Islamic State Releases Execution Video, Drown Prisoners in Cage, Burned Alive in Car, Explosive Ropes Around Necks

The cruelty and barbarism is beyond imagination. If this is what Muslims do to their fellow Muslims, just imagine what they want to do to us – the infidels.

isis_drown1ISIS has released a graphic seven-minute video of their latest executions, including the drowning of five prisoners in a cage that is lowered into a swimming pool. Underwater cameras capture their last moments alive.

In another execution, prisoners are loaded inside a vehicle parked in the desert. From a distance, a terrorist fires an RPG at the car, engulfing it in flames as the men burn to death.

isis_car_burningSeven other prisoners are on their knees, chained together with explosive ropes around their necks, then detonated.

isis_bombThe Daily Mail, which has multiple screenshots from the video, reports that the video is claimed by the Ninevah branch of ISIS in Mosul. Some of the prisoners are interviewed in the video and “confess to their crimes” against the Islamic State.


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  • G-dless savages – Amalek must be obliterated for the next world to come into being and before its too late.

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