How to stop America’s self-destruction (David Ben Moshe and Chaim Ben Pesach)


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On Rumble:

On Odysee:


  • AMC American motor company was around for a while.

  • Chaim, why not file complaints when you deal with people acting incompetent? No one is entitled to any job.

    • If they work for government they don’t care. If they work for woke corporations that have monpolies they don’t care. It takes a big big big big movement to push these people to do their jobs.

      Also you have affirmative action.

  • סדי אלקיים

    חיים תתחיל לעשות סרטים גם בעברית חיים יש יהודים כמוני שלא מבינים אנגלית שאתה מדבר חבל

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