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  • newsweek.com has an article headlined
    “Kanye West Is Right About Black Lives Matter ”
    ON 10/06/22
    do we agree with Kanye West ?

  • AOC has Sephardic Jewish ancestry. Everybody’s trying to get into the act.

  • I think it’s a mistake to believe that all Self-hating Jews are
    Anti-Israel, over the years I’ve met a few Secular Non-Religious Self-hating Jews that don’t like being Jewish or looking Jewish, they wish they were Not born Jewish, but at the same time they have Some Moral Values, Self-Respect a Conscience, a sense of Right and Wrong, Good vs Evil, and that they cannot outright betray their own people , that while they don’t like being Jewish or having Jewish looks, they still are Very Pro-Israel and have no Love or Respect for Fakestinians or
    Other Arabs, they realize that Arabs and Fakestinians deserve No Love or Respect from anyone. That Fakestinians, and other Arabs deserve Nothing and Must be Given Nothing , that Arabs Fakestinians & Islam are Nobody’s Friend, that they can never be trusted and will Never Change

    • Alan Dershowitz is pro-Israel . He’s the only one

      • How do we know for certain Alan Dershowitz is a self-hating
        Jew ? Good that Dershowitz is Pro-Israel, but he once called
        Bernie Sanders a
        Self-hating Jew , Google it

        • He defended the obvious murderer of a Jew Ron Goldman and got him acquitted

          • What about Jewish lawyers Robert Shapiro and Barry Scheck who also defended
            O.J. Simpson

          • Again
            What about Jewish lawyers Robert Shapiro and Barry Scheck who also defended
            O.J. Simpson in his
            Murder Trial ?
            Are Shapiro & Scheck Also self-haters ?

        • He called Caspar Weinberger a self hating Jew

          • OK , but what about the Jewish Lawyers
            Robert Shapiro and Barry Scheck who defended O.J. Simpson in his murder trial, are they also self-hating Jews ? And if so , are they Pro-Israel ?

  • Rush Limbaugh Knew the Ugly Truth about Arabs, Fakestinians and Islam, he was Pro-Israel
    Rush Limbaugh Knew that
    Arabs, Fakestinians and Islam are Evil & Wicked and Nobody’s Friend
    RIP Rush Limbaugh

  • Kanye West kicked off twitter after he posted he wanted to go death con 3 on Jews. .

    • On the Alex Jones radio show
      Kanye West said
      ““I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis” so which one is it , does he love Jewish people or does he want to go death con 3 on Jews ? Ye Dumbass Kanye can’t make up his mind

  • When did Kanye West post that ?

  • But he’s not worried. He did it on the orders of Jewish record producers to boost his Jewish record sales just like Michael Jackson

  • Kanye’s friends say he’s undergoing a psychiatric crisis. So was Hitler.

  • Adidas putting its lucrative sneaker deal with Ye under review. Don’t hold your breath.

  • British Prime Minister Liz Truss said she is a “Huge Zionist” and she wants to move the
    Embassies to Jerusalem

  • What does Donald Trump think about the great
    Rabbi Meir Kahane ?
    What does Loser Al Sharpton think of Meir Kahane ? Certainly Sharpton heard of Kahane , they were both born in Brooklyn

  • jns.org on October 11, 2022
    has an article headlined
    “Israel’s far-left is no better than the anti-Zionist Arab parties” by Ruthie Blum

  • deadline.com has an article about Kanye headlined
    “Kanye West Made Anti-Semitic Remarks, Other Incendiary Claims In Clips Left Out Of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Interview”
    by Ted Johnson
    on October 11, 2022

  • Ye is worth $800 million.

    • So is Kanye West aka Ye
      The Black Mel Gibson now ?
      Kanye West is yet another tragic example of how Most, the Vast Majority of
      Black Americans Backstabbed and Betrayed the Jews for helping them so Much during the Civil Rights Movement , For that we
      Can Never Forgive and
      Never Forget , we Must Never Help those who would backstab and betray us.

      • Did anyone read online articles about how Kanye West aka
        last month filed a batch of trademark applications under the names “Yecosystem” and “Yeezyverse,” which sources told Rolling Stone are a step toward Ye’s vision of his own self-contained “universe.”
        Kanye is Nuts , Nuckin Futs

        • Kanye West in some of his Pictures looks like he just came out of the
          Crown Heights Riots
          Never Forget that the Vast Majority of Blacks backstabbed and betrayed the Jews that helped them so much during the Civil Rights Movement
          Never Forget &
          Never Forgive

          • We Must Never help Blacks or anyone else who would backstab or betray us , that’s Insanity , let them help themselves. If we Help other groups, they must help us in Return , the Help must be Mutual

  • An Example of Arab Racist
    Chauvinism and Hypocrisy
    Many Arab Americans had a hissy fit about the 1962
    Ray Stevens song
    “Ahab the Arab” and called the song and it’s lyrics
    “Racist” however those same Arabs spewed Hate and Racism against Jews Non-Stop

  • frontpagemag.com has an article headlined
    “Gaza, Judea and Samaria: Prison or Paradise?”
    November 13, 2012 by Steve Feldman
    “How tourists’ accounts curiously collide with the Arab “Palestinian misery” narrative.” The full article is online and Refutes
    Fakestinian Lies and Propaganda

  • Back in 2015 Jewish
    Star Trek actor
    William Shatner actually went to a Sci-Fi event in Dubai, UAE
    Many were terrified that The Arabs would murder Mr. Shatner in cold blood for the “crime” of being Jewish, what if The Arabs killed
    William Shatner ?
    Does William Shatner know about the great Rabbi Meir Kahane ?

    • Starfleet Command would launch its phasers.

      • The Federation & Starfleet would realize that Arabs can Never be Trusted, and will Never Change
        But does William Shatner Know about Kahane, if so what does he think of Kahane ?

      • Did you know that some people jokingly call
        The 1982 film
        Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
        The Wrath of Kahane as in the great Meir Kahane ,
        But Meir Kahane was a Hero while the fictional character of
        Khan Noonien Singh was Evil

    • About the Star Trek Franchise, many people have noticed and asked why the Star Trek Franchise Never shows Jewish Humans existing in the Future, there has Never been a Single Jewish Human Character in the Star Trek Future, Yes there have been many Jewish Actors and Actresses in Star Trek and many Jewish writers, producers, but why is the
      Star Trek Franchise so Terrified to show Jewish humans existing in the Future. Not Talking about the Jewish Religion, since Star Trek is pretty much against All Human Religions Existing in the Future. Star Trek shows a Secular Humanist Future. I’m talking about having a Secular Jewish Human Starfleet Officer in Live Action Star Trek , and the Officer could be portrayed in a Heroic Positive Light, and it could be made Explicitly Crystal Clear in several lines of dialogue that the character is Ethnically Jewish. So that it is Canon & Official. Somehow Work it into the Script. In all of the Star Trek Franchise there hasn’t been a Single Jewish character, not even one. Why is the Star Trek Franchise in 2022 still so Terrified to show an Explicitly Ethnically Jewish Human Character and show that Jewish Humans still Exist in the Future, just like other Human Races and Ethnic Groups have been shown to Exist in Humanity’s Future.
      Having an Explicitly Crystal Clear Ethnically Jewish Human Starfleet Officer in Star Trek will Not Ruin the Franchise,
      Star Trek Should Get over this Pathological Irrational Fear and Phobia of Showing Ethnically Jewish Humans Existing in the Future. Imagine the Bloody Outrage if No Black Humans were ever shown to Exist in The Future Fictional Star Trek Universe .
      It is Anti-Semitic Exclusion to Not Show Ethnically Jewish Humans Existing in the Future.
      Is the Star Trek Franchise trying to say that Jewish humans no longer exist in the future, or that the Future would be better off without them ? If Jewish humans no longer exist in the Future, what happened to them ? It is Anti-Semitic Exclusion to Not have Ethnically Jewish Humans being shown to Exist in the Future,
      Star Trek Fans should Lobby Paramount for a Jewish Human Character, how about
      Star Trek: Discovery or
      Strange New Worlds have a Jewish human Starfleet Officer, played by a Jewish Celebrity to Make it Authentic
      Gene Roddenberry was somewhat anti-semitic, but he has been dead since 1991.
      Countless Jewish Star Trek Fans want Official Jewish Representation in the Star Trek Franchise , Canon Live Action Representation,
      The Star Trek Novels have had some Explicit Jewish human characters, but the Novels are Not Canon . And let’s Not Forget that the Ferengi Alien Race is an
      Anti-Semitic Stereotype, and many Ferengi characters are played by Jewish Actors
      It is Deliberate Insidious Intentional Anti-Semitism to Not show Ethnically Jewish Humans Existing in the Future.

      • Now , if the Star Trek Franchise did show that Ethnically Jewish Humans still Exist in Humanity’s Future, what about Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred, will that Still Exist in the Fictional Star Trek Future ?

        • Again, when will the Star Trek Franchise show that Jewish Humans Exist in the Future ?

          • The Star Trek Franchise can’t even show a Token Jewish Human Character ? Not even that , truly sad

          • Some have said that the human character of Dr. Moritz Benayoun from the
            Star Trek: Picard episode “Maps and Legends” is Jewish, the character is played by Jewish actor David Paymer , the name Benayoun is a Jewish name , but of course the Jewish writers of the show were terrified of making the character say in a few lines of dialogue that he is Jewish, work it into the script somehow

        • When will the Star Trek Franchise show that Ethnically Jewish humans exist in the Fictional Future ? When will there be a Human Jewish Starfleet Officer, in Live Action Star Trek , in the
          Prime Timeline

        • What about the character of
          Lieutenant Steve Levy from
          Star Trek: Lower Decks

      • Countless Jewish Star Trek fans want there to be Jewish Representation in the Franchise, an official Jewish human character in Starfleet, when will the Star Trek Franchise show that Jewish humans exist in Future ?

      • When will the Star Trek Franchise show Jewish Humans Existing in the Future ? When ?

      • Why are no Ethnically Jewish Humans shown to Exist in the Star Trek Future , Why ?
        What about the Star Trek Concept of
        IDIC from the Memory Alpha Online Star Trek Encyclopedia it says about IDIC
        “IDIC was an acronym for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, the basis of Vulcan philosophy, celebrating the vast array of variables in the universe. The philosophy, as well as the Vulcan people, were often represented by a triangle-over-circle insignia, referred to as an “IDIC.” (TOS: “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”, DIS: “Will You Take My Hand?”)

    • We need to ask how many
      Arabs fantasized about
      Murdering William Shatner in
      Cold Blood for the “Crime” of
      Being Jewish , did Shatner have a good amount of security Around him in Dubai to Protect him from
      Arab plots

  • What does Shatner think of Kahane ? What did Kahane think of William Shatner and Star Trek ?

  • Did anyone see
    zionism-now.blogspot.com ?

  • Why does the JDL always get blamed for the death of
    Alex Odeh in 1985 ,
    Where is the Proof ?
    Alex Odeh was a Nobody in life ,
    Some claim he was a Peaceful Man, what was the Truth about him ?

  • urbandictionary.com called the 4 ugly Female Squad Members
    “The Hamas Caucus.”

  • The sad reality is most often
    Blacks Kill other Blacks in America
    But Far More often innocent Whites, Jews and Asians are victims of Black Males than a White person commits a Crime against a Black person. That’s the Truth, Whites very rarely commit crimes against Blacks. Yet countless Innocent Whites are Victims of Black Crime and Permanently traumatized by Blacks
    Not all Black Males are Bad , but how often do Whites target Blacks ? Almost Never ,

  • It’s Not “Racist” to State the Facts that countless innocent Whites, Asians and Jews are Victims of Violent unprovoked crimes by
    Black Males, and sometimes Black Females, victims of Black Crime, all the Crime Statistics Prove This
    Not all Black Males are Bad ,
    Maybe 20 percent are bad , 20 percent is Still a Huge Number

  • Back to Star Trek , once Again we need to ask when the Star Trek Franchise will Explicitly Confirm that Jewish Humans Exist in the Future of Humanity, just like other Human Racial or Ethnic Groups
    Imagine the Uproar and Outrage if no Black or Asian Humans were shown to Exist in the Future
    This is a Huge Issue for many Jewish Star Trek Fans , we want official Representation in a Positive Light , many of the writers currently in the Star Trek Franchise are Jewish. Why won’t they show Jewish Humans Existing in the Future
    William Shatner is Jewish and should use his Power and Influence to advocate for Jewish Humans being shown Existing in the Fictional Star Trek Future

  • washingtonpost.com has an article headlined
    “Science fiction’s anti-Semitism problem”

    Perspective by Paul B. Sturtevant
    August 14, 2018

  • forward.com has an article headlined
    “Yes, Sci-Fi Has An Anti-Semitism Problem — But Not The One You Think”
    By PJ Grisar
    August 16, 2018 Because even
    Anti-Semitism in Science Fiction can Sadly lead to Real Life

  • About Kanye West ,
    Another Black Celebrity the
    “I Am Legend” star
    Will Smith in 2007 made a controversial comment about
    Hitler. Will Smith later said his statement was taken
    out of context and misinterpreted. But why was he talking about Hitler to begin with, what made him talk about Hitler to begin with ? I don’t think Will Smith is a Hater , he should have been in
    the 2016 film
    “Independence Day: Resurgence”

  • Yes, but why was Will Smith talking about Hitler to begin with ?

  • Why was Will Smith talking about Hitler to begin with ?

  • Hello ?
    Why was Will Smith talking about Hitler to begin with ?

  • Was Meir Kahane himself a
    Star Trek fan ?
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Star Trek fan , it’s well documented

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