• Anti-God Trump gives the impression that he is the Anti-Christ

  • Fake Republican Trump said prior to being elected that if he was elected he could bring peace within six months but added “If Israel wants peace they need to be willing to make some sacrifices”
    Which meant give over more land,share Jerusalem with muslims as their capital which would mean they could lawfully force muslim laws on Jews and they could also trampled down Jerusalem by going in and using all Jewish holy places of worship.

  • Fake Republican Trump has many Christians beguiled in America and many Jews beguiled in Israel
    The enemies of America and Israel now know that leaders of both America and Israel have turned against God and they intend to conquer the world for satan.

  • I donated $50 to JTF via PayPal and my account was blocked! I guess they’re not big fans of Kahanism!

  • And so America continues to feign blessing G-d’s people while cursing behind the back. G-d is not fooled and is not blind to what Trump is doing. Jersualem recognized as Israel’s capitol but with jihad dominance. Its supposed to be The Jewish capitol but 90% is made up of bloodthirsty arabs and muslims!!

    I am just stumped that the media even alternative media like WND don’t bring this stuff up! Thank you Chaim! G-d Bless!

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