Israeli Jews Ordered to Leave Their Homes in Now “Illegal” Amona Outpost


The Israeli police violence during the last expulsion in Amona.

Israeli residents living in the Amona Israeli outpost are being expelled and forced to evacuate their homes to appease Arab Muslims.

Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the outpost vacated by December 25, a move that will cost $13 million and is only said to be a temporary fix to the issue. The settlers can stay on the new plot of land for only eight months [until they are expelled yet again].

Residents sent a protest letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shortly after the injunction, saying it wasn’t smart “that the state would spend 50 million shekels on this, for eight months, after which Amona’s residents will be expelled yet again.”

“The State of Israel will have left behind people who have been expelled twice, wasted 50 million shekels and scarred a mountain,” the letter said.

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