Iranian Newspaper: Iran Could Destroy White House ‘in Under 10 Minutes’

And Obama wants to give them nukes.


An Iranian daily newspaper said in a recent editorial that Iran is capable of destroying the White House “in under 10 minutes.”

The editorial was printed on June 17 in the paper, “Kayhan,” which The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) says is affiliated with the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The paper expresses skepticism at the ability of the Iranian leaders who are working on negotiating a nuclear deal with United States and the five world powers.

“Let us have faith that America is incapable of any misstep [against Iran], and that it cannot even attack Iranian facilities without the White House being destroyed in under 10 minutes,” according to a translation by MEMRI.

“Let us have faith that the old ‘village leader’ [i.e. the U.S.] has fallen onto his deathbed, and that even in his youth, he never made the mistake [of daring to attack Iran], and that he, like Israel, remains mired in quicksand,” the editorial said.

“Let us have faith that Britain is a wily fox, and that its laughter is deceptive,” Kayhan added. “Let us have faith in the Koran that says that the enemies are not men of their word, and that God has not permitted the infidels to gain supremacy over the believers.”

Kayhan also praised the month of Ramadan and honored the 175 Iranian military frogmen, who were soldiers who died during the Iran-Iraq War from 1980 to 1988 and whose bodies were recently returned to Iran, where they were given a martyrs’ burial.

Those involved in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program announced Monday that a deal has been met.

However, even as the details of the agreement were being negotiated, Iran’s supreme leader said Saturday that the struggle against the United States will go on.

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