Israel FM supports paying Arabs to leave?

[Yahoo AP] – Israel’s [so called] “hard-line” foreign minister says he supports paying Arab citizens to leave the country. [Rabbi Kahane was banned from Israel for this.]

In a manifesto of his Yisrael Beitenu party published Friday, Avigdor Lieberman says he favors ceding Arab majority areas in northern Israel to a future Palestinian state [There’s the catch! Such a “hard-liner” to give up the land of Israel to terrorists – unbelievable] and providing economic incentives for Arab-Israelis — about 20 percent of Israel’s population — to encourage them to emigrate.

The manifesto does not set out positions on the most difficult issues in the Israel-Palestinian conflict [translation: Arab Muslim Nazis wanting to kill Jews], including the status of Jerusalem and Israel’s borders.

… Once a close associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Lieberman is now seen as harboring prime ministerial ambitions himself.

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