Exciting debate between an Arab Muslim who calls for Israel’s destruction and the Kahanist Chaim Ben Pesach


This was not a fair debate because the self-hating Israeli Jewish moderator agreed with the Arab Nazi, but despite that we gave the type of responses that Jews can proud of.

Please publicize this vital video everywhere possible.

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  • A person typed online earlier today
    “I am not surprised that the media is biased against Jews and Israel. I would like to see a change in Jewish leadership. The Jewish people should internalize the reality that no one cares that Israeli Jewish women were raped and mutilated.” Very sad how the Whole World unjustly Hates Israel and The Jews

  • Outstanding debate! Saeed looks happy in Commiefornia with Leftist Jewish Voice for Peace kapos from Berkeley.

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “The President of Harvard has very big glasses, but she still cannot see”
    Always Remember, ultimately in the Future
    Meir Kahane will be Returning to Earth !!

  • Did anyone read the 2017 book
    “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination” by Scott Greer

  • Michael is a delusional leftist. After October 7th he wants to dissolve Israel and live under muslims. Truly sickening. Why does he even live in Israel?

  • Probably backfired a little. He comes across like a very decent person. Takia at work I guess. We need to come up with a better response to the khazarian stuff than saying that’s what Hitler said. Hitler probably thought one plus one is two that doesn’t mean everyone who thinks that is like Hitler. Eric jon Phelps an amazing righteous gentle counters the khazarian argument in a way a bit over my head. Chaim this guy is great he quotes ben Hecht and loves Kahane. A Baptist. His argument is that much like the Romans the root of Islam is actually from Jesuit Catholics who use the Arabs to attack their enemies namely Jews and orthodox Christian’s

  • In fact hitler himself was a Roman Catholic as was the author of mein kamph

  • I know the Italians protected you when you were serving time but these people are rotten to the core

  • Georgetown Jesuits die=god laughs

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