from Titus’s sack of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and it was built by enslaved Jews from Judaea.

    Arabs colonized Judea in 7th century. Why doesn’t anyone speak about Arab colonialism ?

    The “accepted” opinion among the Western left is that only white people can be oppressors. Anyone not of indigenous European origin is a “person of color” and therefore can only be a victim of racism and colonialism, never a perpetrator.

    Nearly half of all Israeli Jews are descended from Jews who made aliyah from Europe, while around the same number are descended from Jews who made aliyah from Arab countries, Iran, Turkey, and Central Asia. Over two hundred thousand are, or are descended from, Ethiopian and Indian Jews.”

  • Even More about Arab Wickedness, Evil, & Deceit has an article headlined :
    ‘Al Jazeera’ plays the free-speech card”
    May 6, 2024 by
    Ruthie Blum

  • A person typed online today
    Was America asked to give food, fuel and water to Japanese civilians during WWII?
    Was America asked to give food, fuel and water to German civilians during WWII?
    Only Israel is expected to give food, fuel and water to the civilians who would annihilate them if they could.”

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “I don’t like everything in my Arab culture. I love the food. But there are things that I very much dislike: the antisemitism, an obsession with organized religion, and the inability to take responsibility for one’s actions.”

  • A person typed online in 2020
    “Responding to accusations of Jewish White Supremecy:

    Jews have been VICTIMS of racism and white supremacy for thousands of years.

    “White” refers to Western European, Christian, colonialism, which created colonies around the world, ran the slave trade, and wiped out Native Americans.

    Jews had no part in any of that. When all that was happening, the same Whites targeted Jews, with almost continual ghettoization, repeated displacements, state theft of assets, and *actual* genocide.

    Zionism ISN’T racism or white supremacy — it’s the OPPOSITE. The Jewish homeland was a response to racism and white supremacy. Israel is a refugee state.

    There have been Christian (and Arab) territories and colonies all over the world– but no Jewish ones. Israel is 19 times smaller than California.”

  • A Conservative Catholic website in
    2024 said
    “Long Live Israel

    Long Live Ukraine

    Long Live Taiwan

    Long Live South Korea”

  • Screw Julian Assange.

  • Anyone see the commercials on
    Fox News where
    Mike Huckabee says he hopes for a “clean and fair election” this
    November , clean and fair election , that’s hilarious , that’s a good one 😆😂

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “The Israeli military on Saturday morning began calling on Palestinians in additional neighborhoods of Rafah to evacuate the area, as it pressed on with an operation against the Hamas terror group in the city in the southern Gaza Strip.
    Last week, the Israel Defense Forces issued an evacuation warning for the eastern outskirts of Rafah, before it pushed into the area.” (The Times of Israel)

    Note to the idiot “pro-Palestinian” protesters: On October 7, Hamas’ murderous animals attacked without any warning then proceeded to rape, murder, and kidnap men, women, and children. Can you see the subtle differences between the two pictures?”

  • The New York Post has an article headlined
    “Just how many of Gaza’s civilians are entirely ‘innocent’?”
    By Alan Dershowitz and Andrew Stein
    Published May 10, 2024

  • The New York Post has an article headlined
    “Raging Harlem mob surrounds suspect in attack on 11-year-old, woman – as NYPD cops protect him”
    By Larry Celona, Joe Marino, Amanda Woods, Dorian Geiger, Steven Vago and Katherine Donlevy
    Published May 10, 2024 About an innocent
    11 year old girl tragically attacked in Harlem , a vigilante mob tries to attack the man who attacked an innocent
    11 year old girl in an unprovoked attack
    Now if this was a visibly Jewish 11 year old girl attacked
    Would anyone care ? Would anyone care ?
    Would anyone care ? There would Never have been the same outrage
    The same public outrage
    In fact if it was an 11 year old visibly Jewish girl that was attacked , much of New York City and the whole World be celebrating
    The Whole World would be having Public Celebrations
    Over it , sick depraved Public Celebrations

  • Many people have said that American White Supremacist Nick Fuentes even looks like a typical vicious hateful nasty creep in many public pictures of him , they even stated that sometimes you can indeed judge a book by it’s cover

  • Queers for Palestine block entrance to Disneyworld.

  • It’s Disgusting that
    Fakestinian Hamas Terrorists are being treated in Israeli hospitals
    No help should be given to them
    Many Israelis are Outraged
    The Hamas Terrorists are
    Incapable of Changing
    Only Jewish Lives Matter in this Mideast War
    Arabs and Fakestinians have Never Suffered throughout Human History , they sadly make everyone else suffer
    All of their alleged “Sufferings” are their own Fault

  • A person typed online today
    “Israel stands alone in the world because it triggers billions of Muslims and Christians, in their very DNA, that the Jew now fights back in self-defense with such brilliance.

    The Jew-haters insist the Jew fights with hands tied behind his back.

    Israel may stand alone but it will stand.

    Am Yisrael chai.”
    “Greta Thunberg remains silent when Arabs massacre 1,200 Jews yet protests against Jews when they defend themselves because she is a Jew-hater.”
    “No Arabs or their supporters protested when Arabs massacred 1,200 Jews and kidnapped hundreds of Jews, including little babies.

    They only protest when the Jew defends himself and tries to free their hostages.


    Because they are filthy and vile Jew-haters.”

    Many have pointed out
    Greta Thunberg looks just like

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “Today is Mother’s Day in North America. I think with deep empathy of the mothers who are still held prisoners by Hamas, and the mothers whose children are still held by Hamas. But I also think of the mothers who raised the Hamas terrorists and who are proud of what they did on October 7. Not all mothers are equally worthy of being celebrated.”
    & Another person typed about the
    “Queers for Palestine” blocking the entry to Disney World
    “It is quite remarkable how Jew hatred + stupidity + radicalized ideology = morons who support a cause that = their demise.

    These charmers would not last a day being LGBTQ in a “liberated Palestine”. If they were lucky they’d be tortured before being tossed of a building.
    If only….”
    & Also typed about
    Anti-Israel Losers shutting down a Manhattan Bridge
    “The U S and Saudi Arabia are close allies. We supply them with billions in advanced weapons. We provide them with strategic, diplomatic, military and political support. U S companies invest heavily in the kingdom. We support their genocidal war in Yemen which has killed & maimed hundreds of thousands. ( It has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world). Yet I can’t seem to recall ANY protests on college campuses or in NYC that come close to what we are being subjected to now. Curious. I wonder why.

    BTW- until our feckless DA starts prosecuting these creeps they will continue to cause havoc. ARREST AND PROSECUTE THEM NOW.”

  • A person typed online today
    “No, “readers added context,”

    The Prime Minister is correct.

    America closed her borders to almost all Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe. They even sent a boat filled with Jewish refugees back to Europe, who of course were all then murdered.

    The camps had been running for YEARS with full knowledge by the Allied forces, and they went out of their way to make stopping the functions of the camps their lowest priority. They had Jews who escaped camps and who brought proof of them and who begged the Allies to do something, and they refused. Time and again, when they could have easily bombed the train lines to Auschwitz and elsewhere, they chose not to.

    The camps were liberated at the end of the war in Europe, almost as an afterthought.

    To say that non-Jews signed up in WWII to stop Hitler from killing Jews is a racist lie told by racist nonJews to rewrite history, just so they can tell themselves they always cared about Jews and were willing to go fight in a world war to save them.


    When Roosevelt first made some noises about going to war with Germany in 1938, the response by Americans was an overwhelming “no,” and then some. Popular opinion was that “the Jews are trying to drag us into another European war,” and the anger at Roosevelt was so visceral that there appeared a conspiracy theory that Roosevelt was a “secret Jew,” because how else could he be so sympathetic to the plight of Jews?

    Father Coughlin sold out Madison Square Gardens, giving speeches that when it came to Jews were nearly identical to what Hitler was saying.

    The idea that the Allies “came to the aid of Jews” in the Holocaust is some serious racist whitewashing of history. They did not “sacrifice millions of lives” in order to save one single Jew. That’s not why ANY nation went to war.

    Enough with this gentile nonsense. Speak truth or be silent.”
    This was about
    Prime Minister Netanyahu
    Saying no Nations came to help the Jews during World War II and No, the Nazi Death Camps were Not
    “liberated” by the Allied Powers, they just happened to be in the path of the Advancing Allied Armies, the Allied Powers didn’t divert a single soldier to rescue anyone from the Death Camps, that’s the sad Ugly Truth

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “I wish they would send a “Palestinian” representative to the Eurovision. No, seriously, I do. I even wish that person would win. For real. Hear me out.

    Know what happens when a country wins? They have to host the year after.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when all of those anti Israel protestors realize that there’s no such place as Palestine.

    I’d pay good money to see a crowd of LGBTQ individuals from Europe with their flags show up in Khan Yunis for the Eurovision.

    I’d pay good money to see Sinwar’s face as the Gaza checkpoints get filled with woke folks chanting about women’s rights or some other agenda that could not be more foreign to Hamas. I’d pay even more money to see his reaction when they tell him to call them by their pronouns.

    I’d love to see his reaction to the outfits worn in the context.

    Oh man, this would provide me with enough laughs to last me a lifetime.

    So, how do we make this happen?

    (By the way, I heard this said by a comedian but I can’t find the original clip, otherwise I’d share it.)”

  • A person typed online today
    “As Yom HaZikaron rolls in, we remember the 25,034 (latest published statistics from Ministry of Defense as of 3 hours ago) men, women and children who have been killed in terrorist attacks and in defense of the Land of Israel since 1860.

    Since last Memorial Day, 766 soldiers and 834 civilians have been killed, with the majority of course occuring during the genocide on Oct. 7th.

    But to mourn, to cry, to pray is not enough. What are the collective we going to do to ensure that an Oct. 7th never actually repeats? That terrorist attacks in Judea & Samaria will never be an ‘oh well – it’s in the ‘settlements’ -a disgusting phrase I have heard from Jews and mind you, those legal Jewish communities are located on our very ancestral heartland.

    We are no longer under occupation except the occupation of pleasing the world that largely hates us.

    No amount of giving away our land or compromising with terrorists and terrorist supporting administrations and entire nations is going to change that sentiment.

    We stand alone. We stand proud. And our sole mission should be to protect our people. We Judeans are the direct descendants of ancient Jews/Israelites – interchangeable name, only difference was being ruled by different Kingdoms while adhering to the same faith, culture, and customs. We need to make our ancestors proud.”

  • Now about the “Palestinians” about how their “supporters” are Troublemakers, causing all sorts of Problems and Misery all over America and the World
    The TV news channels show pictures and footage of “Palestinians” in Gaza weeping and crying over family members killed in the War with Israel
    Now many people are asking are these “Palestinians” genuinely weeping, crying , mourning like normal people do when they lose loved ones, or is this just bad acting, bad Pallywood acting when these “Palestinians ” in Gaza know the cameras are rolling, so that they the
    Fakestinians aka
    “Palestinians” in Gaza can use this as Propaganda against Israel and “The Jews”
    People ask this because they know that most Arabs simply don’t value human life like Normal people do,
    Many Arabs want to Die in Battle and become Martyrs anyway ,

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “Egypt plans to join South Africa’s genocide petition against Israel at the International Court of Justice, its Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday, as part of its campaign to force Israel to halt a pending major military operation in Rafah.” (The Jerusalem Post)

    Two things we can always expect from Arab regimes is hypocrisy and cowardice, and Egypt’s regime is proving it yet again. They had a big part in allowing weapons to flow to Hamas, and there is a lot that they could do now but refuse to do, yet they expect Israel to give up and allow Hamas to continue threatening Israel. They refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, and they deflect by demonizing Israel even though everyone knows that they’re so scared of Palestinian terrorists that they refuse to take any Palestinian refugees. They’re not friends of the Palestinians because if they were, they would have done a lot more to get rid of toxic entities like Hamas, and they could be doing a lot now, but they choose hypocrisy and cowardice instead.”

  • A person typed online today
    “New Israel Fund raises $750,000 for Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

    But it raised zero funds for Israeli civilians in Israel.”
    & Another person typed in response
    “In every generation there are those Jews who think that being nice to the terrorists or Nazis or Cossacks or Inquisitors or Crusaders will make them want to kill the Jews less. How did all that turn out?”

  • Then this other time around
    2014 ,
    A secular Jewish man, a friend of mine, was in a
    Public Library in New York City
    And this Ugly Obviously Mentally Retarded Man in his 30’s was sitting at the same
    Table as him and several other people, the
    Retarded Retard started saying to himself at the Table to people
    “I’m Hungarian, I’m Hungarian” then the Fucking Retard looked at the Jewish man at the Table
    And suddenly unexpectedly Out Loud Blurted Out REAL LOUD to the Jewish Man
    “You Jewish !!” Real Loud
    Real Loud so that the Whole Goddamn Fucking Library could hear it , can you believe that shit
    The man replied
    “Oh no I’m Not Jewish” but you could see it made the Jewish man Extremely Uncomfortable
    Extremely Uncomfortable
    Extremely Uncomfortable ,
    Extremely Uncomfortable and it creeped out the Jewish man Big Time and it was
    Extremely Embarrassing for him
    Now, obviously the retarded fellow the “Hungarian”
    Didn’t mean any harm, I understand that, he didn’t choose to be Mentally severely handicapped, and born that way
    He didn’t mean any harm
    But he really Scared the shit out of the Jewish man , Big Time
    Big Time , Big Time
    And this Incident sadly happened to my Jewish friend because of his unattractive
    “stereotypical Jewish looks” that he finds repulsive and he cannot even look at himself in the Mirror

    • Now Not to sound
      Alarmist or “Paranoid” but that Ugly Stupid Fucking Retarded Retard could have placed my Jewish friends life in Serious Danger, Serious Danger
      Serious Danger , you Never know what could happen , even if the chances are 1 in 100 something could happen
      I have Nothing Against Mentally Handicapped people, they didn’t choose to be like that , I have compassion for them. I Truly do
      And maybe it’s wrong to use these mean words to describe that
      Non-Jewish “Hungarian” fellow, but Holy Crap
      Holy Crap , Holy Living Crap
      What is the Government, Society and Mental Health System going to do to protect Jewish individuals with
      often unattractive
      “Stereotypical Jewish looks” from Disturbing Incidents like this
      That Non-Jewish
      “Hungarian” fellow could be placing Jewish lives in danger
      This is an Extremely Serious Problem
      Even the Government reading this Knows
      That I’m Right and Correct
      What is the Government, Society and Mental Health System doing to Protect Jewish lives from Incidents like this, to prevent future incidents like this
      Plus what about Full Blooded Gentile Non-Jews who sometimes look Jewish or are Mistaken for being Jewish, what about that
      Did anyone think about that , and sometimes these Full Blooded Gentiles are Mistaken for Jews and Victims of Anti-Semitic Crimes

  • One time in 1990’s Freshman Year of High School, in New York City this Colombian student, I could tell and sense just by looking at him that he was a lowlife Vile Anti-Semite, Jew-Hater , my suspicions were confirmed a few months later when he said Hateful things about Jews and said
    that he Loved all Races and Religions of the World, Except Jews , Except Jews , Except Jews, he Explicitly said
    “Except Jews” the Jewish teacher of that class should have failed him , to hell with the
    “Free Speech” of that Punk , he can take his precious
    “Free Speech” to Summer School
    He Explicitly said that Jews are
    “The only race” that he hates
    I truly hope the Pig died a
    Painful Death from Cancer at a young age , I truly do
    And that he is now
    Literally Suffering in Hell

    • Then this other time in the Freshman year of the
      New York City High School
      A black female student jokingly said
      “I’m Jewish” the same Colombian male student said angrily
      “I hate Jewish” in response
      More Lovely, Delightful
      “Free Speech” ?

  • Then after the Colombian male student said
    “I hate Jewish” those
    3 words , those 3 words
    Those 3 words literally echoed and echoed in the mind of The Jewish student traumatized by those words, over and over and over again, those words echoed in the mind of The Jewish student
    Those 3 words
    “I hate Jewish”
    Years later those 3 words echoed
    Over and Over Again in the Mind of the Jewish student

  • has an article headlined
    “‘Israel stands on the front lines of the fight for civilization,’ say 80 former US generals and admirals”
    May 10, 2024

  • A person typed online earlier today about Gaza that
    “I don’t think there’s a single person in Gaza who is innocent, except our hostages”

  • A person typed online on December 25, 2023
    “It is and always has been a common antisemitic trope to accuse Jews of being guilty of Deicide (killing Jesus)
    Pope Francis said in his Christmas Message on Monday that children dying in wars, including in Gaza, are the “little Jesuses of today” and that Israeli strikes were reaping an “appalling harvest” of innocent civilians.”
    A person typed in response
    “There is only one Jesus
    Only one Jesus
    Jesus is Fully God and Fully Man, the son of God, God the Son , the Second Person of The Trinity, the Promised Messiah
    Jesus was Eternity appearing in Time
    Jesus is Truly Unique
    If anything the
    Jewish Israeli children in Israel are more like the
    “little Jesuses of today”
    Jesus Was and IS
    Jesus is Still Jewish in Heaven
    Present Tense, Jesus is Still Jewish, this isn’t Rocket Science
    Jesus will always be Jewish”

  • has an article headlined
    “‘I do not feel safe’: Danville teen pleads with school board to address antisemitism”
    BY EMMA GOSS | NOVEMBER 8, 2022 A Must Read Article
    A Must Read

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, head of the Jewish Agency at that time, proclaimed the establishment of the modern State of Israel. The United States recognized the new nation on the same day.

    Seventy-six year later, Israel is still fighting for its existence, yet the need for its existence has never been clearer. Antisemitism is as virulent now as it was in Europe in the years that preceded the Holocaust, and the correct moral stand is as clear today as it was then.

    The need to oppose and stop Hamas is as clear today as the need to oppose and stop Nazism was then. Many people tried to appease and cajole the Nazis then, if they didn’t support them outright, and the same is happening today with Hamas and its allies.

    But there is a huge difference between now and then. Today there is the State of Israel, and it is a state that cannot be ignored, like the Jews were during Nazism.

    The correct moral stand today is to unequivocally support Israel and its elected government (whoever that happens to be at any time) against Hamas. “Unequivocally” means without any conditions, without any caveats, without any delays, and without any hesitation. This is the only correct moral stand.”

  • The person also typed in response to the Pope Francis comment “Can you believe that Stupid Shit that Pope Francis said
    I mean Pope Francis is OK on some issues and a decent guy
    But Holy Crap, what a sick insane
    Blasphemous, Sacrilegious,
    Heretical Obscene Profane Idolatrous, Offensive statement
    “little Jesuses of Today” can’t believe that stupidity and nuttiness
    Craziness, Madness, Insanity, if anything Jewish Israeli children are Much closer to being the
    “little Jesuses of Today” than the children in Gaza and other Wars

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